Stunt Granny Audio #161

Eric makes a triumphant return as he teams up with Jeremy in this edition of Stunt Granny Audio. The boys discuss the latest happenings behind the scenes of TNA or is it Impact Wrestling. How does the influx of new talent to the talent relations and booking staff matter?  How the hell do you possibly add more talent to the active roster? Did you know TNA has at least fifty active competitors already? Who could they possibly bring in that would matter in the least bit? Just why anyone thinks things will change as long as Hulk Hogan is in charge and he is in charge.  They also manage to talk some WWE with Mason Ryan and his creepy hair. Also, how has CM Punk gotten over the elbow drop? Yeah it’s a short segment but whatever. Check it out!

Stunt Granny Show #161

Nasty Boys Are Released

The only good thing from The Nasty Boys

So apparently TNA does know how to do something right after all. According to The Nasty Boys have been released by TNA. This is one of those double edged items. It is good they dumped these fat pieces of nothing. At the same time it is embarrassing they ever got to be a part of the modern wrestling scene.  How this effects the 3D/ Nasty Boys feud is clearly going to be the talk of wrestling for the next fifteen seconds and really; that’s only because it takes a while to say Team 3D versus The Nasty Boys. Go eat some donuts and deep fry those checks boys and good riddance.

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