Vote Now: 56 Days of WrestleMania: WrestleMania XXVII’s Best Matches

We’ll catch up on results one of these days, but until then, let us know what the other best match on this card was besides Undertaker vs. Triple H (which, for the record, was panned by the Stunt Granny members who were there live. We haven’t stopped snoring since.)

WrestleMania 28 Preview #1- Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan

So we meet again.

It is that time of year again and Stunt Granny is here to deliver. Stunt Granny is proud to continue the tradition for WrestleMania week in bringing you Stunt Granny Audio WrestleMania Preview Audio #1. This time out Jeremy and Kevin talk about Daniel Bryan and Sheamus. How have things changed in WWE when a match that was bumped last year is now one of the main events? Where does this show fall on the card? Who wins? Does AJ show any actual personality or does she continue to just stand around looking incredible? How does The Miz factor in to this much if he does at all? Who knows but you will if you listen.

WrestleMania 28 Preview #1- Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan.

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WrestleMania 28 Hall of Fame Show

The Rock loves Twitter, discusses return and his golden touch on pro wrestling

Without a 5 o'clock shadow of a doubt, the absolute, all-time best stubble humanity has ever produced!

According to, the Rock has been blowing up Twitter again, this time talking about how he (and that John Cena guy) could elevate pro wrestling to heights which it has never seen or something along those grandiose lines. Here, read for yourself:

“A few years ago when Cena – inexplicably – started talking trash publicly, I knew then I could turn this into a massive main event,” Rock wrote. “One that could elevate the WWE to unprecedented heights.

“The timing had to be right though. WrestleMania 27: for me and the fans – the time was right. The build to WrestleMania 28 will be like nothing the world has ever seen before. The match itself will be historic. I didn’t come back to WWE to become champion again.

“I came back for these reasons: entertain the fans like no one else can. Elevate WWE to new heights never seen before Challenge and mentor some younger talent. Give the millions what they want which is to kick John Cena’s f’n ass.”

In response to being asked if he regrets saying he’d never leave, and then leaving, he Tweeted:

“I never meant to mislead of confuse the fans and I apologize if I did. The overall goal was to make (a) huge impact and elevate WrestleMania. Shoot my movie commitments, then return as soon as I wrap the film and help elevate the WWE and the overall business of professional wrestling. Survivor Series, Mania, etc.”

First, Rock, hey, listen, hey: Twitter gave us 140 characters at a time for a reason, OK? Simmer down. Second, I’m not one of those people who has even formed an opinion of the Rock coming and going from WWE. I don’t care, and I don’t care if he says WWE is home and then he’s never on TV. Whatever, it’s all about the story, and so far the story is being told gradually, and that’s important. WWE is finally showing restraint leading up to its biggest show of the year, so they can’t burn through the Rock’s special appearances or this main event would have happened at Capitol Punishment.

The thing that bothers me is how Rock is teetering on Mick Foley territory. “I’m gonna do this, and I’m gonna do that,” only in the third person. Yes, the character of “The Rock” has always been a self-assured/egotistical alpha male. But hyperbole is hyperbole, blathering bullshit is blathering bullshit, and things like “historic” matches with freakin’ John Cena and taking advance credit for making WrestleMania 28 “like nothing the world has ever seen before” just doesn’t hit the right note with me. It sounded awesome in promos to 18-year-old son-of-a-bitch Eric. Now, after years of living in the real world and not my parents’ basement, I couldn’t give two shits with three assholes if the Rock promises the best wrestling event since Abraham Lincoln pinned Jesus H. Christ in two straight falls. And I’m a four-year WrestleMania ticket buyer, so yes, I am the target audience here. Again, WWE has been taking the slow-burn approach with this angle, but in my humblest of opinions, they’ll need to kick some serious storytelling ass to get me interested in Jorts-Wearin’ Shoulderblockin’ Hell-Unleashin’ John Cena vs. Nothing Like You’ve Ever Seen Before Just Like All the Rest of ‘Em Johnson. -Eric

He Can See Us Too

Joe Champion at his hotel before Wrestlemania 27.

In my Post Wrestlemania Round Up article, I had this to say:

Another outfit that we saw was the gentleman who was “blind”. He had on sun glasses, a tap stick and a sign that read “Even this blind guy can see John Cena.” The worst part of this outfit was the fact that he insisted on his friend “walking” him the whole way through the Georgia Dome. If he was my friend, I would have whooped his ass when he came up with the idea.

