Stunt Granny Conversation: Jeremy & Kevin 1/24/2013 American Horror Story Finale


Jeremy:  What I find funny is that the finale was the least insane episode of the season in total contrast to the entire run.

Kevin: That is very true.  Although it took me a while to catch onto the theme with the weird Kitt beginning.

Jeremy:  At least this season it seemed like they realized they needed an actual ending.

Kevin: I had a question about the very end, did Lana bargain her way into Briarcliff?

Jeremy: Ok that was one part of the episode I did not understand. It seemed to me that Jude was just warning her.  Now that you mention that I am not sure. It wouldn’t make sense with what she but her through.

Kevin: That’s what I was thinking but wanted to rewatch that part. The rest of the show followed well and didn’t have much of a question.

Jeremy: Seemed like they remembered to give everyone their due and they did it effectively. Poor Kitt couldn’t catch a break though.

Kevin:Not even one.  Was he abducted by aliens too?

Jeremy: At the end for sure. They took him back. I suppose since he was special but damn. No luck at all.

Kevin: Not even a bit. Aside from banging out two chicks

Jeremy: He became sympathetic which was a nice touch from the angry wreck he was at the beginning. Yeah and he should have tried pulling out.  I was just fond of this season finale for the closure. One thing I did find odd was the focus on Lana since Jude seemed to be the main character all season.

Kevin: The closure thing was big. I don’t mind an open ending so long as it makes you think. Last year’s didn’t make you do that. It was different having survivors that could tell a story.  Jude was pretty heavy in the episode.

Jeremy:  Yeah they gave her a proper sendoff. Finding peace finally. Pretty much everything got tied up. Was I the only one hoping for another dance number when Jude died?

Kevin: They did have that very heavenly one earlier in the season. Something like that again would have been appropriate but maybe over kill with her teaching Kitt & the kids how to dance.

Jeremy: Man, you just brought up some lost opportunity there. Of course not having a pinhead nor patients drooling and slapping themselves in the background would have lessened the effect.

Kevin: The patients participating in the earlier dance made that one very weird. They could have set it in hell to make it real freaky.

Jeremy: The Aliens could have finally appeared and broke out the top hats and canes. “Hello my baby. Hello my honey.”

Kevin: That would have been whipped cream with a cherry on top. It’d be more fun to bring in the alien from Aliens instead of the standard egghead aliens Grace was drawing. Whoever did those drawings was excellent. I don’t have shit on them.

Jeremy: Speaking of Grace, boy that girl had a rough time too. No one got out clean. She gets killed, impregnated and resuscitated then axed. Her pregnancy had a gestation time of five minutes for the birth.

Kevin: That was very day time soap level of impregnation. The whole thing had a weird time line actually. They never said much in that department.  Pepper had been dead 2 1/2 years before Kitt saved Jude?

Jeremy: When a fetus is inserted by an alien race is there an established timeline? Yeah poor Pepper.

Kevin: There is no timeline for alien babies.

Jeremy: I have seen Prometheus and that statement is correct. Beautiful stupid movie.

Kevin: We caught that one recently and that is a good summation of it. Love the HR Giger art.

Jeremy: Well yeah, Imagine if a Predator and an Alien show up to take Kitt and have to duke it out while ET just masturbated watching. Then Kitt just falls dead of cancer.

Kevin: ET could at least jerk Kitt off before he dies of cancer.  Maybe it’d cure the cancer at the same time

Jeremy: So are you trying to say ET spooge can cure cancer?

Kevin: His finger could do some powerful stuff. I figure his spooge is like a cure all salve.

Jeremy: Is this the right time to bring up the Cardinal committing suicide? Or should we bring up the fact that Bloodyface Jr. was a giant pussy?

Kevin: That’s two big questions. The first is the fantasy of a writer who was molested by a priest as a child, in my opinion. Not sure why Bloodyface Jr. was such a pussy. His mom was a hard ass and so was his dad.

Jeremy: He gets all whiny at the mention of his mommy. Then he wants to live up to his dad. Pussbag. All of this after lopping off Adam Levine’s arm with a cleaver? Unless it was the revelation that Lana didn’t care about him outside of that one time.

