Stunt Granny Audio #260



After a break from talking to each other, Jeremy & Kevin are back to talk wrestling. Except that they start talking about Jeremy’s receiver and X Box problems. Did Kevin see the commercial that has caused X Box owners problems? Is that how they transitioned to talking about the studio analysts of the World Cup? What makes them different from other commentators on TV? Why did they start adding so many talking heads to College Game Day? Who does Jeremy want to get the boot? Speaking of people getting the boot, there is speculation that Josh Matthews is out of a job with the WWE. Did he ever get a fair shake? How long did he announce Smackdown? Why did Michael Cool take his spot? Do your hosts think he is finally doing a good job? How vanilla has he gotten? Does he even do play by play any more? Why did a Josh Matthews conversation turn into Michael Cole conversation? Kevin moves on to clarify his article about ROH changing world champions from Adam Cole to Michael Elgin. But this clarification turns the conversation into a talk about TNA’s bizarre decision to remove the belt from Eric Young? Why would they do it right before his television appearances for “No Limits” on Animal Planet? What style of booking led to TNA winning at Slammiversary but then dropping the belt at the next Impact Wrestling? Do the guys talk themselves into saying that Eric Young is the best option as champion in TNA? Find out the answer to that question and more when you click on the link below.

Stunt Granny Big 11 Week Ending 9/3/11

1. Kevin Nash- The build for Kevin Nash and CM Punk has been pretty good. So they naturally schedule the match. Then he apparently fails a health test through WWE. Um, shouldn’t someone have had that done before they pushed him on TV? – Jeremy

2. John Cena- After weeks of solid promo work he is slowly reverting to the John Cena despised by so many. Maybe it is the people he is working with, but falling back on bad breath jokes is totally his fault. – Jeremy

3. Alberto del Rio – Rumor has it (rumor has it rumor has it) rumor has it that Alberto del Rio, the overpushed man recently crowned as WWE Champion, missed this week’s Monday Night Raw and Smackdown supershows due to visa problems. Um, shouldn’t someone have had that done before they pushed him on TV? – Eric
4. Shane Helms – The former Hurricane (and formerly relevant pro wrestler) either started or was the impetus for a recent Twitter hashtag, #BlameItOnTheShane, inspired by some idiot he knows who has been fucking up his life around every corner. But of course the people that guy surrounds himself with have nothing whatsoever to do with the man’s sonic-boom-creating tailspin. Nope, nothing at all. – Eric
5. Michael McGillicutty – Is it surprising that WWE focused on the intense staredown between David Otunga and, of all people, Jerry Lawler this past Monday night on Raw, yet McGillicutty, for a potential repackaging and name change, is the one who’s in the news? Oh, it’s not surprising? Well then, carry on. – Eric

6. Oops, We Did It Again – Randy Orton and Christian wrestled for something like the 90th time in the last three months and still had another good match. Usually, I burn out on a feud like this one but these guys have had so many different types of matches that each one feels different. It seems like the feud is over so let’s hope they don’t bury Christian now because the WWE needs strong heels. – Kevin

7. Fuck Matt Hardy – I’m hoping that my sitemates stand by me and stop posting the gibberish that this hillbilly creates. I’m tired of his antics. He wants attention and we’re giving him way too much of it. He hasn’t been reborn any of the times he’s said it before. I’m done with him until someone is dumb enough to give him a job in a wrestling company. -Kevin

8. Kevin Goes To Raw – This coming week’s “Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of Raw” will be coming to you live since I will be in attendance. So join me on Twitter (@Stuntgranny) as I tweet my way through Raw from the live perspective. If you happen to be strolling down to Columbus on the holiday, find me in Section 102, Row T, Seat 18. With the long weekend, I might even try to make a sign pimping Stunt Granny. – Kevin

9. Johnny K-9 – Apparently former Smoky Mountain Wrestler superstar Johnny K-9 is a murderer.

Hamilton wrestler ‘Johnny K-9’ a member of B.C. gang

August 29, 2011 20:08:00
Peter Edwards
Staff Reporter

A former pro wrestler from Hamilton is a member of a gang now linked to the slaying of B.C. gang leader Jonathan Bacon earlier this month.

