Sheamus out 4-6 months

This is the Sheamus I chose to remember.

This is the Sheamus I chose to remember.

Most times when a wrestler disappears from television you forget they even existed. When it happens to be a pasty white dude with red hair it is kind of difficult. After two Mondays and one Friday without Sheamus it did bring up the question, “Where the hell is Sheamus?” It isn’t that he was missed, after all he has to be the most played out WWE character right now and yes that includes John Cena. Surfing around the net as if it were 1996 all over again I stumbled across this on

MRI results indicate that Sheamus has suffered a torn labrum in his left shoulder and will require surgery, scheduled for next week. As a result, The Celtic Warrior is expected to be sidelined for four to six months, has learned.

Finally we all get a break from Sheamus the character. Four to six months is perfect time for his return. He comes back in the heart of WrestleMania season. The real news here though is it is perfect time for a character change. Face Sheamus sucks. The -800-FELLA bullshit is embarrassing. Sheamus has every appearance of a heel. A hooligan, ya know his Irish gimmick, is never a fan favorite. It makes no god damn sense. It never has. His character bullies his opponents both physically and mentally but does it with a wink, nod and a glib smile. He does this while being a spokesman for Be-A-Star the Anti-Bullying garbage business, but gets cheers? Literally no logic was used in this character and endorsement opportunities.

“Hey kids do what I do but listen, don’t do it to good people. Just pick on the people who are mean because that will make them see the errors of their ways and change. Change is good. Be like me <brouge kicks a homeless vet>. See he was bugging me for change and food. He should have gotten a job and paid for his own instead of bullying me. “

Anyway, Shemus is gone for upwards fo six months. He needs the time off. WWE has a chance to package him correctly. Not in the looks department. How idiotic would it be for him to come back tan and sporting black hair? He needs to keep the look btu get back to his heelish roots. Really, just because the guy looks and speaks like a Hanna Barbera cartoon character doesn’t mean he has to act like one; unless it is Muttley. Muttley is fucking great. -Jeremy

Stunt Granny Audio #222

Donald DuckJeremy and Kevin are back for more because WWE Raw was hitting on all cylinders according to the former. How many cylinders did Kevin think it was running on? They try to focus on the good but start with the bad, which was the McMahon family power struggle? What exactly is the point of this angle? Will the reveal make sense when they get around to it? Jeremy & Kevin tie in talk about Stephanie bigfooting the Divas. Or did AJ Lee & Kaitlyn get a rub from her? Vickie Guerrero & Brad Maddox got their screen time because of the McMahons. Are they finally finally using Brickie right?  The guys move on to the positive by talking about CM Punk and Brock Lesnar. Has Punk ever been in a feud like this one? How many people on the roster could feud with Lesnar? Jeremy & Kevin talk about a real injury that Daniel Bryan during his match with Randy Orton. Did the WWE adjust well? The big segment of Raw was the retirement angle from Mark Henry? Did Kevin think it was a good segment? How about it’s predictability? How did the internet bite on this retirement talk when it originated on Twitter? They move on to talk about the double switch by Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler. How will the crowd react to Del Rio? How violent was Dolph Ziggler? Last but not least, Jeremy & Kevin talk about the long injured Christian and his come back. Did the WWE do a good job with it? Find out whether we did a good job on this audio by clicking the link below!

Stunt Granny Audio #221

From Brian Viveros from

From Brian Viveros from

Jeremy and Kevin are back to talk about…wrestling. How strange is that? It’s not that strange after seeing the roster turn over. Did this turn over start after WrestleMania? Did Kevin notice the changes when he attended Raw back in April? The Shield is an obvious topic. Is it a good thing that they’re getting two entrances now? Should Roman Reigns be in the ring with Randy Orton? The guys do wonder if Randy Orton has ever had a memorable match? Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins definitely had a great match. How much did Rollins benefit from Bryan being on fire? Did it help that the WWE has built a heel faction group the right way? Who have Kevin & Jeremy not missed while they are out? Why have there not been any massive “Future Endeavorings” after WrestleMania? Has Kevin ever watched NXT? The guys get around to ratings talk too. Does that even matter to their product right now?  Kane is old, but is he a new face? How did the Wyatt Family talk wait until the end of the show? Find out the answers to these questions and more when you click the link below.

Download white paper: How to Approach a Professional Wrestler in Public

How to Approach a Professional Wrestler in Public

(L to R) Seth Rollins, Mr. Kennedy, a guy who successfully approached professional wrestlers in public! Great job!

