#WWE #Smackdown Spoilers

spoiler-alertSo before I get to the spoilers, let’s ramble about stuff that can be mentioned. The crowd was much smaller for Smackdown than the Raw that was here earlier this year. No one was in the upper deck. The hard camera had people in the next 2 sections beside it for Raw. They were tarped off last night. Columbus also got royally hosed with appearances. I understand that Smackdown is the #2 show but we got no Big Show, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, The Shield, my boy Dolph Ziggler or the McMahon Family. Now, I didn’t expect all of them to be there but none of them? Wow. Thirdly, it was a fun reminder of the change in crowd when you go from the expensive seats to the cheap seats. We sat around an interesting crew, some of which still believed wrestling is real. Yes, it is 2013.

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Kevin’s Blog: Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of Raw

It's almost football season and I was just at an alumni meeting.

I just got done hanging out at the Central Ohio Kent State Alumni group. The chapter has been pretty quiet evidently but it needs a kick in the butt. Well, I’ll do my part. Good group of people and I was the second longest person living in the fine city of Columbus. The other guy graduated in the sixties so he almost doesn’t count. Good guy though. I didn’t ask about wrestling but no one from me was probably thinking about it. I’ve got no Twitter feed to look at because I’m starting at 10:30 PM EST. Let me remind everyone, because I almost forgot myself, that Raw is emanating from Columbus OH on Labor Day. I didn’t even realize I had Monday off until Jeremy said something to me on IM during the day. So, the point isn’t that I’m a dumb ass, that is assumed. The point is that I will be tweeting from Raw next week so follow us (@Stuntgranny) because we’re almost to triple digits and we’ll really love you if you follow us. Let’s do it.

HH intro. Speed watching mode. I’m skipping intro walks to the ring to save time. I hate doing it because you do miss some context but it’s late already and I’ll probably just rip on Michael Cole more. HHH yaps then calls out Kevin Nash. We get CM Punk instead. Punk barely says anything before Nash hits the ring. People love chanting “What?” at Nash more than most people, in my estimation. John Laurinitis signed Nash. He actually solved the problem. Punk’s puking routine has me laughing but the crowd is pretty “Whatever” for it. Punk is being brutal. What a dick. HHH did not need the barely audible “Suck it” chant. They jam Randy Orton into the opening segment for extra hype.

The WWE did a decent hype job on KSU Alum “Dolph Ziggler”. They do like featuring him in wrestling matches but he’s had little in the push department. Oh, just in case they’re reading, the sippy time beer of choice at the KSU alumni meeting was Great Lakes Eliot Ness, a Amber Lager. Their best beer in this man’s opinion. Oh, commercial break.

By the way, Dolph is in another commercial break level match. He’s had them with Rey, John Cena and numerous other wrestlers. Shit or get off the pot with my man. That’s all I’m asking. New move from Orton (back breaker on the shoulder) leads to another two count. Seriously, why has he had this many close calls? And a near fall for Ziggler. Dolph down and out locks in a sleeper but gets reversed in an RKO. I know I’m a homer, but who can tell me that wasn’t a good match? Why isn’t Dolph pushed more? Josh talks at Cena before a commercial.

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Kevin’s Blog: Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of Raw

Yep, something like this is going to be hitting my hands this week.

So, I’m pumped. This is the last review I will be doing from this computer. I done ordered myself a new lap top because, as I type this, my screen is basically a big blur. Not a way to make this site great. I’d also like to note that it is now it is 10:54 and I turned my computer on at 10:05 PM EST. It is time for an upgrade. We’re talking about adding video content. We’re talking about a lot of things, which is bad ass. As for Jeremy, I’m amused he noted I was trying to get a woman tonight. Keep up with us on Twitter (@Stuntgranny) for additional content as always. It’d be bad ass if I could pull off roller derby girl. Cool cat. Enough about me and the site, on to the review.

Picture pages, picture pages, Nash joked at the Meet & Greet about being HHH’s body guard. We’ll see if it’s true soon enough. I hope he was paid by Del Rio. We get an apology. Del Rio should have cashed it in no matter who won so the mistake was moot in my book. Nash is invited to Raw. Cheap pop HHH. Del Rio gets shoved down our throat more. I can’t wait for his free fall. The belt has really played hot potato recently. I can’t believe that hasn’t been a hot internet topic. Del Rio just feeding the crowd and he finally clubs them like a baby seal. Come on, you know it was coming. I was not impressed.