Ion Croitoru, 47, who wrestled professionally under the name “Johnny K-9,” is a member of the United Nations criminal gang, according to police in British Columbia.

Bacon, 30, was gunned down on Aug. 14, 2011, outside a Kelowna, B.C., resort. Four others with him were wounded, including a woman who was paralyzed.

No one has yet been charged in his death.

Croitoru was already in custody for a plot to kill Bacon and his two brothers between Jan. 1, 2008 and Feb. 17, 2009.

On Monday, Amir Eghtesad, 29, also a member of the United Nations gang, appeared in a Vancouver court charged with conspiracy to kill Bacon, his brothers and their gang associates.

Police say the Bacons form the core of a gang heavily involved in drugs and guns trafficking. He and his youngest brother, Jamie, had survived previous assassination attempts.

Croitoru is also awaiting trial for first-degree murder in the shooting death of Jonathan Barber, 24, and the attempted murder of Vicky King. On May 9, 2008, Barber was driving a car believed to be owned by a gang leader when he was killed in Burnaby, B.C. King, then 17, was shot in the car she was driving behind her boyfriend, police said.

And in June 2006, Croitoru walked free from a Hamilton courtroom after the Crown’s case in a marathon double murder collapsed.

Croitoru, former president of the Hamilton chapter of the Satan’s Choice Motorcycle Club, had been charged with the execution-style slaying of Ancaster criminal lawyer Lynn Gilbank and her husband Fred in their home in 1998.

The Gilbanks murders remain unsolved.

Hamilton hitman Ken Murdock told the Star last year that he was offered a contract from a Hamilton mob family to kill Croitoru but didn’t carry it out.

Murdock was convicted of the Niagara Region contract killings of mobsters Johnny (Pops) Papalia and Carmen Barillaro in 1997.

Croitoru was kicked out of the Satan’s Choice club for undisclosed reasons before they folded into the larger Hells Angels club in 2000.

Is Ion a popular name anywhere? – Dusty

 10. Todd Grisham – This might be the very last time we ever mention him on Stunt Granny. We wish him a very fond, sincere, very heartfelt adieu. – Dusty

11. Santino Marella – Apparently he got into a car accident or something. I’m on 83 different message boards and none of them had a post about it as of yesterday afternoon. I didn’t find out until Eric text messaged me something about it last night. Whatever, I couldn’t possibly care less. Couldn’t happen to a nicer douchebag. – Dusty

Stunt Granny Big 11 Week Ending 8/27/11

1. Matt Hardy – Pointing out that he has made yet another mistake is just getting old.  Can he please do something that proves us wrong? Crashing your Corvette in to a tree isn’t going to do it. – Jeremy

2. Ken Doane – There has been a Ken Doane sighting, friends. He was announced as another member of The Wrestling Revolution Project. You may remember him, with a groan, as Kenny Dykstra. He should be on par with Dolph Ziggler or The Miz by now but oh well. – Jeremy

3. Todd Grisham – So he was wished a fond farewell by William Regal on NXT. Is this a joke? Grisham is going to ESPN? This has to mean he is covering soccer for the network right? Not sure I can take him seriously as an anchor on Sportscenter. Then again anyone doing Sportscenter is hard to take seriously. – Jeremy

4. Colt Cabana – Colt joins the aforementioned Ken Doane as a) a member of the new Wrestling Revolution project and b) another guy I was going to hire for my wrestling company as soon as I won the lottery. Dammit.– Eric

5. Ric Flair – Man, he got skewered by (and honestly so). The thing is, Flair would probably remove the skewer and try to use it as collateral.– Eric

