Interview with Nancy Benoit’s sister


I found this on  I find her to be very well spoken. – Dusty

He did seem to love Nancy very dearly. We know that, unfortunately, their relationship started to get rocky at some point. When did you first get wind that things were turning complicated between them?

I lived in Atlanta and my sister asked me home almost every one of my days off. I want to be clear: Chris was not an abusive husband. But there were, what we call in the industry, though don’t often talk about, “high spots”. She had been there, in that position before, and refused to put up with it at all, especially with Daniel in their home. So I went with her after one of these “incidents” to file an order of protection.

What do you mean by “high spots”?

Yelling, screaming, name calling, shoving, pushing, breaking stuff.

Did Nancy ever mention anything about fearing for her or Daniel’s safety?

Yes, when she first filed for divorce.

In 2003, Nancy filed for divorce citing cruel treatment and an irrevocably broken marriage. She also filed a restraining order against Chris. She later dropped the proceedings as well as the restraining order. Why did she do that?

Because, like with any marriage where there are issues, they made up and wanted to reconcile, especially for Daniel.

It was reported that Daniel suffered from Fragile X syndrome and that he was being given human growth hormones. Was Daniel’s health an issue in Nancy and Chris’ disagreements?

Daniel did not have Fragile X. I have his medical records. He was NOT sick.

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WWE suspends Evan Bourne yet again, gives him 60 days to smoke synthetic pot and watch kung fu movies

Yep, that's two strikes, dummy!

According to, WWE has suspended Evan Bourne for 60 days for his second violation of the Wellness Policy. Word around the campfire is that Triple H really doesn’t like (or probably more accurately doesn’t *get*) Evan Bourne, but Stephanie McMahon sees something marketable in him and wants to keep him around. So on one hand, you feel bad for the guy who gets over despite not being a steroid-laden, brittle 260-pounder and who gets targeted by the bodybuilding mark.

On the other hand, hey dipshit, I know you like weed, but you JUST GOT SUSPENDED for this nine weeks ago! Look, we all know it’s fun to get high; kids should do it early and often so they can understand benefits like hallucination and time-travel, plus increase their appreciation for frozen pizza. But when you’re willingly and energetically letting it cost you your job, there’s only one person to blame: Yoshi Tatsu, for not pissing clean for you. -Eric

WWE suspends R-Truth for 30 days, I bet @ValVenisEnt is going to have a conniption fit

R-Truth and Vince McMahon, watching "Robot Chicken" on Adult Swim

According to, Ron Killings, aka R-Truth, has been suspended for 30 days for violating the WWE wellness policy, right on the heels of main-eventing WWE Survivor Series and just a few hours after what now appears to be an injury angle, taking Miz’s Skull-Crushing Finale on the top of the stage at Monday Night Raw last night.

Now, I’m not one to cast aspersions on people’s good name, but Killings strikes me as a possible pot head. Kinda like Evan Bourne (who’s in the middle of his own suspension) and Mike Chioda (he was recently suspended, and I just want to think he’s a pot head because he’s a nice guy). Not a guy who destroys his body by using massive amounts of steroids or HGH or other mind-altering performance enhancers or lethal doses of alcohol and muscle relaxers or a shit-ton of coke. Nope, a little bit of weed here and there. Enough to dull the pain of a hard night’s work. And that’s what WWE has been busting guys for lately, pulling some of the most entertaining acts off of TV while forcing upon us ass-heads like Kofi Kingston.

That’s why we get Tweets like this, from Val Venis:

Its 100% hypocritical of @wwe to allow the use of prescribed pain meds which do kill, while suspending talent for marijuana. #legalizeweed

Yes, legalize weed, its good for your grammar. Here’s hoping Kevin never gets his dream job in WWE, and Dusty keeps his spaghetti jacket in the closet. -Eric

Darren Young employed but suspended by WWE

Well it has been about a month, month and a half, so there needed to be a Wellness Policy violation to remind us all that WWE does in fact conduct these tests still. Fred Rosser, better known as Darren Young, is the sacrificial lamb this time around.

The most surprising news out of this story is that, well, there are two things really I Suppose but anyway. The first is that Darren Young aka The Black John Cena is still on the active WWE roster and not relegated solely to FCW. See, if you thought that you would be wrong as he made an appearance on RAW this past Monday and then promptly walked out.

Then and really this is the more important part of the story, this guy is named Fred. If you would have had a hundred guesses there is no chance you would have thought his first name was Fred. –Jeremy

Stunt Granny Big 11 Week Ending 8/20/11

1. Kevin Nash – A week and a day after Nash joked about becoming HHH’s body guard against CM Punk at the meet and greet for PWO’s Wrestlelution 4, he did just that at Summerslam. Well, maybe. The WWE decided to thicken the plot by having John Laurinaitis talk to Nash and Stephanie McMahon talk to CM Punk. They both gave reasons why they could have sent the text message to Nash to attack the winner of the match. Since we know it was Nash in the ring with the (Jack) Knife, finding out the sender of the text message is the only part of this  “Who Done It?” that remains unresolved. – Kevin

2. Mike Chioda – Not only did we already know that Chioda was “The Man” amongst referees, now we allegedly know that he must be “The Man” for partying after his Wellness Policy violation. I wonder if he counts to three or ten before exhaling. – Kevin

3. Sting, Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair – Sting cut another ridiculously awful promo which is no surprise. The highlight of which was him asking the crowd if they wanted to see Hogan in another match against him. Even the Impact Zone crowd, who will cheer for just about anything, had a tepid response. Adding to the old age home amusement, Ric Flair complimented Sting on how in shape he was. Later, Flair showed off his tuned up physique to Hogan in his office. Any combination of these three in the ring will produce more sag than Joan Rivers’ botox could prevent. – Kevin

