Stunt Granny Audio #114

It’s time again Grandkids; time for some audio knowledge. Jeremy and Kevin continue pulling their weight and talk on things related to wrestling and beer. Yes, beer. Kevin gives his run down of the Great American Beerfest in Denver. Find out what beers he tasted and just how drunk he got and how fast. They finally get to wrestling and they talk about the ridiculousness of TNA’s decision making. They discuss Samoa Joe’s apparent determination to get back in shape.  They then turn to NXT and try to figure out if this show is bad on purpose or if this is just the way WWE feels women should be treated. They then turn it around to a conversation about women’s wrestling and the recent signing of Mickie James by TNA. There is, of course, more but you have to listen for it. 70 minutes!

Stunt Granny Audio #114

Aloisia out of NXT?

Damn near perfection.

This better be an angle or a fucking joke cause NXT season three was setting up to be a disaster until my new fantasy woman debuted. Straight from, my ultimate stroke fantasy apparently is not going to be participating on the show. Yes; that’s right, Aloisia, was “fired” by Vickie Guerrero.

Two things, and I’ll start with the less personal. It makes no sense Vickie Guerrero can fire her. She is a pro not her boss. Of course they have never defined Vickie’s role so maybe she could but whatever. They could have had Michael Cole bark out McMahon’s lines on the debut show and say she couldn’t cut it and the internet darling is back in front of fifity people a night.

On to the second issue; she is the only reason people even talked about Season Three of NXT. With that out of the way, this chick is a living goddess on this planet. Has anyone put any thought in to the wonderful nasty shit you can get in to with a perfectly proportioned six foot nine inch tall woman? If you haven’t you are gay, dead below the waste or both. When she first appeared on screen my eyes widened and I repeatedly said, in front of my live in girlfriend “Look at her. Look at her. Look at her!”

This wasn’t some beanpole flat-chested Betty. This was a fully proportioned woman with curves. Who cares if she will mimic Eli Cottonwood in the ring?  The woman is a real life Valkyrie or Greek/Roman goddess. This is what an Amazon woman is supposed to be like. Hell, this is what every woman is supposed to be like. So leave it to WWE to go and fuck it all up. It doesn’t matter if it is her fault. WWE should have been bending over backwards to keep her happy. God damn this may ruin my weekend. OK, I will accept this move if it means they signed Kong or Cheerleader Melissa but no chance that is the case. -Jeremy

Stunt Granny Audio #104

Too many dicks on the audio!

Stunt Granny Audio proper is back with Kevin and Jeremy bringing the opinions. Join the guys this week as the yet again talk about the new season of NXT. Who looked good; who looked bad and who just doesn’t matter (Hint: He’s the tallest guy on the roster.) They also discuss the ongoing NXT angle and how it played off once they apologized then beat down Vince McMahon. They also go giddy when discussing Evan Bourne and his mini-feud with Chris Jericho. Plus, as a bonus they still refuse to talk about TNA and instead give a quick rundown of the “Too much Kane for anyone to stomach” Smackdown. So join in the fun and listen. We recorded it so you owe us that much. Well, at least download it to make us feel like you care.

Stunt Granny Audio #104

Stunt Granny Audio #101

Hell yes, Eric and Jeremy get the nod for the first show after history was made last audio. This time around the guys discuss the end of Monday Night Raw. Why not all of Raw? Well, because it sucked, that’s why. On top of that, they work around some discussion about the upcoming season of NXT. Will the end of Raw affect NXT? Will it even be brought up? Should it be brought up? Who knows, but they sure like talking about it and making a slew of guesses. So listen up for a few minutes. It won’t be a complete waste of time.

Stunt Granny Audio #101

Christopher Daniels Released By TNA

What's old is new again.

So it’s confirmed now, The Wrestling Observer has the word that Christopher Daniels was released form TNA some time last week. If you don’t want to click on the link that’s fine here is the quote:

–Christopher Daniels was released mid-week by TNA, which explains his appearing on the ROH Big Bang show last night, and he’ll be back as an ROH regular.