Kevin: The guy wanted breast milk at the age of 48 so he was not exactly on stable ground

Jeremy: I always differ to titties.  I suppose I had this idea of him being legit crazy as in genetic and instead he was looking for mom and dad’s affections ya know.

Kevin: Which is a nice twist. But yeah, the expectations were different for sure on his character

Jeremy: If it was Hayden Christensen I would have had an easier time with it.  Kind of wish Jr. would have put the mask on before she shot him. Just for the visual.

Kevin:  That would have been very cool.

Jeremy:  Yeah and round out the show.

Kevin: Trying to think if there was anything else in those last two episodes. Would it have been too much to ask for the real version of the Angel of Death be the house keeper Dylan McDermott saw last season?

Jeremy: Yeah no shit.  All the sex in this show and the single hottest chick in the history of this program wasn’t back on? I did appreciate the Angel of Death as a lesbian convict though.

Kevin: Yeah, she does a great job as a creepy woman.

Jeremy: I was just happy the show didn’t end with everyone smiling. It at least showed they had an end  in mind this time around.

Kevin: That would have been worse than last year. The depressing end with everyone seemingly finding some solace in their lives was a good ending.

Stunt Granny Conversation: Jeremy & Kevin 12/4/2012


Jeremy: Man the more I watched raw last night the more i questioned why. Punk was the only decent thing in the entire three hours.

Kevin: I’ll have to look over my review.

Jeremy: Cesaro winning was a nice, so two.

Kevin: It was a weird episode because of how much Baby Momma Drama talked to me.

Jeremy: The rest was boring and unimaginative.

Kevin: I like The Shield stuff. Finally putting over some heels.

Jeremy: Yes then they got fed to Ryback. It should have never happened. Ryback should have run down and then cleaned house with no contact at all. They should have scattered. You can’t build the conflict with him immediately getting his hands on them .

Kevin: He only got his hands on one guy.  And babyfaces finally did what they should, help each other out in a timely manner instead of waiting around backstage

Jeremy: He got his hands on Rollins last week though. The chase is way smarter. Build it up. Don’t get on them the very next day and then subsequent weeks.

Kevin: Forgot about that

Jeremy: Think of it in terms of Star wars. A New Hope: Luke sees Vader fighting Obi-Wan. Empire Strikes back he gets a glimpse of a fight then at the end they finally duel. Finally in return of The Jedi they get it on big time and it comes to a conclusion. If it had been written by WWE it would have been  an entire episode of Raw.

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Stunt Granny Lunch Conversation: Jeremy & Kevin October 4, 2012

Nothing says outsider like an officially licensed picture.

Kevin:  Are you listening to O&A?

Jeremy:  Cool, Ti West. I liked The Innkeeprs. It had some creepy stuff, especially the end.

Kevin:  Did he do anything else?

Jeremy:  The House of The Devil as well. He is promoting V/H/S. Hadn’t heard of that.

Kevin:  I remember him being on here before but didn’t remember any of his movies

Jeremy:  Only reason I watched Innkeepers was due to him being on. V/H/S looks pretty intense. Some low grade looking stuff but some other shockingly cool visuals too. Hmm, on the list now.

Jeremy:  Hey check this out, According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter , there were wrestlers in the company who had said Garrett Bischoff was going to be a key part of Aces and 8s.

Jeremy:  Holy shit it makes perfect sense. Eric Bischoff is a big biker/ bike enthusiast.

Kevin:  So, judging from the “who had” and “was going” is there a different plan now?

Jeremy:  Not sure to be honest but it does make sense based off of that. Going off of last weeks Impact Wrestling it fits. Remember NWO biker Bischoff used to wear his hat backwards

Jeremy:  I understand it is a small detail.

Kevin:  Could it just be Eric Bischoff’s way to get back at Hulk Hogan for booting him out of power?

Jeremy:  Exactly

Kevin:  Garrett being in the group would make no sense whatsoever. But then again, turn on a dime alliances are a TNA staple

Jeremy:  His involvement is easily explained; they reconciled. Father and son getting back together. After he dumped his dad Garrett has done nothing memorable.

Jeremy:  Hell, Hogan just gave him the boot immediately for the TV title match. Dismissed him like a common whore. Um, so I heard. We will know if Garrett is in the match somehow.

Jeremy:  Makes me wonder if Devon also has something with this.

