WWE To Sign Two Fresh Faces To Developmental Deals?

From Logopond.com by cspainey

From Logopond.com by cspainey

On Monday according to Prowrestling.net, the WWE was expected to sign Kevin Steen and Willie Mack to developmental contracts. It’s Thursday and nothing has been made official yet. So that gives me the time to remind everyone that the last time two ROH stars were jumping to the WWE because of a nondescript video from England, they went to TNA so that Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards could wear bad cow skin & wolf hair coats. That leaves TNA time to swoop in and sign Steen & Mack.

If that does happen, the story line will be Dixie Carter signed Steen under MVP’s nose so that she can rid herself of her Bully Ray problem. Steen will then get to fight Abyss for the TV Title completely ignoring Dixie Carter’s plan to become a baby face by supporting Eric Young for a reason that will never be mentioned on TV. Since TNA or the talents they hire can’t come up with new gimmicks Fight Steen Fight will be shortened to Fight Steen.

MVP will then hire Willie Mack because we all know that “those people” stick together. Along with Bobby Lashley and Kenny King, they’ll become the Republic of Reign. Or the Country of Supremacy. Or the Dominion of Domination. Or Association of Power. They will reign supreme over TNA until Rockstar Spud turns on Dixie Carter and becomes part of the group. He will break Jesse Sorensen’s neck again (who was re-hired by Dixie Carter too) and eventually leave the group. Willie Mack will end up turning on MVP after the crowd starts to support his new catch phrase “If Inhale The Odors from Mack’s Kitchen!” – Kevin

Devon Is Gone. Is Bully Ray Next?

According to this story from Prowrestling.net, Devon Dudley is gone from TNA or Impact Wrestling, whatever they prefer right now. He tweeted:

I would like to thank the TNA fans for making the last seven years fun. I’m sure we will see each other again down the road real soon.

Then answered “Yes” to another fan’s question about his contract expiring. I’d love to make a big stink out of this gaffe because he’s the Television Champion but I can’t. It’s not nearly as bone headed as Ring of Honor’s decision to let one half of their tag team champions leave right after winning the damn titles.

TNA had done a decent job of building the TV Title back up by having Devon defending it on a mostly weekly basis. My apathy towards this gaffe comes in when you compare Devon to his former partner, Bully Ray. It’s great that Devon can help build up the mid-card and younger wrestlers but Bully Ray has been in the main event mix for a couple of months now. His contract is thought to run out around the same time, which begs the question of whether TNA is going to resign him. If they don’t, I may have quit using my Twittah Machine to watch Godzilla movies. -Kevin

Ring of Honor gets something right, plans to create TV Title

TV Title

Get it? Because it's a title, and it's a little TV...

According to Prowrestling.net, Jim Cornette has announced via video that Ring of Honor will debut its newest championship, the ROH TV Title, by crowning a champion via tournament, to begin during the Feb. 5 and 6 TV tapings. You may not believe this, but Dusty and I talk about wrestling all the time, even when we aren’t recording the Stunt Granny Audio, and the brilliance of the gimmick of the NWA/WCW TV Title comes up a lot. The 10- or 15-minute time limits were great tools to keep heels over and keep belts on them without having them be pinned or do the pinning themselves. A TV Title can be a good proving ground to help determine if someone is worth being a belt-holder. And even better, ROH has a TV show, so the TV champion can defend his belt there but not at house shows (and could even lose to potential challengers), while the ROH World Title can remain the headlining match at arena events. A good move by a stale company. -Eric

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