Traci Brooks gone from TNA again

According to her official Twitter account Traci Brooks is no longer with TNA.

Yes it’s true my time w Tna has come to an end&what;a great time I had. I love the Tna family (cont)

So there you go.


Who had no idea she was still with TNA? I have my hand up, not really.

I always liked Traci Brooks. Not her wrestling of course but her giant bosom and tramp stamp. What else can be said. Oh, I know, she got naked in Playboy but then they cut her from the actual magazine and relegated her to This was actually too bad, she looked fine. Her boobies were in full view and she gave up some patch as well. What else do you want; it isn’t Hustler after all.

Which reminds me; when the hell is TNA going to get their Knockouts in the skin mags already? They only use them for sex appeal as it is so let’s go full monty already. I nominate Tara and Mickie James for the first go around. In fact team them up with a “Rivals Go Bare” theme. It would sell. Playboy still has strong sales right? No? Ok then even better. TNA can strong arm them for more money and we all know they need that. -Jeremy

Kevin’s Blog: Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of iMPACT Wrestling

There is not a chance in hell I was going to review this show on time.

I was going to post the PWO review today from week two but I didn’t even get a chance to do the final analysis while at work. Yeah, damn shame. So in lieu of that, I’m doing this review since I need to get material off my DVR because I’m heading back to Altoona this weekend to campaign for my dad. I’m not sure he wants to be connected to this dreck so no link. Let’s roll.

Kurt Angle calls out Bobby Roode. Angle compliments Roode then tells him how great he’s been in TNA. I honestly don’t remember much from Angle’s reign aside from him leading the Main Event Mafia. Even that, I can’t recall much. That makes me wonder how long I’ve been watching this program. When did it come on Spike? Roode repays the favor as far as blowing each other. I’m still having a hard time taking Roode seriously. He didn’t start the tourney on a roll and hasn’t been able to flesh out “Bobby”. For some reason TNA has a fight between RVD & Styles vs. Jerry Lynn & Christopher Daniels. I suppose this is a good day to do this since it’s final hype for Bound For Glory, which I won’t be ordering.

The brawl comes to the ring with Daniels & Lynn beat on Styles. For some reason, the bell got rung even though both guys were attacking him. RVD makes the save to finally settle into a real match. Lynn being worried about being in RVD’s shadow is hilarious. I like you Lynn, but you’re not in RVD’s league. I’m actually feeling bad for AJ. Aside from his extremely white trash tattoo, I love him as a wrestler. Styles Clash. I feel like I haven’t seen that in a while.

Samoa Joe is in trouble with another tall, thinner muscular guy. This time, it’s Matt Morgan, again. What the fuck? Seriously? Morgan wins with a roll up? Didn’t Crimson win last week with a similarly weak finish? Joe tries to play mind games but no one is buying it. How are you the alpha ass kicker since you’ve lost to them in consecutive weeks? The heel shouldn’t be in a weak spot going to the PPV. Of course Taz agrees with Joe.

Mexican Prison Style is how Mexican America wants to do it with Ink Inc. Oh please don’t go predictable Jesse. He doesn’t really. Oh, punk rock guy gets to deliver the message. Another brawl because you know, two wasn’t enough. Punk Rock chick makes the save against the women. She’s pretty hot even if she doesn’t have an ass. Neal doesn’t mention her name. How dumb. They have hyped only matches for the PPV. About the only upside right now.

Jesse Sorenson & Brian Kendrick take on Austin Aries & Kid Kash. Suicide dives by the faces start the match. Aries busted out the Chinese Door Bell. Always loved that move as a child. Taz saying Kash is getting better even in his older age. Wasn’t his problem most of the time that he kept telling off promoters? Maybe his attitude got better. Kendrick gets the win so that he can lose at BFG. Aries has lost some of his mojo since coming in. The push of the X Division has slowed.

Karen Jarrett gets to give the pep talk to the rest of the wrestlers. She got them on the card. I’m nodding off. I should grab a beer. Good choice. Velvet is still getting the biggest disrespect card. Traci Brooks gets Karen to trip over her. The ladies brawl after wards. That’s brawl number 4 just in case we lost count. Bubba warned Anderson about getting out of line. I’ll be shocked when that match devolves into a brawl. (That’s sarcasm.)