Think watching The Rock give the Rock Bottom to CM Punk on WWE Monday Night Raw is exciting? (Think loading your post with keywords from last night’s pro wrestling main event is exciting?) Imagine getting to meet The Rock or CM Punk – or any other pro wrestler, for that matter – in person! With this simple guide, “How to Approach a Professional Wrestler in Public,” you can make friends with your superheroes! Collect autographs with no hassle, talk to them at length while they dine, even pop your head into their car window to find out their favorite radio station. Lots of great tips on how to talk and who to name-drop as well. Take it from Chris Jericho, who was unavailable for comment. And as a bonus just for reading this post, here’s a tip: Did you know Jim Ross loves Crown & Cokes and will gladly let you buy him multiple drinks if you yell “BOOMER SOONER” each time? It’s as simple as that! Read on, and let us know your success stories on meeting and talking to professional wrestlers by leaving a comment below.


Stunt Granny Conversation: Jeremy & Kevin 12/4/2012


Jeremy: Man the more I watched raw last night the more i questioned why. Punk was the only decent thing in the entire three hours.

Kevin: I’ll have to look over my review.

Jeremy: Cesaro winning was a nice, so two.

Kevin: It was a weird episode because of how much Baby Momma Drama talked to me.

Jeremy: The rest was boring and unimaginative.

Kevin: I like The Shield stuff. Finally putting over some heels.

Jeremy: Yes then they got fed to Ryback. It should have never happened. Ryback should have run down and then cleaned house with no contact at all. They should have scattered. You can’t build the conflict with him immediately getting his hands on them .

Kevin: He only got his hands on one guy.  And babyfaces finally did what they should, help each other out in a timely manner instead of waiting around backstage

Jeremy: He got his hands on Rollins last week though. The chase is way smarter. Build it up. Don’t get on them the very next day and then subsequent weeks.

Kevin: Forgot about that

Jeremy: Think of it in terms of Star wars. A New Hope: Luke sees Vader fighting Obi-Wan. Empire Strikes back he gets a glimpse of a fight then at the end they finally duel. Finally in return of The Jedi they get it on big time and it comes to a conclusion. If it had been written by WWE it would have been  an entire episode of Raw.

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CM Punk punched a fan. Ha ha he had it coming.

So this explains why Vince McMahon had an awkward pause at the end of Raw. Apparently security fell asleep on the job and didn’t bother following CM Punk in to the stands last night. Really, what is the worst that can happen? Oh yeah, fans may surround your employee and then he may need to knock one of them on their ass, which is exactly what happened.

Deadspin has a good write up of the incident with two different videos so feel free and check it out.  Deadspin is a great site so there is no problem giving them the hits.

Should this be considered a work? It all certainly looks legit and has all the hallmarks of a real incident. McMahon looked genuinely taken aback for a moment. The camera cut away and never focused on the action and the announcers never brought it up. Now, this could all be part of an elaborate work on WWE’s part to get heat on Punk but why bother?

The second video shows a much better view of the incident and may lean a little towards a work. Punk is getting pushed around a bit and Punk seemingly turns around an looks at the guy. Then the guy messes with him again and blamo! Down goes stupid wrestling fan.
Oh, this is the part where you need to realize Punk was in the right and this guy got what he deserved. This of course all hinges on this being a real incident. Stupid fucker, don’t touch the talent. Just because he came in to the crowd and stood by himself in the aisle. He was playing his part correctly and you decided to place your hands on him.  So, be prepare to get knocked on your ass and have your fancy sunglasses smashed asshole.

Now a quick rundown of my favorite parts:

1: Black guy reaction

2: Oblivious Dolph Ziggler shirt wearing fan

3: Brock Lesnar t-shirt wearing midget pushing Punk first.


3 Hour Monday Night Raw idea keeps getting worse

Oh my god this is getting worse. Besides taking their horribly mundane show, Monday Night Raw, and stretching it to an unnecessary length of three hours, Vince McMahon and company are now changing the format? Yes, WWE Monday Night Raw is going to be interactive according to; whatever that means.

Sorry about that. According to the press release this entails the following:

Starting with the historic 1,000th episode of Raw on July 23, The WWE  Universe will have new ways to get involved in the show through and social media by deciding matches, stipulations, Superstar development and more.

So everyone clear on just what Monday Night Raw will consist of going forward?  Does this mean the entire creative staff gets fired? If the WWE Universe is going to decide everything now then what are they there for now? Does “Superstar development” mean that the Universes input will make up their promos?  Will they be deciding feuds? What happens to Sin Cara and The Great Khali? (See cause no one gives a shit about them.)

