Headlines: WWE touts Tout Tuesdays, street thug Batista to direct rap video, PAC signs with WWE

About as street as a dandelion on a summer day.

According to Prowrestling.net, new social media video platform Tout has come to an agreement with WWE, leading WWE to promote Tout Tuesdays, to begin the Tuesday after the 1,000th episode of Monday Night Raw. In short, Tout is a way to record and post 15-second videos in near-real time; I accidentally ran across Tout yesterday and saw Zack Ryder’s face on the front page and knew I was in a good place. The plan seems to be for WWE superstars to post frequent videos and interact with fan Tout videos. Good for Joey Styles and team for being up on the possible next big thing in social media. Now, the catch is to corral all of the best toothless fan promos to come, which is where the real value in this comes from.

Also according to Prowrestling.net, Dave Bautista, better known to wrestling fans as Dave Batista, will direct a rap video for the Alchemist. Batista, the son of Filipino immigrants who was stealing automobiles by the age of 13, is currently about as street as, well, any millionaire who sleeps around on his cancer-ridden wife could be. So it only makes sense that Batista, a guy responsible for so many memorable hours of television programming, will direct a video. Frankly, I’d rather see him direct heavy, drunken traffic, but that’s neither here nor there.

Finally, according to PWTorch.com, PAC has officially signed a developmental deal with WWE. PAC is an independent wrestling standout who uses the nickname “The Man That Gravity Forgot,” which means the first time someone smells pot smoke within 20 yards of him, he’ll be suspended for a month. Good luck, PAC! -Eric

Weekend Updates – DX, Bill DeMott and Ted DiBiase

Just in case like myself, you like to disconnect from the internet from time to time, especially on the weekends, here’s a small review of what huge, gigantic, spectacular, who am I kidding, mundane news came across the internet.

According to Prowrestling.net, Bill DeMott has become head trainer for WWE developmental. One would think it’d be great to keep your head trainer on TV with Tough Enough that most of the wrestling community liked, unlike the WWE’s current on air product. From what they’ve shown on TV, he looks like a good trainer so good luck to him and his trainees.

Also from our favorite source of news, Degeneration X will be making an appearance on the 1000th, 3 hour Raw. I feel sleepy even typing that. I could give two shits less. It’ll be more pageantry since Shawn Michaels seems to be sticking to his guns and remaining retired. HHH is saving his big moment to take on Brock Lesnar. So there’s a solid chance he makes a reappearance at this how and interrupts this huge, gigantic, spectacular, who am I trying to kid again, this crappy, done 92 times too many reunion.

One last snippet from Dot Net from this morning, Ted DiBiase (Jr) is going to be back in the ring in about a month. I do love to end an article on some huge, gigantic, spectacular, oh, you get it at this point. -Kevin

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