Bryan Danielson aka Daniel Bryan Talks About His Ass

I was amused by this short promo. He had more charisma in Absolutely Intense Wrestling than anyone gave him credit for. Or I just found his best 25 second clip and am assuming he was better than he really was in 2010. – Kevin

Zombie Outbreak!

If you might have noticed, I like to talk about my days at Kent State. I get emails from them on a nearly daily basis. This one was to highlight the fact that there are some really dumb classes you can take. I took “Seven Ideas That Shook The Universe”. I’m know I had to write a paper for the Honors College on the course (We had to choose one class to do it in. Why not the easiest one?) but I can’t remember one idea that shook the universe. I hope someone writes their Honors paper on this Zombie Outbreak class. Rick Grimes would be proud. -Kevin

Matt Hardy is going to rehab (and just in time! Arrest update!)

Saw this video posted last night. Unlike every time before with one of Matt Hardy’s videos I decided to sleep on it and watch it again. Apparently Matt is going to rehab on WWE’s dime. He is entering voluntarily thanks to the assistance of Vince McMahon – you know, the devil.

Regardless of previous posts correctly calling Matt out on his bullshit, this one is actually conflicting. It’s easy to make fun of the guy for falling apart on camera talking about finding himself and his happier days. It’s easy to point out his fashion sense is that of a thirteen-year-old MMA wanna-be.

What isn’t easy, though, is believing a word he is saying. You want to believe, at least I do, that he is going to get better and that he realizes he has to get better. But who posts a video blog telling people you are voluntarily going to rehab? What kind of glory hound has to put his personal business out there instead of just going and doing what he needs to do to get healthy?

Can you see the reason for being skeptical? It just seems like yet another line of bullshit to get hits on his YouTube channel and sell some “The Hardy Show” DVDs. Can anyone honestly say that this isn’t a possibility? Is anyone else waiting for a “very special episode” of “The Hardy Show” or even a “Celebrity Rehab” version of the show?

Now, after viewing the video, I think this may be another step after hitting rock bottom. Maybe Matt feels the need to document it as a reminder of how far he has fallen. We all remember the “Mattitude” gimmick back in WWE when it seemed like he was poised for great things. It never happened for one reason or another and he has been a joke ever since. If he goes to rehab and does successfully overcome his addictions, then great, welcome back to real life. The problem will be in dealing with his addiction. You don’t go in and suddenly come out of it no longer an addict. It is a daily struggle.

It isn’t an episode of your show. It isn’t a video blog. It is life and death. Look at the history of the industry and argue against it. This is sappy crap but whatever: I am rooting for this to be legit. I will take no shame in saying I was wrong and I’ll be at the front of the line to apologize for doubting his intentions.

So good luck, Matt Hardy, you are going to need it. -Jeremy

UPDATE: He better run his fat ass to rehab as fast as his bow legs can carry him, then, because according to, Matt Hardy was arrested yet christ-punching again, this time on charges of possession with intent to sell/deliver a controlled substance and possession of paraphernalia. Police searched Hardy’s home in Cameron, N.C., and found steroids, Ecstasy, a Red Baron pizza cooking in the oven, and Kurt Angle’s telephone number. So long, sucker! -Eric

Kevin Nash Meet & Greet for PWO Wrestlelution 4: Overdrive – Dan’s Perspective

Nothing is working for me tonight. I took an hour & a half to get this terrible picture.

 Wow, not a good start to trying to make this article about the information Dan and I got from the Kevin Nash. I tried to take pictures with my phone but they continually came out dark. So I switched to my camera. The first picture was dark so I took a second picture. Just as I plugged my camera into my computer, the camera battery died so it’s being recharged as I type. I ended up getting a decent picture with too much glare. Deal with it.

I want to let everyone know that I have relinquished full creative control of this report to Kevin.  I don’t know whether he will submit this as two seperate reports or as one combined report and I confident about his ability to edit this how he sees fit.  I get long winded so Kevin should feel free to cut anything unnecessary on here. (Editor’s Note: I saw a couple of spelling mistakes but will leave this note for changes. I decided to go with two articles because this was really good and I have a bunch of other stuff. I will limit the overlap of information.)

I am submitting this report from the Delta Sky Club in the Memphis Airport which cost me $50 to join (I may try to write this off on my taxes as a professional expense!) but I made $400 in vouchers changing my flight back to Kansas City this morning.  No sacrifice is too great for the Stunt Granny Universe.

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WWE’s Randy Savage Tribute Video

If you followed our Twitter account I made the comment that it was near the end of Raw and no tribute or further mention of Randy Savage was made. It wasn’t a surprise since he has been persona non grata for WWE for quite sometime. Hell, they even reached out to The Ultimate Warrior for a Hall of Fame induction but not Savage. So, around 10:33 eastern Jerry Lawler finally gave the old time fans what they wanted. He introduced this video tribute to The Macho Man. Is it good, well, I got misty by the end. So I guess?