This reeks of the porn industry introducing POV porn. They want you to think you are getting blown by some chick when in reality you are watching them suckle down on a stunt cock. Who believes that their comments on Facebook and Twitter are going to matter in the least? No rational adult is going to believe…..oh I get it. We aren’t the audience for WWE any longer.  So they are clearly depending on the children who are on Facebook and Twitter to give them ideas for who John Cena beats next.  I smell three year title reign a comin.

Just for the sake of argument that the input from social media will factor in to actual booking decisions, here is a small taste of what gets posted on WWEs Facebook page during Raw. I withheld the names for their own sake and no editing was used at all. No really, why bother changing perfection?  -Jeremy

firing big show was the worste thing johnny boy did he says he doesnt like bullys or people making fun of him yet he is a bully and has done nothing but bring wrestling to an all time low and next to be fired he has john cena in his mist and as foer eve she dresses and looks like michelle mccool used to look

jhon laurinaitis ,was WRONG!!! for firing big show , JHON YOU ARE A SELF CENTER PIG!!!!! AND WWE WILL NOT LET SHOW GO HHH WILL SEE TO THAT ! YOU SUCK!!!!

I am really getting tired of the way that piece of crap laurenitis is running the shows hes was a loser when he wrestled and he is a loser now if things dont start to change I might not be watching anymore!!!

John Laurinaitis is wrong for doing that he is just taking advantage of big show and he is to over powered as GM. I think when John Cena gets done with him he would have made a big mistake.

i wanted johnny to take charge after wrestlemania because i thought that a change was needed but now he is going too far

My God, who evn make John or what ever maybe ds devils name d GM? If wwe did not do something about ds evil man now, he will bring ds company down. Infact, John L, you are fired.

Mr. Larenasshole gets on my nerve ok tired of watching him. He disgraced Big Show dune with wrestling for now. Need teddy bac not gonna have Mr Larenasshole disgracing westlers.

WrestleMania 28 Preview #8- John Cena vs The Rock

And so it has come to this. One year of hype, title reigns, trash talk and bad blood finally culminates at WrestleMania 28. Rock versus John Cena. They are billing it as “Once in a lifetime” but is that true? What are the possibilities we see this match again and sooner than WrestleMania 29? Do the boys have a reason to bitch about Rock being in the main event? Who wins this? Yeah we asked this on all the previews but no really, who the hell wins this thing? Rock jobs in his home town? Cena bitches out to an actor? This could be a fascinating spectacle or a total jizzbag. So listen and see where the guys fall on this one.

WrestleMania 28 Preview #8- John Cena vs The Rock

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WrestleMania 28 Hall of Fame Show
Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan
Kelly Kelly & Maria Menounos vs. Beth Phoenix & Eve
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Undertaker VS Triple H (Hell in a Cell) w/Shawn Michaels

WrestleMania 28 Preview #6- Team Johnny vs Team Teddy

Ok look this was recorded before Monday Night Raw and we nailed it. Then they go and change it so WWE can suck one. Who did the guys think were going to be the replacement wrestlers? They actually nailed two of them but not Team Teddy’s surprise entrant. Who wins this match and why? Do they dare upset the Giebink and get rid of Johnny? Can WWE afford to have no Laurinaitis on their airwaves? Is the evil GM played out and is the good GM not as good as you think? There is a whole lot more so download the thing and listen.

WrestleMania 28 Preview #6- Team Johnny vs Team Teddy

Other WrestleMania 28 Preview Audios
WrestleMania 28 Hall of Fame Show
Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan
Kelly Kelly & Maria Menounos vs. Beth Phoenix & Eve
Kane vs Randy Orton
Big Show vs Cody Rhodes
CM Punk vs Chris Jericho

WrestleMania 28 Preview #5- CM Punk vs Chris Jericho

We have reached the half way point and are finally getting to the interesting matches for WrestleMania 28. This time out is the WWE Championship match between CM Punk and Chris Jericho. Who wins? Is this a one off match or is it the beginning of a feud/ Why did they fell the need to bring personal issues in to the match? How did the early hype on Jericho play in to the build for this match? Should Jericho have won the Royal Rumble to solidify his claim as the best in the world? All this and more in a nice twenty minute package.

WrestleMania 28 Preview #5- Chris Jericho vs CM Punk

Other WrestleMania 28 Preview Audios
WrestleMania 28 Hall of Fame Show
Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan
Kelly Kelly & Maria Menounos vs. Beth Phoenix & Eve
Kane vs Randy Orton
Big Show vs Cody Rhodes

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