Stunt Granny Audio #195

Serious business goes on at Kevin’s workplace.

Kevin and Dusty didn’t start the fire! But they sure did talk about it on this audio! Join Kevin and Dusty on a fantastic voyage through the wacky world of professional wrestling, as they give you a healthy dosage of News You Can Use. They also talk about just how crazy Kharma is, how useless Velvet Sky is, how ridiculous TNA is, how big of a superstar Chavo Guerrero is, how cashing it in Jerry Lawler, and a veritable host of other things. Dusty makes gay jokes, Kevin regales us with tales of idiot co-workers, and a special surprise guest pops in to add to the festivities. All this and a whole lot more, and it’s only going to take you about an hour of your precious measley time, so get to it, losers.

Stunt Granny Audio Show #195

Dusty’s Blog: About Matt Striker

There's nothing up there, fuckhead.

I’m going to put this as plainly as possible, and hope that someone from WWE reads it. Matt Striker needs to be fired immediately. Please don’t try to push him as a babyface. Please don’t try to turn him heel. Just get rid of him. He is the worst performer in all of professional wrestling, and I know that covers some major territory. I want to keep watching NXT because I am intrigued by several of this “season’s” rookie contestants. Please don’t make me stop watching it because of the douchebag announcer who can’t cut it. I am already angered by the stumble bumbling of the NXT guys angle on Raw. I don’t need to be further angered by this piece of absolute shit waste of human tissue. Get rid of him immediately. I’m begging you.

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