Ultimate Warrior returns to promote WWE 2K14, is not dead

If 20 years of anecdotal, empirical, and probably even DNA proof didn’t convince you that the original Ultimate Warrior did not die (during, as lore has it, a bench press workout where his intestines exploded), here’s the wonderfully non-sensical video that proves it. The Ultimate Warrior is back, and he’s promoting the next WWE video game, WWE 2K14. Terry Crews, Office Linebacker, beware, as Warrior beats up every nerd in the 2K headquarters. Assuredly, outtakes included Warrior calling the Hulk Hogan character a “queer” and Kevin Nash a “phony mother fucker.” CUT!

The only thing missing is a call-back to his first Slim Jim commercial. You boys a bit booorrrred? Snap into this! -Eric

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