Tyler Reks is gone from WWE

Interweb Marketing Bro

Tyler Reks asked for and was granted his release from WWE Wednesday. Yup…….um……so…..

You may remember Tyler for his incredible beard and long dreadlocks. If you blinked you may have missed the recent pairing of Curt Hawkins and Reks. If you closed your eyes you would have missed them strip on Smackdown. Other than that what else is there to say?

Reks, via his Twitter, said he asked for his release due to something called family commitments. He didn’t like the fact he would be missing any moments with his newborn daughter.  It’s the same typical garbage parents use to justify being a quitter. Aww, Dad has to leave the house for a while and make money to support you and mommy.  I could be sitting at home changing diapers and getting bitched at cause mom is too fat still from her pregnancy weight to help with chores or as I like to call it, women work.

So don’t look for Tyler Reks in TNA anytime soon since he also owns a an Internet Marketing Company which is kind of strange because it means he has a backup plan and in wrestling that is near unheard of. -Jeremy

Kevin’s Blog: Almost Live & Definitely Half Assed Review of @WWE #Raw

My girlfriend’s present for her birthday was to not watch wrestling tonight. We had a great time eating dinner at Betty’s and then grabbing ice cream at Jeni’s. It’s put me behind the eight ball especially since I was a dumb ass and didn’t pawn this column off on someone else. Because it’s still the most important show in wrestling, despite it’s consistently poor quality, I think we need to cover it. 3 hours and 5 minutes of fun to come starting at midnight. Good thing I pulled a lot of all nighters when I was in Architecture School at Kent State. Let’s roll.

AJ Lee comes out and announces some big matches for the show. I’m plowing thru this episode so entrances are so getting the FF button. CM Punk interrupts her after the first FF of the night. Punk tries to weasel out of the triple threat match but it doesn’t work. John Cena hasn’t been in an opening segment in weeks so he comes out. I just noticed Punk went to the Lemmy look. It works better for HHH. I like recitation of facts. (Sarcasm central). Cena saying the champ doesn’t win in triple threat matches is the biggest gaffe of them all. Then of course Punk feeds AJ for his match of the night so we can close this segment out. Our choices suck. Thanks for showing up Big Show.

Shock of all shocks, Rey Mysterio won the vote. The popular guy won! (I’m getting the feeling this column will be sarcasm heavy. Maybe I’ll stop pointing it out.) Another surprise, nothing happens in the match before the commercial break. I do like the way these guys work together though. Hell of a feud. Oh my lord Lawler, Mitchell Cool makes a ludicrous statement about AJ Lee taking out her wrath on Punk and you sit there like a lump on a log then agree with him, sort of. Disagree with him for fucks sake. Point out that CM Punk interfered in the match to determine the number one contender. It’s not hard. Punk wins with the GTS. Nice. The WWE did pick good opponents for everyone except Big Show. Orton can’t lose this early in his return. Ricardo Rodriguez outshines Alberto Del Rio again. Too bad he can’t wrestle. Or isn’t in shape.

I’m digging the Fight Club remake of Wade Barrett. Fits into his previous stories too. Why is every wrestler dumber than a box of rocks these days? Alberto gets himself in trouble and booked for a match.

Christian gets to job to Alberto. Nice touch of having Del Rio dress and tape on the way to the ring. Sheamus has a head injury. Lawler is even mailing it in with his friends. No personal congratulations for Booker T yet. Sent him a text at least. Ricardo distracts the ref, Alberto nails Christian with the boot for the win. Ricardo left the keys for Sheamus to steal the car. I can’t wait for the visit around San Antonio. (Last hint of sarcasm.) Ha.

Big Show against Randy Orton kicks off the 9 o’clock segment. So, what’s the old mid-main event? Or is the Cena match in that slot with an unknown main event? Stay tuned for too long. Double count out. Just like any decent fan would have expected. Big Show misses the WMD which allows the Viper to strike. Yep, I see that guy winning the title at the next pay per view. (I fucking told you no more hints.)

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Kevin’s Blog: Almost Live, Definitely Half Review of @WWE #Raw1000

As Jeremy so eloquently put it, tonight starts my descent into madness. No, not the Aurora variety madness but the kind that makes me want to throw my lap top against a wall kind of madness. Tonight will likely be a very good, packed show. The writing will fall apart after tonight though. As for the poll below, I voted for “It doesn’t matter, the title was rendered meaningless long ago.” I’m not sure it was a long time ago but I had been long harping on the meaninglessness of the IC, US, Tag Team & Women’s Title. For some reason, since main event level guys held the belt, I didn’t think about it being meaningless. It is though. Mostly because as another choice point out “It doesn’t matter, John Cena is basically “the champ” anyway.” So, CM Punk may be merch champ and putting on spectacular matches, but you can tell the WWE doesn’t really favor him. Or even Sheamus. Enough editorial, time to do it during the review.