4. Jeremy & Eric – Where are they this week? Good question. I hope when they come back, if they ever come back, they apologize to you, the loyal reader, for going MIA here. – Dusty

5. The Young Bucks – Boy did I start a mini-bleepstorm with my Young Bucks post. Let me break it down for you: If you are too stupid to go into a WWE lockerroom and not shake everyone’s hand, go into a corner and wait your goddamn turn for a match, you don’t deserve to be in professional wrestling. And if you are so ball-less you post passive aggressive nonsense on Twitter and send your no talent brother in to do the dirty work, you are a horrible human being. This is not arguable. If you disagree with me, please go away. The Young Bucks should go away, too. – Dusty

6. Terri Runnels – My crack research team was able to locate a recent picture of Terri, which I will post here for your edification:

A gruesome visage, I know. – Dusty

7. Evolve – The next step for Evolve is in full effect:

Fat, ugly, badly recorded Jew guy wants YOU! – Dusty

8. Dave Meltzer – What on earth is causing “I” to be replaced with “In” every single time he writes it? This has happened for several weeks in a row now, and is quite frankly very disturbing. Is it a legit typo, every single time? A glitch in his voice-to-text software? The world may never know. – Dusty

9. Joey Abs – I guarantee you you want to know what’s been going on with Joey Abs lately:

What kind of a man hunts with a cellaphone? Real men don’t even own them. – Dusty

10. Sin Cara – The dude playing the fake Sin Cara character (Hunico) was Mystico before Sin Cara was Mistico. He then changed his name to Incognito and started to sell merchandise with his face on it. We’re talking about Incognito soap, candy bars, lighters, napkins, you name it. He sucks, as does real Sin Cara. However, I just gave you a face full of knowledge. Knowledge, right in your maw! Eat the knowledge! Eat it! – Dusty

11. Football – Speaking of Incognito, let’s talk about Richie Incognito and the 2-0 Miami Dolphins. Or, as I like to refer to them, the 2-0 Miami Super Bowl Dolphins. What’s that? These games don’t count? These are fake games? Well… uh… Henne Henne Henne Henne Henne Henne… – Dusty

Oops, we’ve got another wellness violation today!

And it’s none other than this man, the illustrious Andy Leavine! Mr. Silent Rage himself! Look at that picture. Look at that terrible facial hair. Look at that terrible tattoo. Look at that terrible hat. Superstar. He’ll just have to wait 30 days in order to become one. – Dusty

WWE referee Mike Chioda suspended for wellness policy violation

Mike Chioda

Didn’t see this one coming: According to, WWE referee Mike Chioda, who has been with the company since approximately the beginning of time, has been suspended for a violation of the company’s wellness policy. That’s what he gets for not accepting a ride from me and my friend Merz from Veterans Memorial Auditorium in Des Moines over to his hotel. Jack Doan let us give him a ride over there, and on the way he saw some scantily dressed women and yelled out the window, “What’s up, HOES?!?!” No wonder Doan gets to ref the divas matches so often: Respect.

That said, Chioda is easily the best referee in pro wrestling these days and has been for about 5-6 years now. You never know he’s there, but you also see him just enough to know that when he only counts to two, he holds up the devil horns/Texas longhorn sign. Hey, at least Mark Yeaton knows not to touch that goddamn bell; look at all the space between that index finger and that pinky finger! See you in 30 days, broseph. -Eric

Carlito Gone? That’s Not Cool!

Even Cena can't believe this one.


WWE Superstar Carlito (Carlos Colon) has been released from his World Wrestling Entertainment contract as of today May 21, 2010. Carlito’s termination was due to his first violation of the WWE Wellness Program and his subsequent refusal to attend a rehabilitation facility.

So I suspect this is more a case of where the person is taking performance enhancing drugs not to enhance their performance, but rather because they do not give a shit. At all. On the Mr. Brightside of things, Carlito can now shuffle on over to TNA, and become their eight million billionth roster member. – Dusty

EDITED TO ADD: It just now occurred to me that John Cena looks like Ashton Kutcher after a steroid sandwich. That dirty fucking hobo is supposed to be the best wrestler going right now. Jesus fucking Christ.

Hide Your Hearts Girls, Umaga’s Coming


According to (

Umaga could be headed back to WWE. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, he backed out of a scheduled shoot interview and cited a possible WWE return as the reason.

This is good news, as I have been a fan of Umaga’s since he came back from Japan. I know he’s had some wellness policy issues, and as such would probably be kept on a short leash, but I think he could definitely be an asset to the company, especially if used properly. (Which I believe means used as a killer heel, not a smiling babyface.) With the scales tipping towards babyfaces in the top tiers of both Smackdown and Raw, here’s hoping they do exactly that. – Dusty

Booker T Is An Idiot


According to a article that you can read here (, Booker T appears to be a goner in TNA:

Booker T is not expected to remain with the company once his contract expires (rumored to be in November). He refused to put over Matt Morgan at the TNA Impact taping in Orlando on Tuesday, and the feeling of multiple sources is that this was simply the straw that broke the camel’s back when it comes to his strained relationship with TNA management.

Who the hell is Booker T? What gives him the right to refuse to put anyone over? Newsflash: Matt Morgan and his shiny new five year contract are the future of TNA, and for good reason. He has good size and decent skill. He looks like someone who could whip the town. He’s young and hungry. Something Booker T once was.

But now Booker is too good to put over. He’s a star now. And apparently, he’s got WWE options to fall back on. When last he left WWE, he already had one wellness policy strike against him and left before he could get the second one. He’s 44 years old. He doesn’t have blonde hair and blue eyes. If he thinks he’s going to do any better in WWE than he did in TNA, then he is smoking something that I don’t want any part of. – Dusty

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