Booker T Tells the Kettle Its’ Black And Calls Out Ronda Rousey

Pot_calling_the_kettle_black_by_CoelasquidSo when I went to, I found a link to this story on Yahoo! Sports that interviewed Booker T about his jail time, helping kids learn English in Singapore and MMA. I found the last topic the most interesting. The delicious irony of Booker T saying

I don’t think the lifespan (of MMA fighters) is very long, and you could get hurt really, really bad doing it…Plus, when it’s over with, where do you go from there?

The day after Adam “Edge” Copeland got the opening segment on WWE’s flagship show Raw, Booker tells us MMA fighters don’t have long careers. Why did Triple H make half a dozen “Stack of dimes neck” references then Book? Because Edge had a long career? Oh no, because he had a short career. I’m sure Steve Austin decided to move along during the height of his popularity because of the huge movie roles that he is landing. That’s right, Austin had to move on because of injuries too. He isn’t landing huge roles either. Austin isn’t doing bad for himself but you don’t hear Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson doing a podcast because he needs some extra change in his couch cushions. I’m also going to guess that Booker thinks that Chris Benoit had a nice long, healthy career.

The second part of the statement shouldn’t go unnoticed either. Booker T, again just last night, was telling Big Show to be professional and not do anything stupid because he needed to support his young daughter and family. If WWE wrestlers are more diversified than your average MMA fighter, shouldn’t you advise Big Show to do what is right because he has a back up career? How about you Booker, what’s your back up career to wrestling? That’s right, it’s being a wrestling personality. And running a wrestling school. It certainly seems like you moved on from wrestling Book. Then he moved on to ripping on Ronda Rousey who

…couldn’t find her way in life and found it through going out and beating other girls up.



So the guy that needed jail time to get straightened out is telling a woman who got into the Olympics at the age of 17 that she couldn’t find her way in life? Who is this guy kidding? Has he even taken as much time as yours truly to read Ronda’s Wikipedia page? Maybe Booker did but I doubt it or else I wouldn’t be able to rip on him. If you get into the Olympics before you can drink alcohol legally, you have found something in life to do. I could care less if it’s beating up people of the same gender. You made a living wearing tights and well, I’ll let him hoist his own petard

Wrestling is Shakespeare. Phantom of the Opera. Romeo and Juliet. That’s what it is – men in tights

At least he laughed after that comment. Hopefully he’ll find a lot of public shaming for some really stupid comments funny too. – Kevin

Stunt Granny Audio #225

Well gang, it looks like Dusty’s audio ban has been lifted, as the Wisconsin Dream joins Kevin Difrango for this action packed edition of Stunt Granny Audio! The duo start things off by talking baseball. Dusty’s A’s are playing Kevin’s Pirates, so there is worlds of intrigue at play here. Why is Bud Selig waiting for the All Star Game to levy fines? Why not wait until Feezil Day? The conversation then turns to the upcoming Money in the Bank PPV spectacular. Who will win the A-team MITB match? Who will be the Shelton Benjamin high spot artist who has no shot of actually winning? Will Kane actually be in the match? ( says yes, Wikipedia says no. Who can you trust in this day and age?) Then it’s time to talk about the B-teamers match. Kevin realizes there are many guys in the company who are just spinning their wheels. Any one of them could get a win at the PPV to get out of their funk. Dusty breaks some nooz, revealing to Kevin that in addition to the GutCheck guys, Matt Morgan has just been released from TNA. They discuss the possibility of him coming in to WWE. They also talk about the exciting debut of the Wyatt Family and the possibilities of their future use, and Dusty drops a Pat Buchanan reference. And a whole lot more, so listen or you will perish.

Stunt Granny Audio Show #225

Stunt Granny Sports Show #11

Yes indeed it is yet another Stunt Granny Sports Show. Jeremy and Eric2 are back and get right in to the big stories for a change. They discuss the Aaron Hernandez problem. How stupid is this guy? Is it worse t leave a trail of bred crumbs or a trail of chewing gum? Does the color matter? Just how does technology work? Does smashing your cell phone erase history? How happy is Tim Tebow that the spotlight is not on him for a change? Why was Tim Tebow hanging at a bar anyway? Manny Ramirez, remember him? Well he is back with the Texas Rangers on a minor league contract Problem is, um, wasn’t this guy suspended for a hundred games? How did he get around that? Does MLB understand simple arithmetic? Why is it acceptable for Ramirez to return to baseball in the states while MLB is actively pursuing removing layers they have no concrete proof of using P.E.D’s?  There is also some Dwight Howard talk. How much of a surprise is it that he chose not to return to The Lakers? Eric2 has some choice words on the matters wile Jeremy wonders just what is the difference between a zebra and a giraffe. Of course this leads in to a discussion on Giraffe fighting, hence the video. So enjoy.