We get R Truth against John Morrison, again. Thanks for beating this feud into the ground already. Watching this match reminded me that I was watching American Ninja Warrior this weekend. I don’t watch it all the time, but their obstacle courses are awesome and the parkour people love them.

Truth is almost too popular again. His act is so much better though. I didn’t buy a ringside ticket for when Raw hits Columbus in September. I doubt a Falls Counts Anywhere match will pop up again. When was the last time the Raw GM podium was used? I have no idea. The suplexing of Truth into a soft seat was ridiculous. Solid knee to finish him off though.

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Stunt Grany Audio #45


Look out grandma; a historic day is upon us. For the first time in over a month Stunt Granny presents an audio show. It’s not just any audio show though, it’s the mother fuckin Audio Experience. Yeah that’s right, Dusty and Jeremy have stolen the name and are putting voices on the interweb in a digital presentation once again. This time around the guys talk about all the radical changes in WWE over the last two weeks. It is a quite the amazing story as people are dropping like flies and Lazarus’ are waking from the dead. The even manage to discuss The Happening as Jeremy loses his concentration watching that pile of garbage. So join in the fun, you know you want it!

Stunt Granny Audio Show #45

WrestleMania Preview #7- Big Show/John Cena/Edge Triple Threat

Yep, I'm probably losing this again.

Yep, I'm probably losing this again.

Down to the final three matches as Jeremy and Kevin spout off about The Triple Threat-Triangle of Love match. The guys talk about each wrestler and what has brought them to the table. They also discuss why each wrestler hasn’t been given a fair shake in all of this and just who stand out like a Klan member at a NAACP convention. It has humor, drama and a fair share of the butchering of the English language to make everyone smile. It’s a total mindfuck and it is only 16 minutes.

Big Show/John Cena/Edge Triple Threat

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Well That Was Hilarious

Funny makes me smile

Funny makes me smile

Alright, so apparently the Vickie Guerrero grossfest was just a prank by John Cena for April Fool’s Day. According to WWE.com it was all Cena’s idea and the dumbasses went along with it. I know that it’s all fake but this shit is stupid. Is WWE.com a fucking news site or an extension of their product? Make up your fucking minds. I don’t care that it was a prank but news sources aren’t supposed to do this stuff. So, it is now officially just entertainment. This must mean Test isn’t really dead after all and he will be in the Divas Battle Royal.

Bad enough they do shit like this but then I wasted my time posting about something that seems perfectly in tune with what WWE would actually do in the first place., Far be it from WWE to produce rancid angles like this. I guess that’s what makes it so funny. You can hear the laughter of the web writers and then their cackling voices saying “See our TV writers are so atrocious it’s totally believable.”

On a side note, at least the included those hilarious fucking pictures.  Can’t believe I risked getting fired for downloading that nasty picture of Vickie for no good reason. -Jeremy

Breakfast Meet Floor.


Black boxes make me happy.

Oh god damnit. It’s April Fool’s day, I get it but this has to be a joke right? Other than being totally disgusting this is just stupid. WWE is reporting, on their own damn site, that Vickie Guerrero is pregnant. Yes, a week before WrestleMania 25 someone in creative thought this would be a swell idea to further add to the World Heavyweight Championship triple threat match. It isn’t enough that the match has John Cena and Edge,  two of WWE’s biggest and most marketed stars but it also has The Big Show in there as well. There is no need to keep piling on issue after issue for this angle. The match is barely about the championship now and this just complicates matters.

But enough of that, Vickie Guerrero is pregnant gang, Just use that image this weekend when considering having unprotected sex with that thing you meet at the local bar this weekend. You know the one. You aren’t quite sure if it is female but the adams apple is not totally noticeable so you think it’s worth the chance. But then it says it’s that time of the month so it’ll do other things with you in your car because they feel bad about teasing you. As it unfolds you give in to temptation and say screw it. You dive in anyway for the sheer joy of passion even though it is a total mess. Then, a few days later as everything burns and you can’t stop itching that spot where your sack and upper thigh meet, you realize what a rotten move that was; much like having WWE tell us Vickie Guerrero is pregnant. So let that soak in.

Oh and if she actually is pregnant, congrats Vickie. -Jeremy

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