6. Dr Pepper 10 – Sorry, with Matt Hardy dominating the news, there are very few wrestling-related things to talk about. So I’ll just promote the cool, refreshing taste of Dr Pepper 10; even with only 10 calories, it tastes just as much like regular Dr Pepper as Diet Dr Pepper. *kschkschchhh* *gulp* Ahhhhhhh… – Eric

7. CM Punk vs. Kevin Nash vs. HHH vs. John Laurinitis – Still plenty of speculation going on in this little storyline. I’m digging it. Good old Johnny is the main text sending suspect in my book but I’ll let it play out. It helps that Punk is still killing it on the mic. Bigfoot could give Pipe Bomb plenty of TV time, even more than a championship reign could bring. – Kevin

8. North Carolina Indy Wrestler – Sure, I might be piling on with Matt Hardy news but this dude needs to stop being a chickenshit. NCIW obviously enjoys being invited to the annual Hardy Holiday Party and partaking in the booze and the pills, so to not get himself uninvited he goes anonymous with his letter. Be a man, step up and say who you are. If you know Matt’s friends are enablers, why do you want to go to the parties anyway? – Kevin

9. Rey Mysterio – He’s gone for a while, kids. ACL surgery is going to put him on the shelf for at least six months. Heal up and come back for one last go around before your knees are completely shot. – Kevin

10. Ivory – There is a small island in the Pacific Northwest with a population of around 8,000. One of those 8,000 people is former WWE diva Ivory. Every year at the county fair they have what is called “Trashion Fashion,” which is where people use recycled materials to make costumes. This year, Ivory entered the contest. Her costume? Using discarded pet hair to make a poodle costume. You can watch video of this here ( So if you’ve never met a furry, now you can say that you have. – Dusty

11. Hulk Hogan – He apparently still hates Vince Russo after all these years:

Apparently at the last PPV, when Hogan found out what the finish was for Sting vs. Angle, he blew his stack and cut a promo on Russo saying that he didn’t know anything about wrestling because he was never a wrestler. As if you were a wrestler it makes you immune from not getting how to book wrestling . And if you weren’t, it immediately drains your IQ to where you think the only guy in wrestling who makes sense and knows what they’re talking about is Ultimate Warrior. Well, given that most who watched the show had the same reaction as Hogan, groaning over the finish, it has nothing to do with being a wrestler. But at TV, they were back to at least giving the idea whatever heat was gone.

I hope you can get past just how awful Dave’s writing was there. In any event, as someone on a message board pointed out about this, I wonder what Hulk thinks of Eric Bischoff and Dixie Carter. Also, you’d think he could use his stroke to push Russo out of the company. It’s almost like he’s full of shit or something. But… that… can’t… be… – Dusty

Stunt Granny Audio #153

Hey kids! Dusty and Eric are back with the second audio of the week. They put in their four collective cents about Matt Hardy, including how his friends are enabling him, his brother is still a much bigger star than he’ll ever be, and how TNA should just implode itself and blame in on the Hardys. They also discuss Todd Grisham leaving WWE for ESPN, Monday Night Raw’s low rating and the factors that may have played a part, and possible story arcs for the new pro wrestling TV drama with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Jerry Bruckheimer as executive producers. Wow, it’s a loaded show! And it’s good, too! As good as Kerry Collins is at quarterback!

Stunt Granny Audio Show #153

The Big 11

St. Francis of Assissi was the first case of extrabiblical stigmata in history.

We decided to add a new feature to the site which was supposed to run every Friday but because both Eric & I traveled yesterday, so it got put off until today. We also wanted to count down the top 11 moments of the week in our minds but we’re a bunch of slackers and could only come up with six this week. It doesn’t help that wrestling news was absent this week. Kind of like the regular news, did you see how many places were running Ted Williams, the homeless guy from Columbus OH, stories? This year is getting off to a shitty start on all fronts.