Anyway, the video was careful to show Randy mostly during his WWF days. Sure there are some shots of his WCW run but not the end of his run. It was a good decision. Most people remember him from WWF. Actually, I’d bet a lot more remember him from the Slim Jim commercials. So here, it’s a Youtube video by WWE so it won’t be removed anytime soon.  -Jeremy

Stunt Granny Big 11 Week Ending 5/21/11- Randy Savage Edition

1. Randy Savage as Space Ghost’s grandfather – Whoever wrote this script for him knew what they were talking about (“Have you met Haystacks Calhoun? Leaping Lanny? Wildfire Tommy Rich?”), and Randy’s delivery was freaking hilarious. – Eric

2. Randy Savage freaking out in ICW – My local public library used to have this “Best of International Championship Wrestling” video for rent when I was 10, and although I’d been a wrestling fan for years and knew Savage well already, nothing prepared me for insanity like this.  -Eric

3. Randy Savage vs. Ric Flair, Superbrawl VI – I’ve already posted my favorite Savage vs. Flair match (from WrestleMania VIII), but this one was entertaining as heck (see “Related Videos” for parts two and three). Wow, there are a lot of dead people in this clip. – Eric

4. Randy Savage No Holds Barred Promo – This is one of my favorite promos ever. Savage just goes on and on about fish out of water and then what sounds like whorehouse but he is actually saying our house. Sherri starts climbing the cage and Zeus just yells out Hogan’s name. If I wasn’t for Randy Savage this would be unwatchable. – Jeremy

5. Randy Savage Bitches Hulk Hogan – Too this day this clip makes me happy. As a Savage fan watching him pointing his finger in Hogan’s face and telling him off is fantastic. Even as a kid I was cheering loudly. Then seeing him  kick Brutus Beefcake out of frame was wonderful. I did forget about him tossing Elizabeth around though; yikes. This is one of the more genuine looking moments you can come by. – Jeremy

6. Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan Interviewed by Mean Gene – This segment will forever be stuck in my head. The Mega Powers coming together. Nothing more needs to be said. – Kevin

7. Andre the Giant vs. Randy Savage – From a 1988 Saturday Night’s Main Event. Two of the biggest names ever for the WWF Heavyweight Championship. It may not be as high quality as the ones Eric point out but the star power is there. – Kevin

8. Ultimate Warrior vs. Randy Savage – The Intercontinental Title was worn by the Warrior and Savage was still sporting the WWF Heavyweight Championship in this 1989 match at Madison Square Garden.  I love the Warrior as a child so this one sticks out to me. In part 2, look for Rick Rude mugging to the camera. Awesomeness. -Kevin

9. Bret Hart vs. Randy Savage – Great forgotten match. These two would basically occupy the same space in different wrestling generations.

10. The Ring Bell – One of the most memorable angles of the ’80s, leading up to one of the best matches of the ’80s. Since the WrestleMania 3 match is on a million DVDs, I’ll post the angle instead, since it’s what drew the money. – Dusty

11. The End – Best picture ever. – Dusty

New Jack

That is all.

Youtube Wrestling Treasures #4 – 2010 Hall of Fame Edition

In honor of the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2010 I found some clips that need to be seen, heard, tasted, smelled, touched, licked, and gently massaged.

Ted DiBiase

I could post hundreds of clips from the Million Dollar Man’s years in the WWF.  This is one of the best clips ever (featuring Wrestling Susperstar Virgil) from 1987 Prime Time Wrestling

Antonio Inoki

Probably his most recent famous match to air in the United States. This is his match against Ric Flair from WCW/NJPW Kollision in Korea on April 29, 1995 at May Day Stadium in Pyongyang, North Korea:

Wendi Richter

A kind of awful/awesome interview with Wendi on Tuesday Night Titans in 1985.

Mad Dog Vachon

Not exactly a wrestling clip but quite possibly the most glorious thing you will see in your life.

Bob Uecker

Bob Uecker is my hero. The end. I could post all of Major League, any episode of Mr. Belvedere or hours of random stuff. I felt that I had to post his most famous commercial:

I assume Stu Hart (and maybe Ultimate Warrior) will be inducted this year, also. They have yet to be announced so they don’t get a spot. So there.

The Glory Days of Survivor Series

Due to the fact that people don’t give a damn about Survivor Series 2009, I figured I would try to remind you all how great Survivor Series builds used to be.  I order you to enjoy these. How can you not when Hogan talks about Paul Bearer’s “mortuary face”.

Survivor Series ’91 Report:

Flair and Razor Ramon hype up their match against Perfect and Savage at Survivor Series ’92:

This may not be the best Survivor Series of all time, but dammit, I would watch this 1000ty times in a row before I bought this year’s. Survivor Series 1993 Report:

Stay tuned. I will be posting as many Survivor Series treasures as I can find. – Jordan

YouTube Wrestling Treasures #2: Trish Stratus

In honor of tonight’s special guest host of Raw, here are some Trish Stratus highlights (and lowlights).

Trish needs a spanking (from 2001):

Mickie kisses Trish (December 2005):

Showering Trish gets a visit from Mickie James (January 2, 2006):

Trish Stratus & Bradshaw vs. Jackie Gayda & Christopher Nowinski in, quite possibly, the worst televised match in WWE history (July 8, 2002):

Maybe I will have something else to add to this after tonight. Odds are, however, that the only video will be of me swearing and throwing shoes at my television as Cena cuts an “INTENSE PROMO” – Jordan

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