Kevin:  As in him being in the group or him leaving TNA caused a problem in the story line?

Jeremy:  Part of the storyline.

Jeremy:  Just posted a video on The Stunt Granny Facebook page. It has brought me to tears. Starts slow but stick with it.

Kevin:  So it isn’t Devon then?

Jeremy:  Ahh yes Devon, maybe I am reading too much in to it but since when does a wrestler leaving in a contract dispute become television. Other than Bret Hart?

Kevin:  It would make some sense because even Devon has been crapped after his first month of being TV champ.

Jeremy:  Yeah, can use the champion not gettign a contract thing

Kevin:  So, will the reveal of Eric be at BFG?

Jeremy:  Oh yeah for sure.

Kevin:  I was considering buying it since I still have the $5 off coupons

Jeremy:  I don’t even have it in me for the long Bwahahahahahaha.

Kevin:  Ugh, you are so right on that.

Stunt Granny Lunch Conversation: Eric & Jeremy February 28, 2012

Eric: I have a thought: any chance we’ll see Miz vs. Orton at WM?
Jeremy: Well they both have nothing and you can’t add them to the GM debacle so yes. But how do you get that story going? What could possibly be the issue?
Eric: Simply Miz being angry that he’s being left off the card, that he’s an afterthought, and to get people to pay attention to him, he attacks Orton.
Jeremy: You mean this coming Friday? Makes sense due to the match they are having. I thought the exchange with Miz and Daniel Bryan was a tad awkward.
Eric: Yeah, Miz can attack Orton during or after the match.
Jeremy: Right, hence they save Orton or Daniel Bryan a loss or a clean loss. Then Orton gets pissed. Basic stuff but it gets them both on WrestleMania. This is another Orton/Punk Scenario though as the outcome is not in doubt.
Eric: Right.
Jeremy: It also keeps them out of the dreaded 10 min six man match for the GM position.
Eric: Yuck. I was wondering if they’d bump that up to an eight-man
Jeremy: They insist on using Swagger so probably
Eric: Add Otunga as the jobber for Ace. I was thinking Henry-Alberto-Christian-Otunga  vs. Santino-Kofi-Truth-Zack if they want to bring him back. That would be four “Smackdown” heels and four “Raw” babyfaces.
Jeremy: Zack will get Kane. Seems logical.
Eric: I hope not.
Jeremy: If Zack goes over though it is a good thing.
Eric: But if it’s not Kane vs. Zack, then Kane has no foreseeable role.
Jeremy: He doesn’t really anyway.
Eric: Unless he wrestles Big Show… which isn’t likely since they’re aiming for Show vs. Cody.
Eric: Showdy!
Jeremy: What a terrible tag team name. Big Rhodes is better.

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Stunt Granny Lunch Conversation: Jeremy & Kevin February 7, 2012

Kevin: What up ugly?

Jeremy: Not much other than I am still annoyed with Raw.

Kevin: Don’t like advancing story lines, huh?

Jeremy: What advancing? Jericho/Punk, Triple H/Undertaker and then endless recaps? They replayed videos from two weeks ago and then replayed Undertakers video twice. Orton/Khali was advanced too fast and made Khali look weak when a second before he looked like a badass for the first time, um, at least ever.

Kevin: So the same head chop that he’s been using for years went from terrible for every year before now to impressive?

Jeremy: Yeah dancing Khali was so intimidating. Kiss cam Khali was so scary.  Jinder Mahal’s bitch was scary? No, he stood up to Orton, legit main-eventer and back him down. It should have ended there with Orton looking pissed. Then at Elimination Chamber, Orton gives him the RKO and it is a surprise. Imagine Punk coming out and immediately fighting Jericho? They avoided that and even did during the main event. It’s an old wrestling adage; don’t give it away for free..

Jeremy: Am I putting too much thought in to the Great Khali?

Kevin: I’m laughing like an idiot up here.

Jeremy: So that is a yes, sigh.

Kevin: Sure, they could have had Khali take down Orton.

Jeremy: No not even take him down. Just have Khali stand up and then walk out like he punked Orton out.

Kevin: I just thought they wanted to illustrate the “everyman for himself” theory of Elimination Chamber.

