#SippyTimeBeer Review – Wisconsin – @NewGlarusBeer

New Glarus Black TopAfter this week, we get to move on from Wisconsin. I saved the best for last though in New Glarus. I received three different beers – Spotted Cow, Totally Naked and Two Women – from this company the first trip my friends took back to Wisconsin but I didn’t post them on Instagram and I wasn’t using the Untappd app at the time so I could properly review them. I wasn’t that much of a dummy this time around though. Three new beers from New Glarus.

New Glarus Brewing Co.Black Top – This fine beverage comes from the section on the site called “Beers We Have Known and Loved” which means they are out of production, I guess. They aren’t listed for 2014. New Glarus also doesn’t define it anywhere on the site even in the FAQs. Whatever the case, Black Top is a black IPA. Like other beers of the same type, they use darker malts like molasses and chocolate to achieve the color and balance to offset the bitter coming from the hops. They say they used citrus and pine hops but I don’t recall a citrus note. It was a perfect mix though of malt and hops. This fine beverage clocks in at 6.9% alcohol so it will do the trick. If they make it this year, I will make sure my friends tires meet the black top so that they can purchase me more.

New Glarus Fat Squirrel AleNew Glarus Brewing Co.Fat Squirrel Ale – I’ve seen many a fat squirrel in my day and quite a few who like to lay down on the fence in my backyard so that my dogs will just bark until the squirrel is done with its’ amusement. The only thing in common between those squirrels and this beer is the nutty flavor. That taste comes from six kinds of malts along with three styles of hops to create this English Brown Ale. The beer was very smooth and just the right thickness. Brown ales tend to be just slightly thick which is when I would complain about it if it were a porter or stout. Unlike the other two beers, this one is listed in the seasonal category so it should be on tap at some point this year and I would imagine that time is fall which is when those squirrels start stocking up. I suggest stocking up on this 5.8% ABV libation when you can.

New Glarus Stone Soup CroppedNew Glarus Brewing Co.Stone Soup – This beer is also from the “Beers We Have Known and Loved” section. This one happens to be a completely different taste as it is a Belgian Pale Ale. When that B word pops up, you know the y word is going to pop up. No, I don’t mean eating at the Y. At least wait until you get your beer goggles on before you start making those types of comments. The Y word is yeast. I know it can refer to that region too but get your mind out of the gutter. Belgian yeast is quite potent and rears its’ tasty head in this beer along with barley malt and English & German hops. The first thing I noticed when cracking open this beer though was the clove and ginger scent. It wasn’t just a scent though and jumped up and down on my palette. You can enjoy these notes jumping on your tongue for a long amount of time to because it is only 5.3% ABV.

Don’t forget that Dusty’s good buddy Keesh also reviews beers over at the Full Pint. Since he’s also from Wisconsin, they have a nice section on New Glarus that you can peruse. Thanks to my friends Chris & Lacey for bringing back these fine beers from the great state of Wisconsin so that I could review them. I just hope they picked up some of their own #SippyTimeBeer when they were there because I am all out. – Kevin

#SippyTimeBeer Review – Wisconsin – @CWBrewing

IMG_20140103_225057I have officially confirmed that I am missing one of my twelve beers. I was thinking a picture would pop up on my phone or going through one of the websites would let my memory kick in for what the twelfth beer was. No such luck. Someone else probably drank it which isn’t completely surprising considering we had a party while it was in the fridge. Or I was dumb enough not to Instagram it, register it on Untappd or leave the empty around the condo. Oh well, I’m still milking four columns out of these beers.

Central Waters Brewing Co.Mudpuppy Porter – My amusement with this write up came when Central Waters mentioned the thick head on this beverage. They do have that part right as the picture above is sporting a decent amount of head even after settling down. It’s just too bad that when I get thick head, I expect a thick beer. This one was not thick. Central expects you to get a chocolate nose but I got a sweetness overload on my taste buds. Normally, the sweetness is knocked back by bitterness from a coffee like taste but that wasn’t present in this beer either. This beer doesn’t pack that much of a punch at 5.5%. This beer isn’t terrible but it’s solid.

Central Waters Shine OnCentral Waters Brewing Co.Shine On Ale – If you’ve read this column at all, you know I prefer malt in my beer as opposed to hops. It isn’t a slam dunk though that I’ll like it. There are plenty of things that can throw that love off. The usual culprit is hops. This time around, it was the barley because there wasn’t much hops in this beverage. I don’t care much if the barley was grown in Wisconsin if I don’t like the beverage. The ABV isn’t noted on their site or even on Beer Advocate so I’ve got no clue. This beer is about the same as the last, it’s decent.

Next week will be the last in the Wisconsin special. Trust me, I’ve saved the best #SippyTimeBeer for last. Enjoy your weekend. – Kevin

#SippyTimeBeer Review – Wisconsin – @OsoBrewing & @PearlStreetBrew

Oso Brewing HopdingerI said I would cover one brewery at a time but I had to make an exception along the line since I only got one beer from O’so Brewing Company and two beers from Pearl Street Brewery. O’so is out of Plover, WI and Pearl Street emanates from Lacrosse. Let’s see how more cheese heads drink their craft beers.

O’so Brewing CompanyHopdinger – This beverage happens to be one of their year round choices and is a standard issue pale ale. The hops in this beverage have some floral note that helps to curb the pungent qualities of the same product. The beer in the picture looks darker than it really is but it has some malt in there that makes it darker than your average pale ale. The malt helps to curb the hops too which makes this beer go down very easy. The IBUs comes in at 49 so you can still taste the bitterness coming from the hops but it doesn’t envelope your head. It has an ABV of 5.4% so you can use this one for an all day drinking adventure. If it weren’t a nine hour drive to get there, I’d be more than happy to try more beers from this company.