This news gets a slight shoulder shrug as Daniels hasn’t been relevant in years. Yes he just main-evented a TNA PPV but so did Abyss. Basically,  that doesn’t make you relevant. Now it appears he is off for ROH and other independent bookings. You may be able to see him on the next season of WWE NXT. He can play the wily old veteran looking for his shot at national exposure finally.

Eric has a good idea I was planning on stealing but figure I’ll give him his just do.

“If kids had money these days, he could open a wrestling school “Here is how to execute a dropkick. Here is how to execute an elbow drop. Here is how to cut a promotional interview: End it with your worthless ‘Say your prayers’ catch phrase, even if it sounds amateurishly forced. Stupid Chris Daniels, thinks he’s so big”

So there you go. Shoulder shrugs abound! -Jeremy

WrestleMania 26 Preview #7- Showmiz vs. Wisdom & Truth



Ahhhh, happier times.


Damn are these still going on? This time around the guys discuss the unified Tag-team title math between Showmiz and Truth & Wisdom. Yes this match was tossed together at the last second but does that mean it has to be forgettable? Is it possible that some of the NXT rookies will make an appearance in the match? All you have to do is listen to find out.

WrestleMania 26 Preview Audio #7- Showmiz vs Truth N Wisdom

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Stunt Granny Audio #86

The two wily veterans from Stunt Granny, Jeremy and Dusty, are reunited and it feels so good! And even though it’s been about nine and a half months (and not nine and a half weeks, which makes us better than Mickey Rourke) since these two jokers have teamed together, it feels like old times in the studio. Listen to them carry on like two married people about Monday Night Raw, Batista and John Cena, Doink the Clown and a veritable plethora of other topics that you are guaranteed to find enjoyable because Dusty has a voodoo doll with each and every one of your lousy names on it if you don’t!

Stunt Granny Audio #86

Stunt Granny Audio #84

Jeremy and Kevin are back on the airwaves and they’re not actually doing a preview for a pay per view. If it wasn’t obvious from the picture above, they talk about the WWE’s new reality blend show NXT. Which one of our hosts liked this show and was gushing over it like a school girl talks about Robert Pattinson? Which one of the hosts brought up the negatives of the show? And how long did it take for him to note them? Find out by clicking the link below.

Stunt Granny Audio Show #84

Stunt Granny Audio #82

Holy crap, it’s the Asshole Edition of Stunt Granny Audio! Yep, Jeremy and Eric team up for the first time in months to discuss the happenings of the day. Hear their thoughts on the three big stories on Monday Night Raw (John Cena-Bret Hart-Vince McMahon-Batista, Shawn Michaels-Triple H, and Randy Orton-Sheamus), plus Show-Miz as the new unified tag champs. The guys speculate on WWE NXT, wax nostalgic about Ted DiBiase, then switch to TNA to make fun of Ric Flair’s new T-shirt and Kurt Angle’s new “food” product. Silly wrestlers. So just click and listen! (72 minutes)

Stunt Granny Audio #82

ECW Gets Replaced With NXT!

Dry those eyes fair readers cause this will make you smile. According to, WWE has announced that ECW has been canceled (sad face) and is being replaced with an all new show called….wait for it…..WWE NXT. Yes, the promotion has no vowels and no concept to speak of but it is being marketed straight to douche bags who enjoy butchering the English language for the sake of being hip.

Imagine if you will the meeting with all of creative and this is the best name for the new product they could think of. Was there a deafening silence or overwhelming applause when this name was introduced? Regardless the pillar of cool and hip Vince “MacDaddio” McMahon signed off on this shit name so he is to blame.

Really not sure how this even fits the SYFY brand nam…..never mind. They renamed their perfectly acceptable Sci-Fi Network to the current vowelless trash that makes you even more embarrassed to be watching “Giant Shark versus Giant Squid.”

Now it gets even better, is reporting that there is a promotion already using the name NXT. Who knew it would prove so popular? Of course it is in Scotland so does that even matter? Screw the Scots;  they had one good period of history and that was when Braveheart came out on DVD. See, no one gave a shit about that movie when it was released; Academy Awards be damned. -Jeremy

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