Jeremy: I mean if you are going to insert him in Elimination Chamber then have him at least seem like a threat. I think that was displayed by Khali tagging himself in and Orton being pissed.

Kevin: It’s always a little weird to me that you do that with baby faces. To me, the heels should be fighting each other more often.

Jeremy: Agree on that. At least be distrustful of each other unless they are a legit team.

Kevin: To agree with you on part. The WWE just lets Khali be impressive simply because of his size. It goes back to them not having enough depth to write more coherent stories that you mentioned last week.

Jeremy: Yeah, they have to use Khali since they brought him back and Mark Henry is hurt, sorry, suspended. If you are going to bring him in use him effectively, they should have done a better job. The man is impressive to look at.

Kevin: He doesn’t speak English so they have no idea what to do with him.

Jeremy: Gibberish spouting madman!

Kevin: You know, it’d be a real shame to give him a manager.

Jeremy: Well his brother sold him out or something right? Runjin forever!

Jeremy: Also, if they had done this show after Elimination Chamber I would be on the storyline bandwagon. They would have a lot of time to build things. But they need to get across the other Elimination Chamber participants like Kofi, Miz, Truth and Dolph. Not Hunter/Undertaker which can start after Elimination Chamber.

Kevin: That is true but it’s not their formula. All the stories start now and they somewhat tie into Elimination Chamber, which is way too early.

Jeremy: Yeah good call.

Kevin: I think that’s why they rushed the Khali/Orton thing. It’s in 2 weeks. Even pushing back to the 26th would have done them favors. Instead, they’re trying to create beefs for everyone in the Elimination Chamber while doing the usual WM prep.

Jeremy: See they don’t necessarily need to create beefs, just some animosity and threats. Khali would have been a threat to Orton with no physicality.

Kevin: That is very true. I was more just amused at your level of animosity one week after saying you might be getting old, you’re a 10 on pissed level.

Jeremy: I have been thinking that since we started this conversation

Stunt Granny Lunch Conversation: Survivor Series Review, Jeremy & Eric, Nov. 21, 2011

the rock

I shit you not, this image came up when searching "chewing up scenery."

Jeremy: So what you think of Survivor Series?

Eric: I’m not gonna lie: it’s the first WWE PPV I’ve seen since we went to WrestleMania, and I liked it a lot. Thumbs higher than the middle. What about you?

Jeremy: Ehh, it was a decent show but for $55.00 I expect more. No new talent, nothing shocking or anything to make you talk about the show. I expected Nash or Triple H, Skip Sheffield, anything or anyone to make it a head slapper for not ordering and it wasn’t one of those shows.

Eric: I paid $5 to see it with a group of people I’d never met, and thankfully they were making references to Giant Gonzalez and random stuff like that, so they were cool.

Jeremy: I was all on my own. Well, I had Twitter.

Eric: Honestly, had Hunter or Nash come out, I would have slapped my head for being suckered into watching it. I’m so happy those two assholes stayed out of it.

Jeremy: Figured Nash would come out to cost Punk the title and Triple H would have stopped him. Suppose they are letting that angle actually play out for a while.

Eric: I thought there was plenty to talk about, just nothing earth-shattering. Dolph Ziggler coming into his own even more is worth talking about, yes?

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Stunt Granny Lunch Conversation: Eric & Jeremy, August 9, 2011

Yup, this has happened before.

