Arenas we love, arenas we hate

Who liked Caesar's Palace? Or did he hate it? And why? Why was Jim Ross wearing a toga?

Who liked Caesar's Palace? Or did he? And why? Why on earth was Jim Ross wearing a toga?

We here at Stunt Granny think about unique things in unique ways. We try not to put all of our energy into being negative about the wrestlers themselves; we like to be negative about all aspects of wrestling! No, we really do discuss aspects like our favorite and least favorite arenas and crowds, so we collected our thoughts and present this to you.

Dusty likes:
The Brown County Arena (Green Bay, WI):
Maybe it’s because I had a connection with the ticket vendor there and got front row seats each time. Maybe it’s because I prefer County Stadium over Miller Park and am just a mediocre nostalgia nut or something. But I loved going to the Brown County Arena. The good people of Green Bay kept the arena clean, cheered the faces, booed the heels, did all that kind of good stuff that makes it fun to go to a wrestling show. You can forget all your troubles, forget all your cares and go downtown… to Green Bay! Long since replaced by the Resch Center, located conveniently right next to the BCA, the memories still linger.

The Skydome (Toronto, Canada): This arena gets a mention again because I was there. The atmosphere for the Hogan vs. Rock match at WrestleMania was so unbelievable, I felt I had to honor the arena it happened in. A moment I will never forget.

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