Tara is getting naked in Penthouse? Please be true.

It has been a long time since a wrestling Diva/Knockout has gotten naked but according to her Twitter account the wait may be over. Yes, after years of anticipation it sure seems like Tara or better known from her WWE days as Victoria, may be stripping down. This is speculation of course but she is being coy on her account .

Be sure to pick the newest edition of Penthouse to see your favorite knockout, Tara. Hubba Hubba

Considering she has stated in the past that she would gladly pose for Playboy it is possible she will disrobe. Let’s save the balloons and streamers for when the magazine actually comes out though. This reeks of being none other than a trick to get us to buy the magazine only to find it is just some stupid interview about her body shop or her abbreviated stint training for an MMA career.

Regardless, we should all be on the lookout as this could be a dream come true. Yes this comes about five years too late but once you have a dream why should you ever let it go right? Besides it is Penthouse so there is a good chance she is pissing on an ice sculpture of Poseidon and really, lets hope so.

Oh yeah, notice I didn’t say look out for the magazine because who buys fucking glossy pages of pictures when you have Google image search? -Jeremy

Traci Brooks gone from TNA again

According to her official Twitter account Traci Brooks is no longer with TNA.

Yes it’s true my time w Tna has come to an end&what;a great time I had. I love the Tna family (cont) http://tl.gd/h0nn61

So there you go.


Who had no idea she was still with TNA? I have my hand up, not really.

I always liked Traci Brooks. Not her wrestling of course but her giant bosom and tramp stamp. What else can be said. Oh, I know, she got naked in Playboy but then they cut her from the actual magazine and relegated her to Playboy.com. This was actually too bad, she looked fine. Her boobies were in full view and she gave up some patch as well. What else do you want; it isn’t Hustler after all.

Which reminds me; when the hell is TNA going to get their Knockouts in the skin mags already? They only use them for sex appeal as it is so let’s go full monty already. I nominate Tara and Mickie James for the first go around. In fact team them up with a “Rivals Go Bare” theme. It would sell. Playboy still has strong sales right? No? Ok then even better. TNA can strong arm them for more money and we all know they need that. -Jeremy

Jeremy’s Blog: TNA PPV Dilemma: $34.95, Please

So Monday morning Eric hits me up on messenger like one of those retirement ads worrying about retirement. He starts with a simple hi and then drops this line, “I know we have a spotty track record on these anymore but a whole TNA PPV came and went with no mention.” (Apparently Eric doesn’t realize that Kevin covers Impact Wrestling every Thursday night live on Twitter @stuntgranny but whatever. -K)

I respond back very matter of factly with “Yes all around the world no one mentioned it.” Now that may not be entirely true but why waste time with TNA after all? In their last two main events, the heel champion has wrestled to a draw and then retained his title by kicking the referee in the balls. Making matters worse, the five-minute extra period was placed on free television, so all of the people who paid – and by all I mean a slight few – for the PPV event got to see the resolution for free. Ha ha, suckers. $34.95, please.

Feel no remorse for those losers, though. If they ordered the PPV then they have to be fans of the product and they have decided TNA is the product for them and will gladly shell out $34.95. I was going to say $44.95 for the HD feed, but come on.

Here is the real issue and the hardest idea I am having the damndest time understanding. Why would anyone pay money to watch a TNA PPV? What is it that draws anyone to TNA in general let alone shelling out actual money to watch their stagnant product?

As Eric and I discussed the lack of TNA coverage – and I still say it is a universal lack of coverage – I started coming up with a list of different reasons that this league doesn’t matter. It isn’t exciting and is basically a great place to go after WWE to collect a big check while others just keep going thinking or hoping they can break out whether that is in TNA or get a barebones agreement with WWE.

