Homicide Freed

So as to hint at what I want to see.

Word going around the message board scene is that Homicide has been released from TNA. My super secret insider source tells me that he was suffering from a chronic condition known as being-too-good-for-TNAitis. Here’s hoping he can go back to ROH and allow his talents to shine through again. If WWE runs a third season of NXT, he and Tyler Black would be perfect cast members for such an endeavor. Just spitballing here. – Dusty

Tyler Black going to WWE?

According to multiple sources but using Prowrestling.net, Tyler Black has signed a developmental deal with WWE. Apparently someone in ROH has been paying attention to the success of CM PUNK and Evan Bourne instead of trying TNA like Nigel McGuiness and Samoa Joe.

I called this back around WrestleMania 24. Tyler carried himself like a professional at ROH’s meet and greet so it seemed natural he would be on his way to WWE. Of course, I also said Nigel McGuiness would be in WWE as well and that hasn’t turned out well. Tyler has always seemed like he works best in a team environment. His run as ROH champion has been lukewarm at best and his most successful run in ROH came as part of the Age OF The Fall and then his subsequent feud with Jimmy Jacobs. It would be ridiculous to say WWE needs to bring in Jimmy Jacobs with him but they need to bring in Jimmy Jacobs along with him.  –J

Eric’s Blog: My weekend at Iowa’s pro wrestling hall of fame

vachons hodge

Three of my favorite men in the world.

(Note: Sorry this is being posted three days after the weekend; the events wore me out!)

Professional wrestling’s legends descended on Waterloo, Iowa, this past weekend for the George Tragos/Lou Thesz Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame inductions at the newly christened National Wrestling Hall of Fame Dan Gable Museum. Despite the new name and affiliation with the NWHOF branch in Stillwater, Okla., this past weekend, like weekends past, celebrated the sport of professional wrestling in a classy but fun manner, offering this superfan a wonderful two days’ worth of events.

3:30 p.m. Friday, July 9: I arrived at the Five Sullivan Brothers Convention Center in time to bump into busy promoter Troy Peterson, who was hanging onto a ticket for me to ensure I could get into the question-and-answer session with Mick Foley and Terry Funk. The doors into the big convention room were open, and I could see about 20 young wrestlers sitting in chairs listening to Foley and Funk proselytizing from inside the ring. I couldn’t hear the advice they were proffering, but I did run into wrestler/co-promoter Travis Shillington, aka TS Aggressor, who thanked me for our interview earlier in the week and caught me up on the whereabouts of some wrestlers we both know.

4:30 p.m. Friday, July 9: The Q&A session started a little late, and since I had to run outside and feed my meter, I actually missed my chance to write my questions on an index card and hand it to the local radio DJ who emceed the talk. So I paid to get into a Q&A and didn’t even get to Q. Others did, though, and here are the finer points (really, the only points, since the DJ kept skimming through questions and disposing of some of them on the mat next to him; thanks, pal!):

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Stunt Granny Audio: Interview with trainer/promoter Travis Shillington

TS Aggressor

Do yourself a favor and don't mess with this guy.

As part of this weekend’s National Wrestling Hall of Fame Dan Gable Museum festivities, Midwest wrestler, trainer and promoter Travis Shillington, aka TS Aggressor will be in Waterloo, Iowa, to aid in both the live wrestling event at 7 p.m. Friday at Young Arena and the 12:30 p.m. training session with Mick Foley and Terry Funk which precedes the show. Eric talked with Shillington about his background, his own training with Brad Rheingans and Curt Hennig, his network within pro wrestling, and some of the ROH wrestlers who will work against his students at the Young Arena show. (For more information on the weekend’s happenings, go to www.wrestlingmuseum.org.) (33 minutes)

Stunt Granny Audio – Travis Shillington interview

ROH on HDNet Review

The stretch marks I watched on ROH were not this sexy.

So Jeremy pussed out since we drank too much last night and stayed up way too late trying to review that piece of garbage pay per view Sacrifice by TNA. I ended up watching the majority of the ROH show by myself and figured I’d throw in my two cents since I normally don’t watch the product because my broke ass can’t afford an HD TV so there is no reason whatsoever to have HD Net.

Jeremy did stay up long enough to watch Rhett Titus & Kenny King defeat the House of Truth (Josh Raymond & Christian Able). I had no idea who any of these clowns were except Titus and that’s only by name. I can’t really rate the match because we maybe saw the last two minutes. It did strike me though that the announcers are terrible, especially the old guy Mike Hogewood. I may sound like a homer but I’d take Joe Dombrowski & Aaron Maguire over these two jokes (Dave Prazak being the other). Neither of them have any passion. They sound like they’re reading off of Mike Tenay’s script.

Next they showed a replay of  a Pick Six Battle Royal in which the announcers said they’d show you as much action as possible. There’s only six of them. Your cameras should catch everything you dummies. Next they showed a replay of Austin Aries, who won the battle royal, clearly kicking Delirious in the chest but they claimed it was his throat. Aries at least capped off the beating by hitting Daizee Haze and dropping an elbow on Delirious (who is still doing the same worn out gimmick when the bell rings) while his neck was on the steel ring barricade. They showed too much meaningless action from the Battle Royal then showed another replay right after it. Hey Corny, work on some more material so you’re not showing replays back to back. You only have an hour of TV a week.

Jeremy went to bed as I realized much to my horror that Claudio Castagnoli’s finisher, executed on Andy Ridge, is an airplane spin. Way to keep up with the times ROH. It was “great” to see Chris Hero is still a useless puppet.

Jim Cornette said that last week’s match for the TV Title was the best match anyone may see on TV this year so they are going to show the end of it for those of us who missed. Fucking seriously, another replay? One lousy hour a week and you’re on your third replay? I’m not sure why I had the courage to continue.

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