12 Rounds Tanks Badly

Out of theaters April 3.

Out of theaters April 3

Well here’s no surprise; John Cena’s second movie “12 Rounds” bombed badly on it’s opening weekend. There really isn’t a positive way to spin this but WWE will do all it can for sure. The top grossing movie , according to Variety, “Monsters vs Aliens” raked in $58.2 million dollars and the the other new release “The Haunting In Connecticut” pulled in $23 million. So it’s quite clear people went out to the movies this weekend but no one gave a shit about a WWE movie and their unbankable star.

Now some are going to say this is still an acceptable total as it didn’t cost much in comparison to major movies and that DVD sales may put this movie in the black financially. The problem though is that WWE studios is in decline. This is the second bomb in a row and it starred their top guy. Cena is their Rock, Hogan, Austin and he can’t draw in theaters. Hell Austin couldn’t do it as well. This is a bad sign for WWE Studios in general.

They also may make a profit , albeit a small one, and it can be spun this is a good but Vince McMahon isn’t in the business of spending $15-20 million dollars to make $100,000. The gamble isn’t worth it. WWE may want to push ahead with more films but at this juncture and until the final numbers for “12 Rounds” come out it just isn’t worth the risk financially. -Jeremy

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