Jeremy: You catch Monday Night Raw?
Eric: The first hour and 10 got bored, even though I knew Punk would be at the end. Punk is ratings; a contract signing is not ratings
Jeremy: He made it interesting.
Eric: see, here’s the thing. WWE is so fucking lazy.
Eric: “Ooh, one week before a big PPV, what can we do to sell it?????”
Eric: “I know a CONTRACT SIGNING!”
Eric: you could have had Santa debate Jesus and I still wouldn’t have watched it
Jeremy: yeah I know
Eric: I swear they’re setting him up to fail
Eric: “Even better!! Let’s get the heat-sucking vacuum asshole of a human being son-in-law Triple H in on the action, too!!”
Eric: he just sucks all of the air out of the room
Eric: Cena didn’t even bother looking him in the eye in their first segment
Jeremy: You get the feeling Punk is going corporate?
Eric: Now the heat is split in thirds instead of in half.
Jeremy: The big swerve
Eric: Eh, I would be severely bored by that
Jeremy: He did it on Ring Of Honor remember.
Eric: I don’t remember.
Jeremy: When he knowingly signed with WWE as the Ring Of Honor champ. Cut and dyed his hair. Wore a suit.
Eric: Oh yeah.
Jeremy: Something doesn’t seem right about the angle but now I hear they are building to him and triple H, which isn’t a bad thing
Eric: CM Punk vs. Triple H at WrestleMania is totally OK with me. Before that? No thanks.
Jeremy: They were saying survivor series, nah, WM works way better but I like that there seems to be some sort of booking plan.
Eric: Well yeah
Eric: Rock vs. Cena, Triple H vs. Punk
Eric: That’s an awesome 1-2 punch for WM28. Then find an opponent for Taker
Eric: Miz?
Jeremy: Taker vs Kane? Only reason is he never got revenge.
Eric: Yuck
Jeremy: I think that is Survivor Series as well
Eric: Possible if Taker comes back by then. See, the shitty thing is the finish to the Taker-Hunter match at WM27 sets up a rematch for them at WM28.
Eric: “Three years ago, Shawn Michaels did almost everything he could to beat me, and he failed. Two years ago, he did do everything, and I put him into retirement…”
Eric: “Last year, I did everything I could to keep Triple H from beating me, and it put me on the shelf. I never thought I’d say this, but I have to prove it to myself: I need to beat Triple H one more time.”
Jeremy: Yeah it does. They way Punk keeps inserting him in between rock and Cena makes me wonder if a three way is set.
Jeremy: I doubt it but it is an idea and wow.
Eric: That would be interesting, but personally I don’t like it. Not a fan of three-ways
Jeremy: Nah
Eric: Here’s the other thing who in WWE is even worth any of these main-event spots at this moment? One year ago this time, someone could have made the case that Wade Barrett could have wrestled Cena, Undertaker, etc. Now he’s so far down the ladder. Christian is not WM main-event worthy.
Jeremy: There is time for Barrett and his commentary on Smackdown only cemented his longevity.
Eric: Yeah. I do like him a lot. And commentary has always been a make-or-break time.
Jeremy: Christian is frustrating man.
Jeremy: He has good performances then his mic work is a letdown.
Jeremy: There was a match, I think with Morrison, where he won and he had this look on his face of pure confidence and it worked. Then the next week he faltered and he was back to being the chicken shit. Barrett and Daniel Bryan is exactly what they should be doing.
Eric: Yes.
Eric: Oh, Barrett vs. Sheamus at WrestleMania 28? I would love that
Jeremy: They brought up Nexus. Bryan and Barrett needs to happen but do they have the patience? As a writing staff.
Eric: I think so.
Eric: a) it needs to be an Intercontinental Title match
Eric: so b) they need to get the belt off Zeke
Eric: This could take a few months.
Eric: c) they could tease it at Survivor Series, then have them eye-to-eye at Royal Rumble
Eric: They need to take these next four months to build Barrett back up
Jeremy: But Bryan already said he is cashing in at WrestleMania. How you get around that? Can’t have him lose it that is hack and I mean the briefcase.
Eric: Orton vs. Bryan sounds OK to me. Hell, heel Bryan up a little.

