Hey Bart, remember Hulk Hogan? He’s back, in luchadore form!

From Dot Net:

The Sixth Axis, a video game news site, is reporting that Hulk Hogan will lend his voice talent to the highly anticipated Saints Row: The Third. Hogan will voice Angel De LaMuerte, a professional wrestler and leader of the “Luchadores” gang. The story also notes that Daniel Dae Kim will reprise his role as Johnny Gat, and porn star Sasha Grey will voice Viola DeWynter.

I was telling my boy blakout, because he pointed out how funny it’s going to be to hear Hogan attempting to do a Mexican accent, that I think it would be even funnier if he just used his real voice and didn’t attempt any accent. Sort of like when he was Mr. America, only now under the guise of being Mexican. In any event, oh the possibilities! – Dusty

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