Christopher Daniels Released By TNA

What's old is new again.

So it’s confirmed now, The Wrestling Observer has the word that Christopher Daniels was released form TNA some time last week. If you don’t want to click on the link that’s fine here is the quote:

–Christopher Daniels was released mid-week by TNA, which explains his appearing on the ROH Big Bang show last night, and he’ll be back as an ROH regular.

This news gets a slight shoulder shrug as Daniels hasn’t been relevant in years. Yes he just main-evented a TNA PPV but so did Abyss. Basically,  that doesn’t make you relevant. Now it appears he is off for ROH and other independent bookings. You may be able to see him on the next season of WWE NXT. He can play the wily old veteran looking for his shot at national exposure finally.

Eric has a good idea I was planning on stealing but figure I’ll give him his just do.

“If kids had money these days, he could open a wrestling school “Here is how to execute a dropkick. Here is how to execute an elbow drop. Here is how to cut a promotional interview: End it with your worthless ‘Say your prayers’ catch phrase, even if it sounds amateurishly forced. Stupid Chris Daniels, thinks he’s so big”

So there you go. Shoulder shrugs abound! -Jeremy

Forrest Gump, er, I mean Bob Holly opens wrestling school

"Duhhhh, so yer the one who baought mah shirt?"

"Duhhhh, so yer the one who baought mah shirt?"

Apparently Bob Holly, who was only ever given the Intercontinental Title out of charity, and whom God correctly struck twice with his Kurt Angle-aided broken arm and Brock Lesnar-approved broken neck, has opened a wrestling school. Yep, here’s the website: The “3” in the URL makes me think that this mongoloid tried numerous times to get a website up and running. He probably kicked the shit out of his computer redneck style out of frustration. “Gawd dammit, why don’t this gard darn thang cumm up on my clickety-clickety bahx??” When someone says “computer,” he probably only hears “Puder” and goes ape-shit, kickin’ over his mud fence and spillin’ his spittoon everywhere. And Kip James/Billy Gunn is the other trainer. Man, think of the heights their students will reach! Maybe Sam Houston will swing by and guest teach. Maybe Zeus will have a class on the Art of the Promo. Nah, something tells me Bob Holly wouldn’t take kindly to Zeus’ type ’round those parts. -Eric

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