Stunt Granny Lunch Conversation: Jeremy & Kevin, May 31, 2011

Jeremy: I enjoyed the show more than you I think.
Kevin: Aside from the ending. Wow, Twitter rant!
Jeremy: I need the time to write out my exact thoughts but that was a perfectly fine wrestling show. As soon as Cena comes up and boom goes the dynamite. More gimmick shit to cover the fact he can’t work.
Kevin: I still have no idea what you’re talking about. How is R-Truth resting on the outside Cena’s fault?
Jeremy: What was Cena’s last match? That shitty gimmick match with Miz. Before that? another clunker with Miz at WrestleMania. there was one in the middle. It is just one bad match after another. You can’t blame the dance partner when there is one constant.
Kevin: I can’t argue with the Miz examples but I don’t think last night can be used. Lots of gimmick stuff in there to get R Truth’s new persona over
Jeremy: But man, it is another gimmickfest that stunk the joint out and Cena is involved yet again. They could have had an actual contest and had truth still do same thing. Also that heavy handed crap with the dad at the end was good until Cena started patting the guy on the head like a dog.
Jeremy: Wait.
Jeremy: I am supporting R-Truth? Kill me now. I am done.
Kevin: Easy to support R-Truth but he isn’t exactly a wizard in the ring either.
Jeremy: Oh god no. In no way is their match going to be good. He got by at the beginning of TNA on his vocals not the in ring part.  Good to know you can shut a PPV off at 10:35 and not miss anything though.
Kevin: That’s going to be viewing for my own amusement, train wreck style
Jeremy: As long as they put The Bellas on first it will be fine. Another god damn waster.
Kevin: At least they got something to make people care about them this week. You sound more down on the show than me already. I need to re-read my column.
Jeremy: Those are my only complaints. I have hated the Bellas for a while though.
Kevin: So, you still hate them?  Or weren’t you on board with last night?
Jeremy: As soon as I saw them come out it hit me that they are using them to replace Laycool. As bad as Laycool was, The Bellas are way worse.
Kevin: Not possible, except neither of them is a good looking as either McCool or Layla.
Jeremy: It’s like they are pretending to be Laycool but they come off as nerd kids play fighting.
Kevin: Everyone in the women’s division comes off that way because they’ve taken a dump on them for 2 straight years, at least.
Jeremy: Maryse is ok, Eve got better. Natalya is one of the bad ones
Kevin: Kelly Kelly got better too but she depends on movement in her matches to cover up for her lack of strength.
Jeremy: Yeah using her hair especially.
Kevin: And again, you’re going bananas about last night and I still can’t remember what I said negative about the show.
Jeremy: Think I liked Dolph/Kofi better.
Kevin: Wow, one match that wasn’t nearly a major angle like the Bellas or Cena/Truth. And it was probably because Dolph’s hair is dyed.
Jeremy: Kofi is sloppy but for some reason it worked last night. The action seemed genuine.
Kevin Difrango: I was getting into the post commercial break until that botched sequence. Match was good for the 2nd half, Outside of that part. I blew the Punk/Rey match.
Jeremy: Yeah those guys need to go again for longer. No stips other than one guy beating the other but that is a fanboy thing.
Kevin: I liked the Kharma segment.
Jeremy: Yes I enjoyed it very much. At first I was a little worried then she killed. She was on point, her voice is stronger than I expected, she still looked like a badass by the end as well as building anticipation for the next go around, which I hope happens.
Kevin: Yeah, they’d be dumb not to keep her even if she killed a massive push. And they’d have time to make the women’s division respectable while she’s gone.
Jeremy: Key issue is making the divas respectable. Eve would be fine; she has a nice muscular build that makes her look a threat. Beth of course. Tamina I suppose.
Kevin: That’s why I noted the women’s division getting a minor push this week. Not sure the last time they got 2 segments on Raw. Those 3 are the logical size-wise opponents for Kharma. Along with Twin Magic since it’s 2 of them.
Jeremy: Yeah and if they bump like crazy for her it would work.
Kevin: I still don’t have a lot of faith in them.
Jeremy: Nor should you/we.

Stunt Granny Lunch Conversation: Jeremy & Eric, May 3, 2011

L to R: Randy Orton, Hornswoggle, a hanger-on and John Cena, enjoying lunch.

Eric: OK, just read the Smackdown spoilers and  I can’t say I’m surprised and here are my initial thoughts.

Eric: One, for those dolts out there who still use the term “transitional champion” incorrectly, that’s exactly what Christian was. They knew Edge was leaving, they wanted to get the belt on Randy Orton, and they used Christian to transition the belt from one to the other.

Eric: Two, even the most diehard, Brood-loving, five-second-posing Christian fan had to see this coming. With John Cena as champ on Raw, leaving the belt on Christian for Smackdown would have been like keeping an extra world title on Hacksaw Duggan or the Big Boss Man in 1990.

Jeremy: Kevin and I talked about this and I pointed out it didn’t seem like Christian earned it. Sure he has been around forever but he was given the title so they could avoid the headache of Alberto having it on raw with the WWE title.  McMahon has never held him in high regard. He returned, redebuted whatever on ECW with no fanfare. Someone held in high regard doesn’t do that.  He hasn’t been treated as a top player, um, ever.

