Throw Back Thursday (#TBT) – Kevin Meets D’Lo Brown

D'Lo Brown with MeThere’s a little bit of fun to be had on Instagram on Thursdays when people do “Throw Back Thursday”. I’m good with embarrassing myself. Back when Jeremy and I were at Kent State University, D’Lo Brown came to a comic book store in Streetsboro if my memory serves. It was right when he was teaming up with Mark Henry and starting to chase for the tag team titles which I’m pretty sure they never won. This picture couldn’t be much worse for me. I had gotten sun burnt the day before and my eyes are closed. Dear lord. D’Lo was great though. I wish I hadn’t destroyed the picture of Jeremy with D’Lo. It was an accident that it got water logged. It’d also be the perfect time to post it since he forgot to get around to putting the Audio Dusty and I did last night. Jeremy’s continuing to bully Dusty. We may not be able to tolerate this at SG HQ if it goes on longer. – Kevin

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