Stunt Granny Sports Show #11

Amy Weber Nude, Iowa vs Michigan, Knee Injury & Hurricane Sandy Aftermath

I couldn’t find the real deal so I borrowed from TMZ permanently.

According to TMZ, Amy Weber has released nude photos because her lap top was stolen. They were from a Playboy shoot that never made it into the sticky pages under my mattress. You might remember her from her role in JBL’s Cabinet. I had to look it up on Wikipedia to make sure one of my Sippy Time Beers hadn’t dislodged a memory of an average WWE Diva.

According to Derrick Bateman’s Twitter (by way of he is out for an undisclosed amount of time because of another knee surgery. I bring him up because he was signed away from then Pro Wrestling Ohio about five years ago. I haven’t seen him much so I won’t critique his work but isn’t five years enough to know if a guy will cut it or not in the WWE? I know it takes a while to learn the ropes but the time frame seems like plenty. If only the WWE had enough TV time to find a spot for him when he got healthy.

Master thief Joel Luke pleaded guilty to fifth degree theft for swiping the TNA Title and thus bringing great shame to the state of Iowa. He will get two years of probation. If only he could have waited for TNA’s next trip through the state for such an opportunity. He could have stolen the new Jeff Hardy Belt and done all wrestling fans around the country a favor. Yes, even those fans that clearly spend money only on Munchos and Cheez Whiz with backpacks full of Faygo but still have enough government assistance left over to drive to Orlando from Michigan just to see that garbage company.

For those of you concerned about your Friday viewing habits because of NBC’s coverage of a Superstorm Sandy benefit concert, don’t worry, be happy. As of now, you can watch replays of one third of Raw and an hour of Smackdown starting at it’s regularly scheduled 8 PM time slot. -Kevin

The Architecture of Wrestling: Wrestlemania Set Design Part I

My picture of the set for Wrestlemania 24 in Orlando.

Most Wrestlemania set designs revolve around local or nearby architectural designs. The picture above from Orlando took cues from the Art Deco designs of Miami. If you have access to the message board, you can follow this link for that break down and visuals on how this set mimics Art Deco. I am going to speculate on what style the WWE will borrow in the Atlanta area to design this year’s set.

According to the Atlanta Architectural Style Guide, there are five distinct styles from the area – Queen Anne (a derivative of the Victorian style), American Colonial, Neo-Classical, Craftsman and Neo-Mediterranean. As an addition, I’m going to look at some of the Modern designed buildings that have cropped up recently. So I’m heading for a six part column. Nail yourself down for architectural analysis.

I’m going to start with the Queen Anne style to stay in the order listed above. The Queen Anne style is mostly found around the Inman Park and Grant Park areas. The style guide (and Wikipedia) goes on to note the dominant features of the building style. See the picture below as I go through the points.

The Queen Anne style Victorian in the Grant Park area of Atlanta, GA.

The first features are an asymmetrical facade. The facade is the face of the building which is usually the side of the building facing the main street. The asymmetrical part comes from the round (sometimes square) tower often with an ornate spindle. To offset the tower, there is a dominant gabled roof mirrored around the tower. Even though a tree obscures the view of the left gable, under both of them one can see the oriel windows which have a flat face and 45 degree walls which help make the gables look like they are projecting. Below the tower is the main entrance which is covered by a porch. This porch stretches from oriel window to oriel window. Because the tower terminates at the porch, it minimizes it’s verticality even though the walls below match those of tower. Those elements are the main size elements to this style of building. Below I’ll go through some of the detail work.

The easiest to see is the varying textures on the exterior. On the oriel windows, there is wood siding that runs horizontally. Above the horizontal banding are yellow relief panels. They are relief panels because of the raised design on them. On the tower, they use shingles that are scalloped to look like fish scales. To fancy up the porch, they use columns that spread at the top to support a band of leaded glass work that has a gold diamond and trim at the top and bottom. In between the bottom of the columns is a fence that is normally called spindle work because of the design that is hard to see in this picture.

A close up of spindles in the Queen Anne style.

The one last element be addressed is the monumental chimney that is just off the left of the tower. The flair at the top of the chimeny helps to add extra, well, flair to an already tall chimney.

Analysis: I don’t think there is any way that the WWE would want to make a set based around this style of architecture. It has very interesting elements but it’s more work in the details than there is in the size much like the Art Deco designs at the top of article. The WWE tends to simply the design that they are copying and there isn’t a very good way to simply this style and make sure everyone knows what it is. Anything with an asymmetrical design is also another problem point. I have reviewed a lot of shirts for the WWE in the past and many of their shirts that were asymmetrical were terrible. It’s tough to balance something that is inherently unbalanced. It takes a delicate hand and that is again not a strong suit of the WWE. Big cartoony characters, big cartoony set designs. This style is out. Let’s move on to the next one: American Colonial. – Kevin

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