The one argument in favor of TNA is that the roster has talent but it is being booked poorly or it is young or blah blah blah. Any and all excuses for TNA are now out the window. They have been around long enough to have their company in order but they still do not. We have already done a TNA Roster game Audio and the entire Stunt Granny crew covered a lot of this by way of running down the roster. I won’t bore you with a rehash of that but you can listen to it here. If you haven’t listened to it go ahead and then come on back. What do you have to lose? Time? You are wasting time reading this blog so your argument is invalid. If you don’t want to listen fine whatever. You have no reason if I provided the link.

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Stunt Granny Audio 150.3 – The Leftovers Edition

This picture came up in a Google Image Search for "yesterday's garbage."

Dusty, Eric and Dan join you with Stunt Granny Audio 150.3. Ain’t no stoppin’ us nooooow! The trio figured since Jeremy and Kevin spent the first two parts of #150 discussing WWE that they would give equal time to TNA, which, of course, turned into complaining about how terrible TNA is. It’s like shooting fish strapped to the end of your shotgun, folks. What is Sting doing with this Joker gimmick? Why is Gunner winning matches on television? What about these TNA Knockouts and their, like, one-week BLOOD FEUD? Dan and Eric also happen to be on the road toward the National Wrestling Hall of Fame Dan Gable Museum in Waterloo, Iowa, for the George Tragos/Lou Thesz Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame inductions, so grab a preview of that (before we post the review later today)!

Stunt Granny Audio 150.3

Alyssa Flash Gone From TNA.

Thanks to Cheerleadermelissa.com and Chickfight for this fine picture.

It just gets funnier and funnier in the land of TNA. Cheerleader Melissa, better known in TNA as Alyssa Flash has asked for her release from TNA according to PWTorch.com. These dumb bastards are possibly going to let another, young, fresh face go so they can continue with the likes of “Towel Guy Dudley” Sean Morley? Yes she may be just another puny woman but she is marketable and young unlike TNA’s current direction. Plus she has an amazingly cute lisp. This doesn’t really mean much but she does.

Here comes the full disclosure statement; I love everything about Melissa. So the idea of her being unemployed after this is unsettling. There is always the indy scene of course and a return to Shimmer would be aces.

I am not sure she is what WWE is looking. As Eric likes to say “She is the bee’s knees” but then WWE doesn’t like their women to look like real women, let alone wrestle.

Since Kong has also asked for her release it is possible that WWE can swoop them up as a package type deal and interject them on Smackdown. This won’t happen but the idea of her versus Mickie James makes my nether regions tingled in delight. – Jeremy

Roxxi Breaks Ankle; Sad Faces Abound

Roxxi came back as cute as ever.

This totally sucks. According to Jason Powell at Prowrestling.net via Dixie Carters twitter, my favorite TNA Knockout Roxxi broke her ankle. It is a rare thing when watching TNA that I actually feel like I am not being sodomized with a Texas Pete lubed chainsaw. Imagine my surprise when Roxxi showed up last week and then beat ODB. She was finally getting a push and all seemed right with TNA. Visions of Alyssa Flash versus Roxxi danced in my head and the knockout division actually mattered again.

Now it doesn’t and I hate TNA even more. Is it their fault she broke her ankle? Probably not but I blame them for everything else so this is yet another thing they have done wrong. How? I don’t know but whatever. I am sad. –Jeremy

Say it ain’t so Sojo~!


Not sure the TNA Knockouts division can survive this setback but according to Colin Vassallo at Wrestling-online.com, Sojo Bolt has been released from TNA. You may remember her from such standout matches as Sojo versus, um, hmm, wait, that one other Knockout who wrestled her. She was also featured for a brief moment as she was featured weekly on TNA television in their lazy  “Get to know” segments. Apparently no one needed to know her as her time in the company was a waste. She got little mic time; and looked sloppy in the ring.

On a positive note, it is nice to see TNA is taking proactive steps to limit the amount of black female wrestlers on their roster. They booted Rhaka Khan, Sharmell is nowhere to be seen and now Sojo has been shown the door. Kong can now breathe easier as she has the black female wrestler market cornered. Whew! -Jeremy


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