The Marine 3 has a trailer

So, here is the reason, other than his copious amount of charity work and appearances, that The Miz has turned face. After a casting change and months of wonder here is the splendor of another WWE independent contractor branching out. Yes it appears to have been filmed with a special Instagram/Viewmaster combination but that isn’t the real story here.

The real story is that Neal McDonough is the villain of the piece. What the hell is he doing in this thing? Hopefully he got paid a handsome sum for this role since he instantly classes up every project he appears in. I just don’t get it. After his stellar run on Justified he should have been handed role after role instead of accepting what is sure to be hot garbage (TM Kevin Difrango).  Come to think of it, Robert Patrick was in the original Marine. Marine 2 had Michael Rooker? How does this keep happening?

Ehh whatever, this won’t sell very well and not a lot of people will actually watch this so what does it matter. A paycheck is a paycheck.  -Jeremy

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