And just so you know, this is our 1850 post. Beat that WWE! We get a retrospective of Raw. It was a nice enough video package. Vince McMahon comes out first. I didn’t listen to his special email message that he sent out. Why is the chairman introducing Degeneration X? I’m guessing everyone else on the internet asked this question. They’re rebels who don’t, aw, you get it right? Even the video package accompanying their entrance seems lame. Shawn Michaels acts out of breath and really stupid. HHH checks for his underwear too. They introduce Road Dogg, Billy Gunn and X Pac. Gunn & Michaels get cutesy with another line. Damien Sandow interrupts the proceedings. You aren’t going to save us. We’re going to get this dreck for the rest of the three hours tonight and in the future. What did I type earlier? This episode would be fine? I’m taking that back already. They still have two words for us. Yuck. Time to get drunk.

I miss Jim Ross coming out because I wanted to get cake for my girl. Wink, wink. Rey Mysterio comes out before he can say a word. He’s teaming with the botch machine Sin Cara. Sheamus is on the team too. We can’t have too many matches tonight so let’s have huge tag team matches! Chris Jericho is still a heel by being on their team. Dolph Ziggler is out the chute next then Alberto Del Rio. Then a commercial.

Ziggler starts off against Sin Cara. Oh, by the way, no animosity between Mitchell Cool and Ross. Stupidity central. My vote is Jericho costing Ziggler and his team the match. Looks like Ziggler is going to cost Jericho the match. Sheamus wins with the Brogue Kick. Not much of a match. What? JR is only calling one match? Fuck off WWE.

Why an I watching these dumb videos? I still don’t care about Tout. Charlie Sheen is hosting from Las Vegas. I’m glad he can Skype so we can plug something else. I buzzed through the replay of AJ & Daniel Bryan from last week. AJ then gets to talk to Layla. Of course dumb shit is happening outside of their locker room door. Kill me. The hand is grown up. Shouldn’t it be half black? Mark Henry was the father.

Sonic gets pimped. Why would wrestling be important during the 1000 Raw? Jack Swagger gets to lose to the Funkasaurus. Another match that doesn’t matter. Shazam app. Clay gets to introduce Dude Love. Splat was an accurate description from Cool. Swagger gets the Mandible Claw with the mandatory gullet use. Trish Stratus gets to talk yoga to HHH. We’re supposed to laugh again. We don’t.

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WWE #Smackdown Spoilers – Cbus Edition

Smackdown spoilers. It's gross to show spoiled food.

So not to be a complete ass with spoilers, I will put Smackdown information below the Read More button. I do think that spoilers for NXT and Superstars is fair game in my estimation. I’ll post my Tweet (if you happen to not follow us @Stuntgranny) then any additional information that I can provide.

Tweet #1. – The parking lot isn’t much more crowded than last year’s #Smackdown I parked in spot 71 #GenoforHart (Post Show: So Geno is Evgeni “Geno” Malkin from the Pittsburgh Penguins. The guy was already my favorite Penguin. Then he decided to hoist the team on his surgically repaired knee and be the top scorer in the NHL. The Hart Trophy is for the best player in the league during the regular season. He’s the man.)

Tweet #2. – I go to my seat just for the beginning #NXT It’s a tag team special. (Post Show: the parking being more crowded did lead to extra people in the audience. Definitely not close to the 18,000+ in Cleveland for Raw.)

Tweet #3 & #4. – The Usos are taking on Darren Young & Titus O’Neil. The Usos won. They looked pretty sloppy themselves. Hm, wonder why they aren’t getting TV time? (Post show: I still dig the haka dance from the Usos but they were worse in the ring than Young & O’Neil. No surprise Tamina broke away from these losers.)

Tweet #5 & #6. – Percy Watson & Alex Riley are taking on Curt Hawkins & Tyler Rex. Who’s the coach in the 2nd group? Reks & Hawkins win after a top rope elbow by Curt. (Post Show: Not sure what to add to this match. Nothing happening for people who have been on the pay roll for a while.)

Tweet #7 & #9 – Derrick Bateman & hot blonde whose name I should remember because she hung with AJ will take on Johnny Curtis & some English chick. Maxine is Curtis’s woman. (Post Show: Thanks to @lecroy24fan who has a better memory, Kaitlyn is the blonde. Maxine was with Johnny Curtis. I should have noticed her too since I watched the Diva’s season of NXT before they went strictly online.)

Tweet #8 – McGillicuty & Tyson Kidd are feuding. Promos break down into a brawl. (Post show: No surprise these guys aren’t on either of the big shows either. I love Kidd’s in ring work but his promos still stink.)