As you can see in the above picture, Joe Champion stumbled onto our site and was quite cool about me beating up on him. I love that kind of person. You can also see that my memory was a bit fuzzy because I had the wording on his sign wrong. I wish the friend was in the shot because it would recreate what we saw better.  Joe and a friend are running a wrestling school and shows in Florida so give his site a look and contact them at It’s the least you can do for a fellow wrestling fan and hopefully new Stunt Granny reader. -Kevin

Eric’s blog: Segment-by-segment review of WWE WrestleMania weekend

Road Warrior Hawk

The star of the weekend.

Since all WrestleMania 27 updates were done last weekend via audio report, we’re going to give you our written notes about the events here. Kevin’s notes are soon to come; I’ll make my points short since there’s a lot to cover, but because there IS a lot to cover, I want to make sure I nail it all. So, segment by segment, here are my thoughts on the events of WrestleMania weekend.

WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony

Hacksaw Jim Duggan: No better inductor than Ted DiBiase, who can spin a nice yarn, and no more deserving midcarder than good ol’ Hacksaw, who still gets ‘em eating out of the palm of his hand… tough guy!


“Bullet” Bob Armstrong: Road Dogg is still fun to listen to, and Brad is still white as snow. Bob got a polite, “WWE is recognizing him so I’ll clap” reaction, but he won everyone over with his fun old-man humor.

Sunny: You could have heard a cricket fart when LayCool and the divas were announced as the inductors. If there’s such a thing as a silent groan, I heard it. Even the WWE superstars remained seated when they came out. Sunny is hot again.

Abdullah the Butcher: Terry Funk might have stolen the show. Abby kept it short and sweet, maybe because he can’t talk but possibly because he knew he was a stranger in a strange land.

Road Warriors: Dusty Rhodes’ introduction speech was great, calling Hawk “Hank” and telling some nice stories. Animal was good, Ellering was weird, and the action figure moment welled up the old duct work.

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WrestleMania 27- Monday Night Raw Review

Ok so it is the last audio from WrestleMania. The gang went to Raw and gave a brief rundown of the nights events.  How did the crowd react to Rock and Cen. Did Sin Cara make an impression? Was there wrestling fatigue going on? It sure seems like it. Ever been caught in a tornado in an arena? Well Stunt Granny has. Yup, that’s what they ran in to after Raw. How did they cope? How did they get home? Why is this big deal anyway if you know the outcome? Well ya gotta listen.

WrestleMania 27 Review #3- Monday Night Raw

WrestleMania 27 Review

Here we go gang it is the WrestleMania 27 Review show. Eric, Jeremy and Kevin talk all things WrestleMania and shed some light on things you may have missed since you stayed at home. How was the crowd? Which, member of the crew joyously heckled John Cena kid? What time does the city of Atlanta and Buckhead close their doors for beverages and sustenance? How much merch did John Cena push in one day? Boxes of money? Boxes of money sitting in plain site? Only at WrestleMania gang. How impressive was the Georgia Dome? Yeah this is low on actual match content but the audio has more and they give their opinions. Isn’t why you listen anyway? So get to it.

WrestleMania 27 Review #2- WrestleMania 27


WrestleMania 27 Review: The WWE Hall Of Fame

So the Stunt Granny crew went to The Hall of Fame inductions in Atlanta. Turns out the event is actually a pretty good time and it flew by. Who got zero heat at the event? Who got the loudest pop of the evening? Is it possible to silence an entire audience without saying a word? Listen in to find out just why Abdullah The Butcher never uttered a word in his career. Find out why Brad Armstrong should have never uttered a word in his career. Find out how Triple H still manages to be a total d-bag yet humorous enough to endear himself to the Shawn Michaels-sympathetic crowd. Also, who sat next to who, who had hot wives, and so much more, just one click away!

WrestleMania 27- Hall of Fame

WrestleMania 27 Preview #9- The Round Up!

OK look. It is kind of late. We have been drinking and we are posting a show. Supposedly it is good. This is your decision to make. So listen cause Eric Nelson is involved with this show. So he makes it funny.

WrestleMania 27 Preview #9- The Round Up

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WrestleMania 27 Preview #8- Undertaker vs Triple H

And we wrap up WrestleMania 27 coverage with The Streak versus, um, well, nothing. Yep, all the pomp and circumstance around this match and only The Undertaker has a lot to lose right? How does WWE do a credible job of convincing the audience that Triple H stands any chance at all? In fact, does he stand a chance of being the person to end the streak? Is the streak a name brand item now?  If so, can it actually be broken and thus lose out on the potential money at stake? As always tune in, especially since this is the last one before the wrap show.

WrestleMania 27 Preview #8- Undertaker vs Triple H

Past WrestleMania 27 Preview Audios
Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan
Randy Orton vs. CM Punk
Rey Mysterio vs Cody Rhodes
The Two Matches To Get People Bonus Money
Edge vs Alberto Del Rio
The Miz vs. John Cena
Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole

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