Twelve-man tag team match announced for WrestleMania 28, allotted time likely to be cut

Make sure "safe search" is turned on when Googling "12 men on the field."

According to, WWE has announced via (the redesigned) that WrestleMania 28 will feature a 12-man tag team match, featuring two teams of six, one chosen by Raw general manager John Laurinitis and one chosen by Smackdown GM Teddy Long.

First and foremost, the number 12 has nothing to do with the number 28. At least WrestleMania X had a X-man… excuse me, 10-man tag team match scheduled (until it was cut due to time constraints; thanks a lot, five-star Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon match), and WrestleMania 25 included a 25-diva battle royal (the introductions for which were cut for time; thanks a lot, shitty Kid Rock performance). WWE could have booked a 28-man battle royal, or a 14-man tag since 14 is divisible by 28, harrumph glavin bazinga.

Second, dang, Jeremy was right about Ted DiBiase watching from backstage (or better yet, on a 4-inch black-and-white screen in the Sun Life Stadium parking lot with his tailgating DiBiase Posse). This is obviously the evolution of “the match that gets everyone on the card,” like the occasional battle royal or Money in the Bank. Assuming (probably incorrectly) that WWE also includes a battle royal during the pre-game show, literally everybody but DiBiase will get that WrestleMania payoff. With all the rumors of locker-room jealousy over The Rock taking a main-event slot (because Justin Gabriel so desperately deserved it instead, right?), you would need to be a hepatitis-ridden leper to be left off this card.

And third, at least we know what poor Dolph Ziggler will be doing for 4 minutes until this match’s allotted time gets cut. -Eric

Second Annual Akeem Memorial Hall of Fame: Matches

Every year, starting in 2010, we here at Stunt Granny will go through a rigorous, dangerous, possibly illegal set of votes to induct people into our own Akeem Memorial Hall of Fame. The voting is broken up into four categories: Serious Wrestlers, Fun Wrestlers, Angles, and Matches. This post is for the Matches. Here are last year’s inductees:

Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker – WrestleMania 25, Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart – WrestleMania 10, Ric Flair vs. Rick Steamboat – WrestleWar 1989, Ric Flair vs. Rick Steamboat – Chi Town Rumble, Cactus Jack vs. Vader – Halloween Havoc 1993, Bret Hart vs. Steve Austin – WrestleMania 13, Randy Savage vs. Ultimate Warrior – WrestleMania 7, Hulk Hogan vs. Ultimate Warrior – WrestleMania 6, Great Sasuke & Gran Hamada & Masato Yakushiji vs. Taka Michinoku & Terry Boy & Dick Togo – ECW Barely Legal

And now, without any further ado, here are this year’s inductees!

Royal Rumble 1992

Randy Savage vs. Ricky Steamboat, WrestleMania 3

CM Punk vs. John Cena, Money in the Bank 2011

Randy Savage vs. Ric Flair, WrestleMania 8

Mick Foley vs. The Undertaker, King of the Ring 1998

Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn, ECW Heat Wave 1998

Bret Hart vs. Curt Hennig, Summer Slam 1991

Sting & Nikita Koloff & Rick Steamboat & Barry Windham & Dustin Rhodes vs. Rick Rude & Steve Austin & Arn Anderson & Bobby Eaton & Larry Zbyszko, WrestleWar 1992

Stunt Granny Hall of Fame Inductees: Matches


The best matches.  The matches that mean the most to you. The matches you have fond recollections of. The matches you want to see over and over and over again. You know the drill.

Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels, WrestleMania 25

Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart, WrestleMania 10

Ric Flair vs. Rick Steamboat, WrestleWar 1989

Ric Flair vs. Rick Steamboat, Chi Town Rumble

Cactus Jack vs. Vader, Halloween Havoc 1993

Bret Hart vs. Steve Austin, WrestleMania 13

Randy Savage vs. Ultimate Warrior, WrestleMania 7

Hulk Hogan vs. Ultimate Warrior, WrestleMania 6

Great Sasuke & Gran Hamada & Masato Yakushiji vs. Taka Michinoku & Terry Boy & Dick Togo, ECW Barely Legal

WrestleMania 26 Preview #3- Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker

One last go around?

Good lord it’s the rematch from WrestleMania and the match of the decade/century/all-time. What more needs to be said about it? WWE has it covered from every angle so what could Kevin and Jeremy possibly have to add? Well you’ll have to find out by downloading the show silly.

WrestleMania 26 Preview Audio #3- Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker

Past WrestleMania 26 Preview Audios

Money In The Bank
Vince McMahon vs. Bret Hart

Best of 2009- Jeremy Edition

Best Promotion:

WWE. This wasn’t nearly as easy to choose as I first thought. Monday Night raw is a diarrhea diaper. ECW is akin to your parents in the nursing home. You go see them only because you feel obligated. Then there is Smackdown; the best wrestling show in the world. So 1.5 out of 3 isn’t so bad. Not like TNA’s zero batting average for their product.

Runners up:

ROH: Cary Silkin correctly booted Gabe Sapolsky and eventually brought in Jim Cornette to “hang around: In the meantime the promotion lost talent left and right but it is still a good promotion. It found its legs after a few months of being lost but nowhere near the train wreck that comes in third.