Eric: Well here’s one of the tricks with Alberto: He’s not over at world-title level yet, but he could be. So giving him a belt now seems forced, too.

Jeremy: Having Alberto beat Christian would have tainted his first title victory.

Eric: But giving him a belt just to take it immediately away would tarnish him when he can’t afford to be tarnished and when he’s worth more than that in the future.

Eric: So does this confirm that Christian will never be more than the No. 2 babyface on a roster?
Jeremy: I am wondering if he is going heel. That will have to wait until Friday though to see how he reacts after the loss.  Would they pull another R-Truth?” I have no issue with the title swap but I don’t like the timing Even if they did a three way match with the others then have the winner go to the next PPV. See if Christian has an ability to sell tickets and PPV buys.

Eric: Doing that and testing that water would at least allow them to rationalize a turn, a promotion, or a demotion.

Eric: But
A) When do they rationalize anything, they’re so impulsive.
B) That would be “too Raw,” having a three-way with Orton, Henry and Khali to see who gets a shot at Christian.
C) They get the shock factor here.
D) Randy Orton is “tried and true.” (Although seriously, what buyrate or house has he ever drawn? None.)

Jeremy: Agree on the Orton but then we see the merchandise he sells. So guarantee the champ on house shows sell some t-shirts. But I am not going to be outraged Christian lost the title. I remember Mick Foley saying he had no issues with his one day title reign nor should Christian. He got a title and then lost it.

Jeremy: Christian just doesn’t have the look of a main-eventer for WWE as well.

Eric: Not really. He’s a 37-year-old who still looks 20, so he’ll never have that authoritative veteran look to his face. He’s not particularly well-built, he just kinda looks like a dude.

Jeremy: Yeah he looks like a bicyclist. And if his name isn’t Lance Armstrong no one gives a shit about Bicyclists

Stunt Granny Lunch Conversation: Jeremy and Kevin, May 3, 2011


Kevin: Just getting around to Extreme Rules results

Jeremy: Underwhelming; Glad I didn’t order

Kevin: I was just going to look at results when the Bin Laden news hit. It does seem underwhelming. I’m happy for Christian. How glad is he that he left TNA?

Jeremy: Maybe should save this but it would have been better without Edge

Kevin: They’ve been so intertwined, it’s hard to argue with the choice  and Christian was being attacked 3 on 1. He needed some help.

Jeremy: See it appears like a default instead of earning it. He only got it because of Edge retiring. He only won because edge interfered. There was also the inevitability of him winning due to the draft.

Kevin: Yeah, there was no doubt in my mind with Del Rio headed to Raw.And yeah, Edge would have kept the title if he wasn’t forced to retire. Impossible to get around that Del Rio to Raw was probably in the books to happen so they needed a baby face champ and Christian was the only one on SD that fit that description.

Jeremy: Yup, hence have the draft tonight dummies.

Kevin: Definitely. Haven’t they done that for a couple of years now? You’d think they’d learn their lesson; boring PPV because they’re all predictable outcomes. All baby face victories except Layla.

Jeremy: Yeah cause Layla wasn’t a face or heel. If McCool is leaving then I guess Layla is the face? I am confused. Then Kharma comes out and destroys Michelle who is the heel so is Kharma a face?

Kevin: That was a bigger train wreck than normal in the women’s division. No one felt sympathetic for anyone even though Layla was trying to “do the right things” like therapy and giving a shit.

Jeremy: Heels doing therapy to me just screamed hate. I guess since it was two women or some comedy tag team, Headcheese comes to mind, that they considered it to be good on Layla’s behalf.

Kevin: They kind of half assed the blame game. Layla didn’t really cost them much and neither did Michelle. Normally, someone pulls the wrong leg, hits their friend with a chair, etc. It was all incidental contact that kept costing Layla matches.

Jeremy: But in WWE no one owns a DVR or, um what are those other antiquated recording devices that even the homelsss consider toilets? VCR’s?

Kevin: One would think since all the leagues pimp Twitter, that they’d acknowledge the existence of technology. People stop being friends for a lot of reasons. Come up with a different one

Jeremy: Jealousy is always the easiest or resentment but there was nothing there.

Kevin:  Which is the other point, if you’re going to keep going back to the same well, at least have something there

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