@WWE Roster Game Special

The choices weren’t always easy.

This is a very special edition of Stunt Granny Audio, folks, because in this one Eric, Kevin and Dusty join forces to play the illustrious WWE Roster Game! For those not familiar, this is the game where the Stunt Granny-ites go to the roster page on WWE.com and pare the roster down, with the logic being they would be operating a weekly two hour show every week and they can fill their roster however they see fit in order to have the best company possible and make the most money possible. Because WWE.com changed their roster page format, this time the guys have 18 lines of 5 wrestlers each to pick from, and they pick 2 wrestlers from each line, for a total of 36 pieces of talent. Who do they keep? Who do they kick to the curb? Which were the easiest choices? Who were the most agonizing omissions? How many e’s does Justin Roberts put in Mr Cena’s first name? For all these answers and more, you can only find out by listening, so for god’s sake do it.

Stunt Granny Audio Show WWE Roster Game 2012

WWE Tough Enough returning, Tony Atlas thinks weird

According to Prowrestling.net, WWE “Tough Enough” is definitely returning, and the company has issued a casting call for athletes who want to become the “next WWE superstar.” Have I already made the “good thing Bob Holly isn’t still on the roster” joke?

Also according to Prowrestling.net, Tony Atlas was on the “In Your Head” online or radio or tin-cans-and-strings show, and admitted he came up with the idea to rub WD40 on himself during WWE’s old-school Monday Night Raw.

Jack asks about the WD40 segment and if Atlas actually put that on his body. Atlas didn’t do that as he was just told to think of something crazy. He thought that was pretty crazy.

I use that stuff to keep my car door latch from freezing open in the winter. My dad has had cans of the shit lying around the house since before I was born. It smells bad, like Sex Panther. I grew up with Water Displacement 40, and never in my three decades of developing my warped sense of humor have I ever thought of rubbing it on myself. I love Tony Atlas. Time to buy his book. -Eric

Tony Atlas released, HEH! HEH! HEH! HEH! HEH!

According to Prowrestling.net, WWE Hall of Famer and “The Abraham Washington Show” sidekick Tony Atlas was released Friday. I truly don’t care, but I wanted to post a video of the horrendously racist Saba Simba character Atlas used to play. -Eric

P.S. Holy cow, speaking of racist:

Go Shiozaki has dark match, probably “Oriental” theme music

There were probably a few more people in the crowd at Raw/Smackdown than there were here...

There were probably a few more people in the crowd at Raw/Smackdown than there were here...

In some old-ass news (found days later at Figure Four/Wrestling Observer; we just didn’t wanna give credit to some dope on a message board), ROH favorite and Pro Wrestling Noah star Go Shiozaki wrestled Jimmy Yang in a dark match at the Raw/Smackdown tapings in St. Louis. This comes on the heels of Takeshi Morishima also wrestling a dark match. The Go thing is good news. Fuck that sluggish piece of shit Morishima. Vladimir Kozlov could show that guy a thing or two. If WWE wants a good wrestler from Japan, Go is their man. (However, Tony Atlas probably shouldn’t be his manager, or should I say his mouthpiece. Yikes!) -Eric

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