Tweet #10 – I’m just to the camera left of the announcers in the 4th row. We’ll see if I get some TV time. (Post Show: They only taped two segments in my area. I tried to get on. I even pointed at my phone with the Stuntgranny.com home page up. I doubt I’ll be seen despite the proximity to the ring.)

Tweet #11 – Dude beside me thinks Maxine is a man’s name. He’s got to be brain power deficient. (Post Show: His buddy was on of those “Title Belt Guys”. Yikes. Plus, the dude wanted to blow and/or have sex with Santino. He also loved screwing with the five year old in front of us. His mom was pretty hot. anyway, it takes a lot for a twenty something year old to mess with a five year old’s mind.)

Tweet #12 & #13 – Bateman & Kaitlyn pick up a quick victory. Let’s just say Kaitlyn is mildly attractive live. @DustyGiebink I’ll pass along your new number (Post Show: The only person I saw tonight that was hotter than Kaitlyn was one of the waitress’s at Gallo’s. Smoking. The both of them. Sorry Dusty, I didn’t get a chance to pass along your number, or even my own.)

Tweet #14, 15 & 16 – Justin Gabriel is taking on for Hunico with his man servant Camacho. My Kashi Go Lean is wreaking havoc on my intestinal track. Maybe I should let a few rip to clear out my section. Hunico put a thumping on Gabriel. (Post Show: I wreaked havoc on my section later. No one seemed to care despite the fact that I grossed myself out a little bit. I didn;t think Hunico would win. I think both guys have the whole package. they just need someone to get behind them.)

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Kevin’s Blog: Almost Live, Defintely Half Assed Review of #Raw

I'm going to miss hating West Virginia.

I had to watch the end of the basketball game of which there may only be one more. Pitt didn’t fair too well in the football game this year so it’s important to sweep the hoops. It’s helping to get the Panthers on track too. After an 0-7 start in the Big East, things have gone to three straight wins including one over #9 Georgetown on Saturday. They’re my only hope for a spot in the tournament. Kent State is not too fancy this year even if they did beat these same scum bags from WVU in Morgantown. Let’s roll.

I got the pay per view last night but didn’t start watching until the Funkasaurus showed up. I actually had a date and couldn’t preorder the Royal Rumble. Much like Eric, I didn’t admit that I watched wrestling. Unlike Eric, I’m not getting married in a couple of months and still hiding it. (Another note should be made, my HD feed only airs once as far as I know. The time slot was 8-11 so I couldn’t catch the earlier matches with the replay.) Jeremy predicted earlier today that the Undertaker would interrupt HHH’s evaluation of Johnny Wooden GM. I haven’t checked Twitter so I have no idea if Johnny Wooden GM starting the show off means that Trips shows up now. He seems like he’d deserve the main event. (There’s some sarcasm in that one.) Johnny announces the participants for the Elimination Chamber. Is it safe to say that Punk retains or Jericho wins? I think so. Johnny is going for the crowd pop mode for matches. CM Punk appears. Punk goes for his own version of cheap pop by chanting “Goodbye.” Punk going insider and making fun of Mitchell Cool by telling Johnny he’s a dork. Johnny gets me to track a smile by trying to shake with Punk. Daniel Bryan shows up after Punk says he’s the Best In The World. What a surreal start to Raw. Who would have thought these three would start a Raw? Bryan reminds me of Jericho bragging when he beat the Rock & Steve Austin in the same night. Oh, they’re going all in for Bryan to be a heel. Punk calls for the best match in the world. Sheamus shows up. It’ll be nice to get this announcement out of the way. I started to make this argument last night about Sheamus who evidently is considered a surprise winner last night. I’m not sure why. Him being left off of the card last year at Wrestlemania is irrelevant to me. He’s been getting as big a reaction as anyone these days except for CM Punk. No announcement, just a threat. Someone is losing their title in the mean time then. Maybe both of them.

Randy Orton comes out, in my opinion, to a smaller pop than Sheamus. I’m just saying. Wade Barrett has the Sky Box “rented”. Please admit a bit more you can’t sell out arenas any more. My boy Dolph Ziggler comes out with Vickie Guerrero. Huh, Barrett & Orton are going at it on Smackdown? Seems like a PPV match to me. No reason for them to be in the Smackdown Elmination Chamber. Or have them be in there to beat the hell out of each other and essentially eliminate each other.

Dolph gets another commercial length match. It’s just awkward that Barrett is talking the whole match. Why not just have him come down to the desk? Matthews & the box seem superfluous. JerryLawler makes my argument as soon as I’m done typed. It’s so he can stay away from Orton. Ziggler jobs clean after getting in a solid amount of offense and kicking out of some of Orton’s bigger moves.

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Stunt Granny Audio Show #143

Moses wandering in the desert is a metaphor for the show and the state of wrestling.

