PWO – Season 3 – Episode 21

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They recapped the match between N8 Mattson and Jason Bane from last week. 
“Amazing” N8 Mattson came to the ring with Ben Fruth & Benjamin Boone for his TV Title defense scheduled against Michael “The Bomber” Facade. The announcers mentioned the matches for Boone & Fruth later tonight. Dombrowski said that Matthew Justice had been suspended and “Omega” Aaron Draven was injured. Dombrowski said that Gregory Iron was still injured after his mystery attacker struck. He is supposed to rest for another couple of weeks. The filled time during a very slow start to the match. Facade locked in an arm bar. Facade got a two count after a standing moonsault. Mattson hit a jaw jacker to change the momentum.  Fruth & Boone entered the ring and grabbed Facade. the referee kicked Fruth & Boone from ring side. A sunset flip for Facade garnered a two count. Facade hit a spring-board drop kick. Mattson caught Facade going for a spring-board to the outside.  Mattson beat him around the ringside area. Mattson tried to get a couple of cheap pins that the referee noticed.  Mattson missed a corner splash. Facade recovered first and got the upper hand with punches.  Facade got a two count after a spinning heel kick.  Facade hit a nice looking fisherman’s suplex. Shima Xion came down to ringside which distracted Facade enough to miss a top rope moonsault. Mattson hit the “Big Blue Buster” aka Code Breaker for the victory.
Analysis: They did a good job with the match, filling in story lines because the announcers had mentioned Shima Xion early in the contest. Mattson gets the victory to keep “Michigan” rolling and Facade looks dopey but doesn’t look terrible for losing. Score: +2.
Joe Dombrowski yelled that they needed a camera in the back. Nicky Valentino woke up Bobby Shields. Shields said he was hit from behind so he didn’t see a thing. Analysis: He’s the only one so far to survive unscathed relatively. Score: +1.

PWO – Season 3 – Episode 17

I wonder if wrestling would ever use a drafting desk for a tables match.

Joe Dombrowski introduced the show and hyped the matches for the night. They showed the announce booth with Aaron Maguire sitting in the back ground who looked perturbed because Johnny Gargano was taking his spot at color. He was in the booth because it was a qualifying match for the Number One Contendership Tournament. The match was “The Megastar” Marion Fontaine against “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross. Gargano gave his review of both wrestlers, giving them accolades. He did note he hasn’t had the time to grant Cross a title opportunity.
Cross snapped off some arm drags and pinned Fontaine in the corner. Cross hit a nice snap suplex. Dombrowski noted that Fontaine and Bobby Beverly have been attacked from behind. Gargano said that he could be the next target. Fontaine turned the match around by dropping Cross throat first over the top rope. Fontaine knocked Cross down and dropped an elbow on him. Fontaine clotheslined Cross and only got a two count after a pin. Gargano & Dombrowski combined to explain that Fontaine got his title shot a month ago by beating Cross. “M-Dogg” caught Fontaine with a bicycle kick. Cross hit a standing moonsault. Fontaine only got a two count after a death valley driver. Fontaine tried to super-plex Cross but he got knocked off the top rope. Cross played to the crowd and executed a shooting star press for the victory.
Analysis: Dombrowski & Gargano tried to cover for Fontaine by saying he trained “Lean” and has great cardio. I train that way too and I have more muscle than Fontaine even though I sit in an office all day long. Fontaine was sporting some new tights which is good considering he has a new persona. Both men were strong in the match which got overshadowed by the number of storylines Dombrowski & Gargano talked about even if they all applied to the match. Score: +1.
They showed the replay of Jason Bane beating Bobby Beverly the week before in the Number One Contender’s Tournament As much as I picked on ROH last Monday, I’d be a real homer if I didn’t mention the fact that this replay went a little long. But it’s only replay #1.
Hobo Joe & Gregory Iron were doing exercises in trust. Iron wanted Joe to fall into his arms from a riser. Joe expressed that he was a little worried. Iron caught Joe. Iron said that was the first step in taking the Tag Team Titles from Sex Appeal.

Pro Wrestling Ohio – Season 3 – Episode 1

Stunt Granny missed reviewing Pro Wrestling Ohio.

I wanted to review the matches from Wrestlelution 2: A Coming of Age but between a malfunctioning DVR and a terrible cable signal, I missed all of the recording of Wrestlelution so no reviews until I have the money to buy the DVD.

Joe Dombrowski and Agent Aaron Maguire introduced the season. Maguire bought the time from Michael Cash to do the announcing. N8 Mattson came to the ring accompanied by Benjamin Boone. The “Megastar” Marion Fontaine was his opponent. The announcers did a good ob previewing the card for the show. The match started slowly until Boone tried to interfere. Fontaine dove onto him from the top rope for his trouble.  Mattson did take control of the match. Mattson applied a rest hold a couple of times to wear down Fontaine. The “Megastar” turned thingsaround with a pair of knees and a Lou Thesz press. Fontaine hit a Lionsault but Boone distracted the ref to prevent a count. ontaine went after oone which allowed attson to hitCe Breaker or the winner.

Analysis: Not exactly a barn burner of a match to start the season on.The match was solid with nothing standing out though.

They showed a backstage segment from Wrestlelution 2 in which Mattson and Boone attacked Viurs. They left him battered in the backstage area.

“The Suburban Terrorist”  Facade talked about being an aerial assasin. He talked about using PWO as a spring board for his career. He’s going to show off his moves.

Analysis: His mic skills are limited. They gave him a shade too much time because he lost steam at the end. He had a rhyming scheme to his promo.

Portia Perez took on Hailey Hatred in a Wrestlelution 2 rematch. Hatred stared a “USA” chant sinc Poria is from Canda. They started with some early quick exchanges. The match finally picked up two mintues into the action. Hailey took control until a drop toe hold into the turn buckle. Perez went to work on the left shoulder . Portia hit a niceoverhead key lock into a shoulder drop.  Hatred made a comeback with a pair of high kicks and a ilt-a-whirl side slam. Hatred turned an electric chair into a bridging pin but only got a two count.Hatred hit her finisher, the fisherman’s buster, for the three count.

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