Wrestlemania XXX Preview: HHH vs. Daniel Bryan

triple h daniel bryanJeremy & Kevin are just about finished with this marathon. We’re getting to the two matches that are interconnected. How did they think the hype was for this match? Did it come together after a rough start because of CM Punk’s supposed spot on this card? Has this been the best mic work from HHH is recent memory? Is he great for mocking fans of our ilk? Would Steve Jobs ever handcuff then beat one of his employees? So then why is it so effective for HHH to do that? Isn’t Hunter proclaiming this the “Reality Era”? Daniel Bryan gets the second part of the show. How did he hold up his end of the bargain on the microphone? Did his Yes Movement crowd take away from some valuable time? Jeremy & Kevin wrap up by talking about the match itself. Where will this one be on the card? How tired will the winner be? Could this be the highest quality match of the evening? We’ve got some quality for you when you hear our earth shattering predictions.



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Stunt Granny Audio #251

From the Puck Daddy Blog on Yahoo! Sports

From the Puck Daddy Blog on Yahoo! Sports

Jeremy & Kevin are back for another fun filled edition of the Stunt Granny Audio. They start off by talking about children because Baby Momma Drama still has children’s stuff in Kevin’s condo. Jeremy makes quick mention of the fine establishments that he got his engagement pictures snapped at. They move on to the breaking news that the “stars” of “Big World, Little People” are on a hiatus from their marriage. How many short jokes can they make in a couple of minutes? Jeremy & Kevin finally get around to talking wrestling and they start with the big news of the week, Daniel Bryan. Why did Kevin have a problem with how the Authority reacted to the #OccupyRaw movement. Jeremy wonders if the segment would have been helped out by not having Bryan have to focus his wrath on both Stephanie McMahon and HHH. How would you like to get on Stephanie’s bad side in real life with that scream? Everyone is assuming that HHH will lose to Daniel Bryan. What do the guys speculate would happen if HHH put himself over? How would he celebrate the victory? Who would be taking pictures of the stunned crowd? How would the crowd react for the rest of Wrestlemania, Raw & Smackdown? Kevin changes his tune about the planning for matches at Wrestlemania. What match on Wikipedia is a stretch to be considered a main event match? It won’t be a stretch for you to click on the link below to find out the answers to these questions and more.

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