Kevin’s Blog: Definitely Live & Half Assed Review of #Raw

We start the show off with a de-bait. Wokka Wokka.

We start with review of “Embracing The Hate” then Kane tells us he wants Cena to embrace it before the end of the night. Kabe also wants to take someone out of the arena in an ambulance. Wow, a debate to start the show? What an awful way to retread the same fifteen minute opening segment. Oh goody, we get Johnny Wooden GM to really set this show on fire. CM Punk gets to answer first. Dolph Ziggler says something but I can’t looking at his hideous vest. R Truth keeps up the comedy act. The Miz gets the next answer. He goes roast on his competitor. For some reason he gets the buzzer. Everyone else went long. He was right about Kofi being an afterthought. Kofi gets to retort. Still not sure why he doesn’t get more mic time. Chris Jericho gets to close the debate. I agree with my fellow alumni, this is fifteen minutes of my life I’m not getting back. Jericho’s jackets is somehow worse than Dolph’s vest. Trouble In Paradise. Nice exclamation mark for a soon to be jobbing Kofi.

Kofi against Jericho starts after the break. I’m glad Mitchell Cool informed us that the Walls of Jericho is a submission move. Kofi nails more Trouble but so blatantly left Jericho’s leg unhooked. If he hadn’t tucked Jericho’s arm, it wouldn’t have been as noticeable. Shawn Michaels hugs HHH back stage. I’ve got no goosebumps.

More Kane review. This time with Zack Ryder. John Cena is talking to a mystery man who happens to be Ryder. He’s got his back yet he’s going to leave him alone? Huh? Johnny and David Otunga get more TV time. Dave reminds us that Johnny isn’t the full time GM yet. Please, you can’t torture us with Johnny on both shows. Are you really that cruel to your fans? Why did it just dawn on me that Daniel Bryan is doing to Big Show what Kane is doing to Cena? Bryan is being much more successful. Mitchell Cool compliments Bryan by saying Big Show is more frustrated but then immediately runs him down when his music hits. I mean, really? The dumb level of this segment was a strong 100.

Then Cool calls Bryan a tremendous champion after the break. GAH! Big Show is taking on Randy Orton. Lawler calls shenanigans but Cool tells him to shut up so he does. What a puss. Another commercial break. That seemed awful quick. I still love Orton’s drop kick. Nice of Big Show to play along with that DDT. With the WWE’s even steven booking, Bryan losses on Sunday. Cool went back to hating on him after he left. It’s such a confusing message. It would be really tough to get me to agree that this angle is a good idea in any way.

Shawn Michaels gets the hour skit. Michaels babbles but it comes down so that HHH can give us the news we want, a HHH vs Undertaker rematch. Hey Shawn, we don’t want that. Shawn moves on to calling him a sell out. Business picks up when Shawn calls him a coward. Maybe we needed the meandering for that to pay off for the shift in tone. HHH is the end of a breed but then throws some jabs at the young guys. Not really good for business hoss. Look me in the eye honey! Tell me you didn’t cheat on me! HHH still says no to the match. Good build up thru non build up. The first 10 minutes was garbage. The last 5 was great. Was that the same video from last week?

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