WWE Diva arrested: Most likely guilty as hell

UPDATE: So in the past 24 hours or so, Emma has been fired and then reinstated by WWE. A quote from WWE.com:

Upon further evaluation, WWE has reinstated Tenille Dashwood (WWE Diva Emma) but will take appropriate punitive action for her violation of the law.

So I’m sure this will be some sort of humiliating act that takes place on Raw where Emma is dunked in chocolate pudding or one of my other fantasies.

P.S. WWE loves to reinstate people. First Macho Man Randy Savage, now Emma. At least they didn’t hold Emma in abeyance. -Eric

According to a report at Between the Ropes everyone’s favorite dancing Diva, Emma, has been arrested. Kind of shocking really but making the story better is the fact she was busted for lifting an Ipod case. Wait a minute; they even make Ipod cases any longer? Unfortuantly for Emma it is clear she is guilty as hell. What defense can she possibly use? No one that looks like Emma shops at  Wal-Mart. The proof, well, see below. Continue reading

WrestleMania XXX Preview: Vickie Guerrero Divas Championship Invitational

Vickie-Guerrero-Divas-Championship-Invitational-for-WrestleMania-30Jeremy & Kevin are here to join you for a match that will surely act as a buffer between much more important matches. At the time of this recording, the rules of this Invitational were not defined. Since they were defined, our analysis has not been substantially changed. We are at least glad that Vickie Guerrero didn’t make it an elimination style match. Which of these ladies did Jeremy & Kevin forget were on the roster? Are they glad any of them are in this match? Will the Diva’s Division ever enjoy a renaissance like the tag team division or is Total Divas the best anyone can achieve? Even though we like to do predictions at the end of the show, is there anyone to pick other than AJ Lee or Naomi? Could Naomi’s big win happen in such a terrible multi-woman match? Will AJ continue to be made fun of for being proud to be Diva’s Champion if she wins? Find out that and more when you click on the link below!


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Kelly Kelly released from WWE

Emotion one of two.

Boy if this isn’t bad news on young  Eric’s wedding day. Kevin and I agreed last night before we got tore up, and boy did we, that it  was in Eric’s best interest that we hide this  info until he at least gets through the reception. Oh, sorry, Kelly Kelly was granted her release from WWE. Yes this is crushing news for people who like stick thin blonde women who scream like banshees which Eric is one of.

I never understood the appeal of Kelly Kelly. Sure she is an attractive woman but there was never any apparent personality to go along with it? Is that too much to ask? Is it too much to ask for anything other than a put upon “oh no you didn’t” walk and a smile? -Jeremy

Tara is getting naked in Penthouse? Please be true.

It has been a long time since a wrestling Diva/Knockout has gotten naked but according to her Twitter account the wait may be over. Yes, after years of anticipation it sure seems like Tara or better known from her WWE days as Victoria, may be stripping down. This is speculation of course but she is being coy on her account .

Be sure to pick the newest edition of Penthouse to see your favorite knockout, Tara. Hubba Hubba

Considering she has stated in the past that she would gladly pose for Playboy it is possible she will disrobe. Let’s save the balloons and streamers for when the magazine actually comes out though. This reeks of being none other than a trick to get us to buy the magazine only to find it is just some stupid interview about her body shop or her abbreviated stint training for an MMA career.

Regardless, we should all be on the lookout as this could be a dream come true. Yes this comes about five years too late but once you have a dream why should you ever let it go right? Besides it is Penthouse so there is a good chance she is pissing on an ice sculpture of Poseidon and really, lets hope so.

Oh yeah, notice I didn’t say look out for the magazine because who buys fucking glossy pages of pictures when you have Google image search? -Jeremy

Kharma is out for “nine months”

So this explains the bizarre angle from Monday Night Raw. Wrestling Observer is reporting that Kharma is expected out for “over nine months.” Trust me it is in the link, you just need to scroll through a near endless amount of shit to get to any actual news bits.