AJ blames Daniels for the current woes of their families not playing together. Daniels attacks him from behind. Nice of brawl #1 to have half a come back. Scott Steiner takes on Ken Anderson with guest enforcer Bully Ray. Whoops, gave him the wrong name earlier. Anderson takes control but is so fat he keeps his shirt on. Abyss is ready to blast Anderson but clocks Steiner. Anderson should not need a cheap win over Steiner. He should look like a threat to Bully Ray, not Abyss. Granted, if he doesn’t attack him here, you know he’s costing Bully Ray at BFG.  Brawl #5 1/2. Anderson makes a temporary save. OK, make Bully Ray look strong is a good idea.

James Storm calls out Angle’s dumb theory. Kurt tries to drop the doubt in there again and Storm sort of buys it. Another Jarrett gets to suck on camera. I FF thru the preview for BFG & the rewind of the championship Roode video. The commercials.

Roode takes on Jarrett & Gunner. So is this a real handicapped match? Jarrett takes a coffee break. OK, it seems like a real one after that break. Roode looked funny with his clothes lines then barely lifted Gunner on a back body drop. Jarrett then Gunner got locked in the cross face. Jarrett attacks Roode. I can’t believe how weak a win over two opponents was just presented. Brawl #6.5 happens with Immortal & James Storm. Jeff Hardy makes the save which makes no sense. If Storm couldn’t help as a singular man, why would Hardy? Roode caves in and shakes Hardy’ hand. Storm is an alcoholic, why should he hate Hardy? OK, all is good. Bad timing for Hardy still though. It takes the spot light off of Roode with his big return.

I FF thru the introdcutions. Why are Hulk Hogan & Sting on the same side of the table? Are they dating? Going to make out? After signing, Hogan barely flips the table. Hogan tries to play the pity card by saying he was trying to help the company. You didn’t help them out at all. The ratings and recognition aren’t better. You barely mention them on your media tours you publicity hound. Man on man action is promised by Hogan. He even said it in bed room voice. Bischoff inserts his mug to distract Sting. They caught me on that. I thought that’d center on Bischoff. Could to keep the spot light on Sting & Hogan. -Kevin

Stunt Granny Audio #86

The two wily veterans from Stunt Granny, Jeremy and Dusty, are reunited and it feels so good! And even though it’s been about nine and a half months (and not nine and a half weeks, which makes us better than Mickey Rourke) since these two jokers have teamed together, it feels like old times in the studio. Listen to them carry on like two married people about Monday Night Raw, Batista and John Cena, Doink the Clown and a veritable plethora of other topics that you are guaranteed to find enjoyable because Dusty has a voodoo doll with each and every one of your lousy names on it if you don’t!

Stunt Granny Audio #86

TNA Releases Traci Brooks

So the Playboy curse has struck again kids. Over at they are reporting, via PWInsider, that Traci Brooks has been released by TNA. Upon reading that my nether region ached a tad but then I took solace in the fact I can click on Google and go see her delicious chest naked for all eternity. Yes I may have discussed on an audio being dissapointed by her Playboy pictorial but the fact is this; she has huge boobs and that makes me happy.

Traci had been with TNA for as long as can be remembered but this isn’t a crushing move by the company. TNA hasn;t used her in months and as I relayed the info to Kevin he replied with “She was still on the roster?”

I never understood why she wasn’t in the ring more since she clearly has wrestling talent. Pick up a Chickfight DVD and you’ll see what I am taking about. She was a hit with the fans due to her her chest and the fact you could get some butt cleavage flaring when she did wrestle. Couple this with the fact she would dress in a Catholic school gril outfit complete with pigtails and it was on!

I’ll definitely miss her as I enjoyed ogling the screen whenever she was on hoping for a nip slip as well as her wrestling ability. Damn am I that much of a pervert now that this is all I can come up with? -Jeremy

Traci Brooks’ Playboy Pictures Early Leak

Traci gearing up for those frigid winter months.

Traci gearing up for those frigid winter months.

