TNA’s Going Out of Business Sale Continues

Another day at the office in TNA headquarters.

Another day at the office in TNA headquarters.

Okay, I’m just going to quote a few things from Gerweck here:

GERWECK.NET has just learned that TNA has released BG James, the former “Road Dogg” from DX. James had been working as an agent.

BG is accepting independent bookings through David Herro at

Which I can understand, but this I… not so much:

GERWECK.NET has just learned that TNA has severed ties with former manager Jim Cornette.

Okay, so yeah. TNA is just asininely stupid. You can make jokes about it, laugh at it, poke fun at it all you want, but the bottom line here is that TNA deserves to go out of business. They have the answer to all their booking problems UNDER THEIR EMPLOY, and not only do they do jack butkus with him, they turn around and fire him after doing said jack butkus.

I don’t care if Cornette had one of his infamous outbursts that culminated with him firing a machine gun at the tomb Dixie Carter refers to as her crotch. If you’re TNA, you have no excuse for firing this guy. TNA has been run by imbeciles with negative IQs since its inception and really, more than anything, deserves our pity as much as our scorn.

On the bright side, you just know the best shoot interview ever made is going to be coming out within a few months. I’m pee pee me pants excited for that. – Dusty

Kurt Angle: Still guilty of being white trash, a misdemeanor

Told ya so.

"Told ya so."

According to, Kurt Angle was found not guilty on the charge of harassment in his little block-circling to-do with (ex-)girlfriend Rhaka Khan. And…

The judge also dismissed charges of driving without a suspended license, and drug possession charges stemming from the two vials of HGH that were found inside his vehicle at the time of his arrest. “I will continue to live my life by the law, as I always have,” Angle stated outside the courthouse.

Hey, I drive without a suspended license all the time. Either that’s a really stupid charge, or Powell was too busy typing this up in disbelief. There are more charges on the table for Angle, though, including breaking the protection stay filed against him by Khan and her charge of harassment. According to this fake court document I have right here, the harassment charge stems from Angle chasing Khan around his house saying he wanted to have “bestiality sex” with her. Go figure. -Eric

P.S. Here’s video of Kurt Angle being mild-mannered white trash. Seriously, if you don’t want someone in your house, throw their shit on the lawn and change the locks. If that wacky new roommate turns out to be a psychotic 8-foot black chick who will make Grace Jones look like Minnie Mouse, put bars on your windows and hire some goons. Oh, and listen at 1:56 when the lawyer says Angle has “five broken necks.” Just think about it.

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