Now there is no need to speculate but, um, nine months or more? Consider me skeptical on this one. This is a pretty poorly timed injury/yup whatever it is. Kharma was one of the only real acts going for WWE that was interesting. It is also a significant blow to Triple H’s ego as she was one of his pet projects along with Sin Cara who continues to frustrate.

At least the Divas can go back to not mattering again and more time can be given to the likes of Evan Bourne or Zack Ryder. -Jeremy

WrestleMania 27 Preview #7- Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole

Alright, one more to go after this one. This time Kevin and Jeremy talk all things Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler. They mention Steve Austin more than WWE has in the last three weeks and talk out loud about the emotions that will run through the crowd as this match takes place. Could this be the most satisfying match on the card? Is the victor that obvious? Tune in and find out.

WrestleMania 27 Preview #7- Jerry Lawler vs Michael Cole

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More Crappy Programming!

I wonder if the contestants will be wearing these cups.

In news that induced a yawn from me and the rest of the WWE Universe, the PWTorch.com reported the news that the Diva Search will take place during “regularly scheduled” WWE programming. Just another reason to tape their shows so that I can fast forward through these segments. The winner is irrelevant since they don’t get any more TV time than other contestants. It does mean that the current Divas are due for a couple of cuts that no one will miss since the Divas aren’t the focus of any show. The best thing about this show coming back on TV is the fact that we’re sure of getting a porno tape or at least some nudie pictures of the hot contestants. NSFW pictures below the jump. Or maybe they’re more like “It depends on where you work so I’ll save everyone some effort pictures” since I’m doing this on my lunch break.

Continue reading

Drew McIntyre is Married to Tiffany; Fucker.

Between Kevin’s womanizing roadshow, Eric’s desperate attempts to convince us he has a real girlfriend, Dusty’s drug induced hallucinating and my general apathy towards anything not Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (ClutchSnob on Xbox bitches!); this story totally got by us. Over at Prowrestling.net, Drew McIntyre went on record saying he was married to WWE Diva Tiffany aka Taryn Terrell.

You know, this Tiffany:

Anyway, much like his push, McIntyre doesn’t deserve this angel in human form. Call it jealousy or spite and I won’t disagree so whatever.  There was a time I would have killed to get a sniff of his sweet wife. Now, after reviving the rigorous lifestyle of continual consensual sex with actual females I’d say the chances of murder have dropped to below 15%. Yes I am bragging, eat one.

This post is really nothing more than a reason to brag and to repost this video; sorry a link since that prude Eric told me not to . Enjoy, Yeah you have to sign up for dailymotion since it is an age restricted video but it contains vagina. So sign up and enjoy. -Jeremy

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Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Mickie James is Injured- Sad Face

Not sure how the hell this got by us, well, other than our rampant alcohol consumption and Eric’s fornication issues but Mickie James underwent surgery last week. So this explains her quick title loss to Michelle McCool on Smackdown at least. This info comes straight off of her very own twitter account. You too can follow her at mickiejamesdiva.
I tried finding the actual twat/tweet/twit and cant; do it but trust me it’s there somewhere. Only issue I have with this is the fact she got bent out of shape that “dirtsheets” took her tweet and reported it as their own.

“I love how dirt sheets post wrestlers tweets, like it’s their own steller reporting! Lame! Report that 1!”

Not sure what got her all bent out of shape. She tweeted it and if the person follows her they report on it. The news wasn’t; anywhere else that I saw so what the fuck is she talking about. Please, please my dear Mickie, we love you at Stunt Granny. Don’t turn in to a rancid whiner like so many other wrestlers.  If you post it and they use it for the crux of a story it isn’t stellar reporting but it is reporting. Sigh -Jeremy

Maria Sings The Hits

Much props to my eye in the sky from the Torch Forum, Robert Miquelio, for this “story.” (It involves a hot chick and that is going to get us a bunch more hits, so I don’t really care what it’s about.) So anyway, here’s 30 seconds of Maria singing or something. Enjoy.


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