#SippyTimeBeer Review – @TheAbitaBeer and @SaintArnold

St Arnold Weedwacker

Naturally when I went to New Orleans for Wrestlemania, I drank beers made in Louisiana or in one case Texas since I don’t live there. I have had Abita before since it’s distributed in 46 states. I haven’t seen much of their beer outside of Purple Haze, which I avoided drinking while down there since it is the only Abita I have drunk before. I’ll cover Abita & Saint Arnold (Texas beer) today with the flights of beer at the New Orleans breweries coming next week. I did miss the NOLA Brewery but we only had so much time. Let’s get to the reviews.

Saint Arnold Brewing Co. –  Weedwacker – My lady and I went to Emeril’s for our first meal after getting into New Orleans. I told the staff I wanted a refreshing beer and asked for a hefeweizen. The beverage ended up being from Houston, Texas. I can’t get my hands on stuff from Texas all the time (I’m looking your way Shahid.) so I was fine with drinking it. Saint Arnold has a similar beer called Lawnmower, which is a kolsch, but because they swapped out kolsch yeast for hefeweizen yeast, this beer is a hefeweizen. It did taste a little more hoppy than a normal hefeweizen. In my opinion, kolschs tend to have just a bit more hops even though both styles are low in it. I liked this beer but it didn’t blow me out of the water because of the odd hops tinge which only gets it to 15 IBUs which usually isn’t noticeable but is because of the lightness of the wheat beer. It has a 4.9% ABV so one can drink it for a while. If you want to try it yourself, they are only available in Texas, Louisiana, Colorado & Florida.

Abita StrawberryAbita Brewing Co.Strawberry – This beverage was my follow up beer. I had to start drinking Louisiana beers and what better than drinking the most popular kind. I went with one I had never heard of because it’s their Seasonal Harvest beer. It was a nice and refreshing beer. It is very thin which isn’t too much of a surprise from a lager. Not surprisingly, it has a prominent strawberry flavor. I think Abita does a fantastic job with fruit beers. This beverage has a 4.2% ABV and an IBU of 13. If you like fruity beers, give this one a try as long as it’s available.

Abita Brewing Co.Amber – As anyone who has read the site, they know I love my ambers. I remember my buddy Geoff Towne, brewmaster at Zauber Brewing, that one beer that I love, Eliot Ness, had more malt than a normal Vienna lager. After drinking this Vienna lager, I understand exactly what he means. Eliot Ness has 27 IBU while the Abita has 17 IBU but I swear that the hops is more prominent in the Amber than in Eliot Ness. It is probably because the malt is so much heavier than what is in the Amber. It is still a good beer but to me it isn’t as good as Eliot Ness. More malt is better in Kevin’s mouth. This beer is a year round offering so pick it up unless you’re one of the 4 states that don’t get Abita.

Abita Jockamo IPAAbita Brewing Co.Jockamo IPA – Jeremy, his lady & myself had a crazy drinking night on Saturday while my woman slept off her sickness. Because of a Hand Grenade, one plus Resurrections and a 190 proof shot from Dave the Fireman, who supposedly was in the front row at Wrestlemania, and several beers prior to that, I had a bit of a hang over on Sunday. My headache was still persisting when we went to grab food before going into the now infamous Silver aka Super Dome. At Daisy Duke’s, Jockamo IPA was my beer of choice. When I initially tasted it, I thought there was too much hops in it. As I drank it though, it settled in and started going down much smoother. I think that my hang over was still causing problems for my palate because the IBU was 52 which is quite low for an IPA. This beer is another year round beer so if you’re an IPA fan, drink one of these bad boys.

Abita Andygator

Abita Brewing Co.Andygator – This beer was the last Abita I had. On their site, it’s listed as a big beer but I got a 12 oz. It’s an interesting beer because it’s a Helles Doppelbock. Helles beers are normally lighter, pilsner like beers. Doppelbocks tend to be darker and thicker beers, similar to porters. So it was surprising to see the two words put together. Abita used pale malt, German lager yeast and German Perle hops to come up with this concoction. It provided for an interesting taste that I enjoyed. I’m quite sure I haven’t tasted a Doppelbock like it before. Because it is that style, it comes in at 8.0% ABV and an IBU of 25. This beer is my favorite non-fruit Abita Beer. I believe it is now available everywhere since a friend in Cleveland said she had it in her refrigerator. I saved the best for last, by chance.

Here’s a cool link from Wired.com about a new glass to enjoy your stouts more properly. If you’re a serious stout drink, I think you owe it to #SippyTimeBeer to spend $9 on this excellent item. I will also be going to North High Brewing this weekend with my lady’s father so there’s another article in store on top of more New Orleans beers. Have a good weekend! – Kevin


#SippyTimeBeer Review – Flying Dog, Left Hand Brewing & Shiner

Flying Dog Left Hand Shiner

Do you need to try a new beer this weekend? Well I’m just the guy to tell you what choices you have out there. I’m going to be trying out some new beers when I head out to Woodlands Tavern for Happy Hour this evening. So I’ll have even more suggestions next week.

Flying Dog BreweryUnderdog Atlantic Lager – Are you normally a Budweiser guy? Don’t like those foreign beers like Leinenkugel? That’s an inside joke. Do you want to look cool by having a micro-brew with that same old taste? I give to you Underdog Atlantic Lager. It works as beer but the flavors and looks aren’t complex.

Left Hand Brewing Company400 Pound Monkey – This beer is an English style India pale ale. If more IPAs were like this one, I’d drink more of them. My assumption drinking this beer was that they were going to have 400 pounds of hops in the bottle. I was wrong. On their site, they say they use a different color hops which definitely has a different flavor. They also use a bready malt which may make the difference too. If you’re not a big IPA guy like myself, drink a bunch of these then go fling your poo like a 400 Pound monkey.

Shiner BeersFM 966 Farmhouse Ale – Make sure you hit their website. It’s one of the better ones that I’ve seen. They “pour” you a beer when you want to look at which type. This beer is named after the road from Shiner, Texas to the farm market. It was meant to be a spring beer. It’s refreshing like spring. It is similar to the Atlantic Lager but it packs more punch in the flavor department without being too complex.

Enjoy a Sippy Time Beer this weekend. -Kevin

Shawn Michaels and a Man Who Stole His Chest Hair

According to our good friend Jason Powell over at Prowrestling.net, Shawn Michaels will have an Appreciation Night when WWE Raw rolls into San Antonio, Texas on August 6th. I love Michaels, but is there much to appreciate at this point that hasn’t been combed over a million times? Since the WWE will have their expanded third hour in which to replay unlimited video packages, they needed a theme. Shawn Michaels I suppose it’ll be better than turning into a narcoleptic as soon as the Big Show’s 94th video package airs on Raw.

The man on Youtube is Joey Ryan and I’m pretty sure he stole Michaels’s chest hair. He is angry because Bruce Pritchard and Tazz voted him off Gut Check on Impact Wrestling. Ryan compares himself to CM Punk and Daniel Bryan but neglects to mention that they were smart to put their stock in the WWE not a company that kills great indy wrestlers. Have you talked to Samoa Joe about your move? It is a better promo than he cut on Impact before his verdict which tells me TNA has more in store for him until they forget about him like the first contestant on Gut Check who’s name I can’t seem to recall since he hasn’t been on TV since signing his contract. -Kevin

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