Jeremy and Kevin are back for the second consecutive week to drop some knowledge on you. They start by talking about Raw, the timing of pay per views and why none of these matches feel like they’ve been hyped. It takes a weird turn after that when they explore the studio space and move on to talking about the general state of wrestling and if it would be missed if it was taken off television. Does Zach Ryder figure into their future plans? Can someone shoot to the top of the WWE like Brock Lesnar? Which dead horses do they raise with the book of Necronomicon? Take some peyote in the desert, grab your bong and take a rip or do like Kevin does and drink a sippy time beer and enjoy this journey through sound.

Stunt Granny Audio Show #143

Smackdown Spoilers

Taken for the sole purpose of using for this spoiler post.

I tweeted all of the results from @Stuntgranny last night. When I got home, Kent State was in the process of losing at Colorado so I was too consumed to put this post together.  I’m going to string together my tweets and add a little extra commentary. I’m hoping to talk about Raw and this taping so I’m reserving some commentary for your ear holes. Since these are spoilers, I’ll only show my first Tweet before putting up a read more link.

Tweet: The parkin is barren. I’m either here early or it’s a light crowd -K. After: The parking, I hate spelling mistakes, was light as was the crowd. They had a whole lot of tarped off area. I went to a Blue Jackets game last week and there was 8-10000 people. There couldn’t have been any more last night.

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WGN cancels WWE Superstars, Tyler Reks better re-set DVR to Fridays

"I am TOO a superstar! Hrmph!"

Our old friends at Prowrestling.net broke the news that WGN has canceled “WWE Superstars,” and the last episode will air April 7, the week after WrestleMania 27. We originally discussed the WGN timeslot here two years ago, and WGN didn’t become the future home for Smackdown we thought it might be. SyFy has to be happy with Smackdown’s climbing ratings, though, whereas WGN obviously couldn’t care less about tailspinning ratings for main-event angles such as Chris Masters vs. Tyler Reks and DH Smith vs. Tyler Reks and Yoshi Tatsu vs. Tyler Reks. I tell ya, if there’s one guy who probably shouldn’t answer his phone after WrestleMania, it’s… Trent Barreta. Because he’s a loser, silly! -Eric

Stunt Granny Audio #121

Oh yes y’all, it is the Stunt Granny Audio show. This time around Eric and Jeremy are around for some audio goodness or mediocrity. The guys chat a bit about the release of MVP. Should he have been let go, did he ask to be let go and what does the future hold. Guess who isn’t too concerned? They then talk about the great pics of Marty Jannetty and wonder just what he is famous for anyway. They then give a plug for a podcast not names East Coast Audio, since it features The Miz. There’s more but if we told ya everything it would probably make you not listen.

Stunt Granny Audio #121

So Easy, A Dinosaur Could Do It

I had no idea that Tyler Reks had a show on WWE.com until he tweeted about it yesterday. I’m glad I have something to mock because the news is slow even with Hogan going to TNA. Neither company seems to worried about putting out new merchandise even though a couple of new things have trickled out for both companies.

First off, we’ve got a completely silly name for the show but then again so does this article. At least I know I’m being stupid though. I do have to admit to being a surf music fan so I like the tunes that go along with his introduction. His verbal skills seem to be better than anything I remember him uttering on TV but the material is gawd awful. Shame-O’s is even a bad name by WWE standards. I don’t actually mind T-Reks as a nickname considering the number of ways sports announcers try to short athlete’s names. The biggest problem, obviously, is the 42 grams of Power Packed T-Reks Beat Down Coming Your Way. You haven’t been on TV for at least a month so no beat down is coming. T-Reks should try kissing John Cena’s ass since HHH’s ass is being spit shined by the Celtic Warrior who is intended for the beat down.

In this week’s video, T-Reks gets another minute to talk and again, I don’t think his delivery is the problem but it’s the material he’s being fed. The script didn’t match the visuals supplied. Reks mentions the “Complete and Utter Butthead” twice so I’d guess he wasn’t free lancing yet the book about Ryder simply said “How To Be A Butthead”. Is douchebag not allowed in the PG-13 world? The promo would have more bite to it with that change in words. I do find it quite humorous that Reks equates Zach’s ring jacket to women’s lingerie because it does look like it. I’m also glad that he came up for a name, trites, for those awful things Ryder wears in the ring. I get the douchebag vibe from Zach without those things.  Unfortunately for T-Reks the skit comes to a screeching halt because his pick up lines are no better than the fake phone call used by Ryder.

There was some positive in these skits and negatives. Anyone not getting ring time should be smart enough to ask management to get their own online segment because it catapulted Cryme Tyme and more prominently The Miz & John Morrison into stardom. Tyler Reks can work out the kinks of his delivery and character while not making a complete ass out of yourself on the much larger stage of WWE. – Kevin

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