1. CM Punk – The subversive superstar strikes again with stigmata marks on the palms of his hands. In a world where Vince McMahon can wrestle God, Punk had damn well better get a free pass on this one. By the way, what’s the difference between Jesus and an oil painting? You only need one nail to hang a painting. – Eric

2. HD Viewing – I recently got into HD viewing act. I watch Raw, Superstars & Smackdown all in HD. I even started reviewing an episode of Pro Wrestling Ohio in HD. ROH is on HDNet. Guess who isn’t on an HD station for me, TNA. It is appropriate that I view the lowest form of wrestling not in HD. – Kevin

3. The Miz – WWE seems to be behind this guy and features him prominently on TV. Of course ratings have been down ever since his title win but who cares. He’s a fresh face carrying the program and his performance does not warrant yanking it away. – Jeremy

4. Tough Enough – WWE decides to bring back a show that is muich beloved but has produced so little. Yup, John Morrision is an alum who has moved up the ladder but no one else has done a thing. So Tough Enough comes in with high expectations when it should have none. The history of WWE reality television ranks somewhere between swine flu and chicken pox so expecting gold flecks of joy are is really kind of silly. – Jeremy

5. Josh Matthews – Jeremy may not count him as a Tough Enough alum but I do. He’s been all over WWE programming the last couple of weeks. He worked well as the play by play guy on Smackdown but struggled as the color man on Raw this week. While on Smackdown last week, Michael Cole made fun of him for filling in for Jerry “The King” Lawler on Raw and Todd Grisham on that program, Matthews had a perfect response “Don’t forget I was on Superstars too.” – Kevin

6. Dolph Ziggler – My fellow Kent State alumni may have lost his Intercontinental Championship yesterday but he gained even more momentum by becoming the number one contender for Edge’s World Heavyweight Championship. He’s been wrestling great matches. They have a built in Vickie Guerrero angle for this feud so look for these two to get things off on the right foot in the New Year. – Kevin

Dusty Edit: I swear I didn’t know about this, or else I would have come up with 5 entries earlier to fill this out. Consider this an addendum.

7. Nick Gage – The indy wrestler extraordinaire robbed a bank a while ago, and turned himself in on January 1. A few days earlier, CZW had put up a disclaimer on their website encouraging people not to conduct themselves the way Nick Gage did, which was pretty lolsome. In any event, real men don’t turn themselves in. Real men run and hide, and when they get caught, they go out kicking and screaming.

8. Paul London reviewed Ring of Hell – Check it out here: London gets my undying respect for basically turning himself into wrestling’s version of Marc Maron, who happens to be my favorite comedian right now. Hopefully pretty soon London will film a video of him trying to get his cats to perform stupid stunts for the camera.

9. Marty Jannetty – I love me some Marty Jannetty. Here’s what he posted December 31 on his Facebook page: it’s almost noon and I aint had a single dagum(borrowed word from Bobby Bowden) drink yet..what the hey, this aint right..I was hoping to see the kick-off of the Georgia Bulldongs game but not remember anything after that…I’m b’hind schedule here..any suckgestions?

10. New Best Match Ever – It’s this:

11. Full House Reviewed – It’s not wrestling related, but who gives a shit. Go to for all the fun. But then be sure to come back here, because here is more important than there, or everywhere… – Dusty

Matt Striker Is Probably Awesome

No not this picture, click the damn link.

No not this picture, click the damn link.

Matt Striker may have been nothing above average as a wrestler but as a commentator he has been stellar. He has added the right mix of cheerleader and commentary during the ECW broadcasts that even Todd Grisham is tolerable. Apparently someone else thought the same thing or McMahon really hates Jim Ross and just loves humiliating him as Striker and Grisham won the Slammy for Best Announce Team. Yes the Slammy’s are worthless hunks of naked gold man metal but if it produces pictures like this  (the first pic), I am all for it.

Look at Strikers face; he is promising us he is going to ride whatever Bella chick that is, bareback, all night long. There is something extremely old school about Striker and this picture encapsulates that. He comes off as they type of guy who would still go out drinking, steal some guys’ girl and ride her raw dog as well while taunting the cuckold. Not sure if this is what WWE wants in an announcer but as a human being he is our apex.

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