TNA: By default they are third. I can’t consider Lucha Libre since I don’t understand Spanish and that shit looks choreographed beyond belief.

Best Injury:

Mickie James’ implant busting. Now, Mickie James is at the top of my list of women’s wrestlers I would sleep with despite the fact they may have an incurable STD. I love this injury because it gives me spank material thinking about how she would need to massage her breasts to soften up the new implant. Even if that isn’t how it works its real to me. Excuse me, be back in 3 minutes. Oh and this story may not even be true but I don’t care.

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Best of 2009 – Kevin Edition

Who gets to walk down Stunt Granny's red carpet for 2009?

So there was a mix up at Stunt Granny central and I thought we were to do a YEAR end awards write up not a decade end awards write up. Eric and Dusty are better at that stuff anyway.  I’m just plowing through 2009 happenings. I’ve gone through my digital camera, mined through the internet and have culled up the best parts of this past year.

Best tag teamSarita & Taylor Wilde. This category is an awful one. I went with Sarita & Wilde because I like to look at them. They’ve also had a nice long run (since September 20th) and have been featured on TV. They lost the belts after the New Year so I’m sticking with the hot stuff and cutie pie combination.

2nd PlaceBeer Money. I want to go with them but they’ve been kicked in the teeth for the past 6 months.

3rd PlaceJeriShow.  They only made the tag belts prominent in the WWE for 2 months but that’s better than anybody else in the last five years.

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WrestleMania, headlined by Triple H vs. Orton, loses buys

Its your fault! No, its your fault! You cant work! Im gonna shit in your bag!

"It's your fault!" "No, it's your fault!" "You can't work!" "I'm gonna shit in your bag!" posted pay-per-view buyrate information for the past few shows, including WrestleMania 25 which, according to WWE’s second-quarter earnings report, was 960,000 buys. This is down from WrestleMania 24’s 1,058,000 (according to this Impact Wrestling report from last year), which in turn was down from WrestleMania 23’s 1.2 million (according to Wikipedia, which is always 100 percent accurate). Donald Trump helped WM23’s buyrate a scoch more than Floyd Mayweather helped WM24’s, but Triple H and Randy Orton helped turn away almost 100,000 viewers. Good one, assbags. Maybe WM26 will feature, I don’t know, Randy… Orton? Versus… Tri… ple…………… H? Smell the money! -Eric

WrestleMania Preview #9- Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker (Now with Audio Attatched)


By god we did it. Kevin and Jeremy bring you the final installment of their WrestleMania 25 audio previews. We saved what we think will be the best for last. Yes, Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker, while they may not be the main event, have had the best build up of all of the matches. The guys talk about what happens when two absolute pros and veteran wrestlers get up for the spotlight and bust ass to make everything work correctly. They also talk about the streak and if they honestly think if the Undertaker will ever lose at WrestleMania. So please join them for the final installment and enjoy.

The Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels

Past WrestleMania Preview Audios

25 Diva Battle Royal
Rey vs JBL
MITB Ladder Match
Jericho vs. The Legends
Battle of The Hardys
Triple H vs. Randy Orton
Big Show/John Cena/Edge Triple Threat

The Top 5 Worst WrestleMania’s
Tag Team Unification Match Miz & Morrison vs The Colons

WrestleMania Preview #8- Tag Team Unification Match Miz & Morrison vs The Colons

morrison_and_the_mizYes gang we are two matches away from wrapping up WrestleMania 25 and why not cover some tag team action? Kevin and Jeremy talk the title unification match and why they waited until now to talk about it. There is a slight problem though, Jeremy decided to down some Sudafed in the hopes of thwarting off the advances of a cold. He mumbles and stumbles but sort of makes his point clear. All the while, Kevin laughs at hm and saves the proceddings. So, we think it is good but you’ll need to download it to find out.

The Miz andm Morrison vs The Colons

Past WrestleMania Preview Audios

25 Diva Battle Royal
Rey vs JBL
MITB Ladder Match
Jericho vs. The Legends
Battle of The Hardys

Triple H vs. Randy Orton

Big Show/John Cena/Edge Triple Threat

Top 5 Worst WrestleMania’s

WrestleMania Preview #7- Big Show/John Cena/Edge Triple Threat

Yep, I'm probably losing this again.

Yep, I'm probably losing this again.

Down to the final three matches as Jeremy and Kevin spout off about The Triple Threat-Triangle of Love match. The guys talk about each wrestler and what has brought them to the table. They also discuss why each wrestler hasn’t been given a fair shake in all of this and just who stand out like a Klan member at a NAACP convention. It has humor, drama and a fair share of the butchering of the English language to make everyone smile. It’s a total mindfuck and it is only 16 minutes.

Big Show/John Cena/Edge Triple Threat

Past WrestleMania Preview Audios

25 Diva Battle Royal
Rey vs JBL
MITB Ladder Match
Jericho vs. The Legends

Battle of The Hardys
WrestleMania Preview- The Best of WrestleMania
Triple H vs. Randy Orton

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