Thanks to mrwrestling6 (shout out!) from our message board, Traci Brooks’ Playboy pictorial leaked out on the internet today. Please keep in mind that these photos are not safe for work and not safe for British school children. Please also keep in mind that this link seems to be straight out of Pop Up City, and will potentially give your computer frownyfaces. Still, though, here they are:

Speaking of our message board, you can register for it here: Do that now, and start posting today. It’s the cool place to be. – Dusty

Stunt Granny Audio #59

Eric and Kevin return to talk about the news of the day. A lot less discussion about Monday Night Raw means a lot more discussion about Traci Brooks and her Playboy pictorial, Kurt Angle and his five broken necks, Hulk Hogan and his five broken spirits who signed on for the Hulkamania Tour (and who else could sign on), Batista switching to Smackdown, and the many Hell in a Cell matches set for, you guessed it, Hell in a Cell. Also, Kevin explains his dog’s strange, strange habit and how that might affect his currently changing living situation. Gotta hear it to believe it, so click now! (64:00)

Stunt Granny Audio #59

Playboy trades Traci Brooks for dead Farrah Fawcett

Id let her teach me the Dewey Decimal System.

I'd let her teach me the Dewey Decimal System.

Jeremy told me this was on PWInsider and other places but then couldn’t find it again. Thankfully Wrestle Zone still had it up: The Playboy pictorial planned for Traci Brooks around the same time as TNA Bound For Glory has been bumped from the magazine to one of its Web sites. Why? Read: is reporting that the reason why Playboy Magazine has decided to dump Traci Brooks on the cover of the magazine in favor of a Farrah Fawcett tribute is because the leading editor of the issue wanted to distance it from any association with professional wrestling.

Brooks’ layout will instead be featured online to members of Playboy’s Cyber Club.

Oh, a tribute, gotcha. The thing is, we’ve already seen hot young Farrah and decent middle-aged Farrah, so why be redundant? Exhume that bitch and show us some rotting titties! “I’m sorry, is that an Eminem tune?” (TM Dave Attell) Anyway, count me among the sad ones who now have to turn to the Internet to find their pornographic material. And here I thought the World Wide Web was just for posting existential meanings of REM lyrics. -Eric

TNA Hard Justice Preview

Watch your back bitch.

Watch your back bitch.

Just in time for tonight’s show, Kevin and Jeremy come at ya with a complete rundown of TNA’s Hard Justice PPV. They guys go over each match in detail (sarcasm) and give their respective predictions. Who thinks Samoa Joe will win the TNA Heavyweight title? Who thinks Traci Brooks has a say in the Knockouts Title match? Who thinks a certain wrestler may like it in an uncomfortable place? Someone thinks Matt Morgan isn’t worth the proverbial hill of beans? Who said it and what other outlandish and ridiculous things were said? All you have to do is listen to find out.

Hard Justice 2009 Preview

Traci Brooks posed for Playboy, I’ll be back in 10 minutes

To be continued...

To be continued...

Have I already used that joke in the headline? Who cares. According to, Traci Brooks has posed for Playboy. No word yet on its shelf date (I would bet around Bound For Glory), but if this issue sells as well as TNA’s pay-per-views, then there will be 300 happy, smelly nerds when these pictures are released. Hugh Hefner just built a new wing onto his money bin. Hey, I’m all for chicks I see on a weekly basis getting naked, but let’s be honest, TNA fans have never offered proof that they’re made of money. You know these dweebs will just wait until one of their own buys a newsstand copy and ZIPs all the scans onto Mega Upload. I’m looking at you, Miqueli 🙂 -Eric

Sorry Fellas She’s Taken


That’s right gang, according to Michael Johnson over at, Traci Brooks is now an engaged woman. She and current TNA Superstar Frankie Kazarian are taking the plunge and we here at Stunt Granny could not be happier. Traci brooks is one of my favorite womens wrestlers on the planet and the reason is simple; look at those huge boobs. Seriously, they are magnificent and it makes me sad another man, yet again, will be all over them.

On a brighter note, at least Traci won’t give up as soon as she is married and get the “wifey” short style haircut a week after the honeymoon. It also means she won’t lose the implants since she has roped in some dope to pay the bills and buy her anything she wants. Well, maybe the second half may not pan out. They do work for TNA after all. Also, as a word to Mr. Kazrian; if your matches start getting longer but your push remains the same, that smell of penis on your woman’s nether region is not normal.

So let’s send out a hearty congratulation to the happy couple and hope for some break up nude shots in its wake. -Jeremy

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