Pearl Street DTBPearl Street BreweryD.T.B. Brown Ale – You may notice on my picture that this beer is called Downtown Brown but they have shortened the name for one reason or another. The label for this beer on their site is even different from what I received. No matter what it’s called, it’s an all malt brown ale with just a dash of hops to not make it a single note beer. They use seven different types of malt to come up with this nutty concoction. The beer felt a bit thin since most brown ales to me are the starting point for beers getting thicker. Though it employed a favored flavor, this beer wasn’t quite as well executed as the Hopdinger. It does have a similar ABV at 5.5% but they don’t give out IBUs on their site. I can tell you though that it’s very low. Pearl Street got a second crack at my palate unlike O’so.

Pearl Street Thats WhatPearl Street BreweryThat’s What I’m Talkin’ ‘Bout Organic Rolled Oat Stout – I’d love to know why the shortened the name of one beer then kept this name at a length that is completely unwieldy. I normally buy organic but I wouldn’t be able to tell you if these were actually organic rolled oats or not. What I can tell you is that organic or not, rolled oats make for a delicious beer. Unlike it’s predecessor, I think it was the appropriate thickness for a stout. This stout is also very dark because of the chocolate and black malts used. It doesn’t have a heavy coffee flavor so it’s a cleaner stout like Guinness. They do toss in some hops but it doesn’t make a dent in the overall flavor. This beverage comes in at 6.0% ABV so it packs the most punch of this group but it’s still fairly low on the alcohol content side. I’m not quite ready to drive to Lacrosse for this one, but it is a very good beer.

Have a good weekend and enjoy a #SippyTimeBeer or two over this weekend. – Kevin

#SippyTimeBeer Review – Wisconsin – Ale Asylum

Ale Asylum AmbergeddonAs I have mentioned in a couple of audio shows, I have a friend who is originally from Wisconsin. The last time they went there, I tossed them $20 and told them to bring me back what they could in the craft beer department from Wisconsin. They delivered twelve beers back to me. Instead of going in order of drinking the beverages, I’m going to concentrate on a single brewer with each article. Up first, Ale Asylum which is brewed and bottled in Madison.

Ambergeddon – The beer above was the first one I tried from this company because I’m all for amber beverages since I enjoy the malt. Ale Asylum believes traditional ambers will be extinct but I’m pretty sure that’s a gimmick coming from the name. If do want to replace traditional ambers with this style of beverage, they might want to work on the formula. They put entirely too much hops in this beverage. I can understand their thinking in that throwing in some additional hops will make it different but sometimes it doesn’t work and this is one of those times. The hops overwhelmed the malt which isn’t as prominent of a flavor to me when they’re alone. This beverage comes in at 6.8% ABV so it has some kick to it. Both BeerAdvocate and RateBeer are much happier with this selection than I was. It’s a year round selection so if you want to give it a try, have at it.

Ale Asylum Bedlam! IPA CroppedBedlam! IPA – Of the three selections I had from Ale Asylum, this one was may favorite. After complaining about hops in the previous beer, it seems strange that I’d select the hoppiest beer as my favorite but this one mixed in the floral notes of citrusy hops along with Belgian yeast to come up with a terrifically different IPA. That is one of the reasons why I dig this company. They’re willing to try some different things but sometimes they’re not always a hit with even one individual. Didn’t like the first experiment on a beer type I enjoy, but loved the second one which is a beer type that is still new to me. They say the citrus comes from grapefruit & lime peel rind which helps cut through the heavier hops taste. The Belgian yeast gives it a tang that I haven’t had before but would welcome into other IPAs. This beer comes in at 7.5% ABV so it isn’t much heavier than Ambergeddon. Check out the reviews on BeerAdvocate and RateBeer if you’d like but we all agree this time. It’s a seasonal selection so it’s only available

Hopalicious – I either didn’t take a picture of this beer or I accidentally erased it. So it’s a good thing that I put a review into my Untappd app (difrango11 if you want to look me up) or else this beer would have been lost until my friends go back to Wisconsin. Unlike the other two beers, this one is not an experiment of mashing flavors together. This one is a straight up American Pale Ale. The other two descriptions were like a fresman English major writing but I think they nailed this beer on the head without going over board: “And we made it for the everyday hophead who wants bold, citrus hop flavor without crazy bitterness.” It’s heavy on the hops for a pale ale but it’s not overwhelming bitterness. It had a good taste to it which means it came in second place.

Good news on the beer front from yours truly who invested in Land-Grant Brewing a couple of years ago by way of Kickstarter. They have struggled with finding a location in which to house their equipment in. They had a contract last year that was yanked out from under them. It seems though that they’ve locked in a location in the Franklinton area of Columbus. I didn’t get to try their beer when they debuted them during the spring game in 2012 because I was in Atlanta getting ready to attend Jon Jones vs Rashad Evans. Here’s to hoping I have more #SippyTimeBeer to taste later this year. – Kevin

TNA Audio #3 – Bleep you Michigan, Wisconsin is the mitten

Ref Hardy will make a disturbing face at you if you do not listen.

Our intrepid heroes Dusty and Matt continue their slog through everything TNA, this week focusing on the January 26 edition of Impact. Included herein:

-Dusty imagines a Mike Tenay-free universe

-Someone in TNA either thinks that Eric Young is actually funny, or knows that Dusty and Matt hate him and like torturing them with him

-Why TNA needs to either shit or get off the pot when it comes to being a taped show

-Why Sting is an ineffectual authority figure

-An examination of whether even TNA knows what they’re doing with their main event scene right now

And a whole lot more nonsense, and it’s only worth an hour of your time, so you need to download this immediately, or else!


Stunt Granny TNA Audio Show #3

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