Torrie Wilson and Alex Rodriguez to attend WrestleMania 28

OK, I forgot just how hot she was. Image search is a good thing.

WWE has posted exclusive news that Torrie Wilson will be returning to WWE as a spectator to take in WrestleMania 28. Ok good. Torrie was hot and all back then but much like every other piece of eye candy in WWE her shelf life came and went and she has largely been forgotten.

Not so fast though, she is bringing her boyfriend. Why does this matter?  Well her boyfriend is none other than New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez.  Does this tarnish Torries image to anyone else? Wonder if he constantly under produces when the situation comes up with her like he does in every clutch situation he faces on the baseball diamond?

So that is that. Who gives a shit? -Jeremy

Torrie Wilson didn’t win.


Torrie Wilson came in second place last night on “I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here” I know this only because carried a story on the shows finale. I know Torrie Wilson was going to be on a television series but I was hoping for something on the sexy side. Instead, and please excuse me since I did not watch the show, she was stuck in the jungle and made to live there. Ok, sounds easy enough.  As long as you stay away from mosquitoes and anacondas life should be rather easy.

Then I read she was stranded with eventual winner Lou Diamond Phillips and John Salley and I thought, well this does have sexy potential. But it hit me, Lou Diamond Phillips is alive? Who knew? I thought he went the way of Ralph Macchio. Wait, he’s alive as well? What the fuck is going on?

Anyway, so she came in second. Lou Diamond Phillips won and life goes on. Hopefully the next edition of this show will feature another former WWE diva and I’ll watch it. This will happen as soon as all porn has been  eradicated from the internet and liquor dries up worse than prohibition times. -Jeremy

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